Dog Was Used For Breeding And Abandoned In A Shelter In Virginia, Where Her Luck Turned For The Better


It only takes one hooman to change a dog’s entire life, and Poptart got two!

This lovely American Bulldog-mix girl went through what can only be described as the toughest of times. She was cruelly dumped on the side of a rural highway in Virginia after she spent her whole life caged.

When she finally found refuge in a local shelter, Poptart didn’t even know how to be a dog. Then, her whole life took an unexpected turn – with Caitrin and Aj!

The Road To A Furever Home

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According to the shelter vet, Poptart spent her time at a breeder in a small, dark cage, sleeping on a dirty floor. She entered Spotsylvania Animal Shelter, based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, as an unhealthy, underweight dog.

Based on her appearance, Poptart was overused for breeding and had an unprofessional c-section done, after which she was dumped in the middle of nowhere

“Poptart came to us as a stray in 2018, underweight, unhealthy and overused for breeding. The people who bred her most likely kept her in filthy conditions, performed an unprofessional home c-section and then discarded her on the side of the road,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

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Source: Spotsylvania Animal Shelter

She didn’t have a good time in the shelter environment, which is why the staff transferred her to a foster home. After such a long time, Poptart finally went into a loving, nurturing environment with just the nicest foster mom, Nathalie.

Despite her trauma, this resilient girl soon came out of her shell and started learning what life is all about. 

A week later the true miracle happened! Her new potential adopters, Caitrin and Aj arrived and, soon enough, became Poptart’s pawrents – for life!

Brand-New Life

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At first, Poptart didn’t understand the concept of living inside a cozy home. She was quite confused, and her shoulders were hunched, looking like a sad girl. She wasn’t quite sure if she was welcomed in the house at all until her owners showered her with endless love.

Within just a couple of weeks, Poptart transformed into a brand-new dog and soon became the home’s queen.

She’s a little athlete who absolutely loves spending time running in the backyard with her doggo sibling, Doug. And, when she’s inside the house, her number-one favorite thing is taking cozy naps.

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Even though Poptart almost never barks, she entertains her family with the funniest barking sounds during her sleep.

“Even after a morning at the park, I don’t rest. I am ALWAYS on duty,” her owners wrote under the video.

Every time Poptart is about to eat, she starts spinning in circles and doing her unique dance, indicating how enthusiastic she is about food. Her every meal represents showtime for Caitrin and Aj, who are absolutely overjoyed to see her happy.

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This incredible couple is very grateful to have Poptart in their lives. From the moment she entered her forever home, she’s been nothing but the sweetest love-hungry girl. 

And, even now, when every day is filled with endless joy, she doesn’t stop being as thrilled about life as she was on her very first day.

Caitrin and Aj make sure to show Poptart all the love in the world after she went through such a bad time in the past.

“We tell her loudly and clearly that she is loved and her old life is never going back to what it was. We’ll make up for it every single day she’s on this planet, which hopefully is a really long time,” Caitrin told GeoBeats Animals.

Together with her pawrents and her sibling, Doug, Poptart is creating memories for life, and she couldn’t be happier!