Witness This Homeless Man Celebrating His Dog’s Birthdays In The Most Amazing Way


A dog is not just a man’s best friend, it’s that one family member that might not understand what you speak, but understands your emotions better than any person could.

For Choco, a homeless man, dogs are the family that he never had, and that’s how he treats them.

Choco doesn’t only feed and pet his two pooches, but also throws birthday parties for them the best way he can.

Home Is Where Loved Ones Are

homeless man and two pups
Source: Instagram

Choco found himself on the streets after running away from domestic violence that was going on in his home.

The fact that the streets were a better place for him to stay than the house where he grew up shows how bad it really was.

However, Choco decided to move on with his life the best way he could, and he came across two dogs, Shaggy and Nena, who became his new family.

photo of choco and his pets
Source: Instagram

The love he has for these two pooches is incredible. Although he didn’t have enough even for himself, Choco would never skip the birthdays of his furry buddies.

Birthday Party On Concrete

A man who enjoys walks in the local park spotted Choco and his two dogs sitting on the stairs, with Shaggy and Nena wearing a birthday hat, and a small cake between them.

homeless man giving two pups a cake
Source: Instagram

It was more than clear that someone from this little family was celebrating a birthday, so the man decided to film the heartwarming moment and probably post it online:

Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.

Objavu dijeli Choco José Luis Matos (@soychocco)

Choco seemed to be quite excited about the celebration to the point that he even bought a cake, candles, plates, and birthday hats. That might not sound much to people who are in a better financial situation, but for Choco, it was a fortune.

Before the cuddles and kisses that he showered the dogs with, especially Shaggy, the birthday boy, Choco became very emotional and even started crying.

homeless man crying while two dogs are eating
Source: Instagram

It seemed that the cake was delicious, as the three of them were truly enjoying it.

Birthday Wish Coming True

The man who filmed the video approached Choco and found out about his situation. He was so moved by Choco’s act of love toward his pooches that he posted the video online, as The Dodo reported.

Soon, more and more people appeared willing to help Choco and his furry friends either by raising money, handing out food, or other types of donations.

portrait of choco and his dogs
Source: Instagram

Considering that Choco was the one who blew out the candles, he probably wished for a better life, and after the video went viral, that wish started coming true.

Choco got a phone, and he was able to open an Instagram account, through which he communicates with people all over the world who are interested in his story.

The description from his profile says:

✨ My dream is to found a shelter for furry friends. 🐾

Well, I hope this dream will come true, too, Choco!