Witness How This Animal Loved Playing With Different Dog Toys Even Though She Wasn’t A Dog


Although it is true that wild animals know how to survive on their own and do not need people, they, too, sometimes need a break and a bit of attention. 

Animal lover, LouAnne Brickhouse, who lives in Los Angeles, California, knows this the best and is always there for these creatures. She knows how to comfort them and give them what they need when they need it the most. 

A few years ago, on a trail camera, she noticed an animal walking around her house. When she saw what it was, this woman immediately knew what to do. 

Her Favorite Stuffies

photo of coyote lying on the patio
Source: @thedailyjames

At first, LouAnne thought it was a dog, but there was actually a female coyote in front of her house. 

Many would be terrified and try to make it go away, but this kind-hearted woman did exactly the opposite. Knowing that Stevie, as she named her, was tired, she gave her time and space to take a break.

After that, she decided on a somewhat strange move. Although Stevie was not a dog but a wild animal, LouAnne brought her a couple of dog toys to cheer her up

female coyote carrying a toy in mouth
Source: @thedailyjames

The proof that this woman knew what she was doing was Stevie’s reaction to this fluffy gift. She immediately fell in love with these toys and she couldn’t be more grateful to LouAnne for that.

Stevie wasn’t a permanent resident of LouAnne’s backyard in Los Angeles, California, but she kept coming back to enjoy playing with her fluffy company. 

In addition to playing with them, she would occasionally put her head down on those soft toys and take a nap, which LouAnne found especially touching to see. 

coyote lying on patio
Source: @thedailyjames

However, what impressed this woman the most was Stevie’s attitude toward toys.

“Unlike our dogs, she has never ripped the [stuffie], and she never takes it with her,” Brickhouse wrote on her Instagram profile. “It’s always somewhere to be found on the balcony.”

Day by day, Stevie’s presence brought more joy to LouAnne, and she reciprocated with new toys that made the coyote over the moon every time. 

For everyone to enjoy these special moments, LouAnne regularly posted videos of Stevie and her fluffy friends on her wildlife Instagram profile. They quickly attracted a lot of attention. 

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Two Lovely Souls

After some time, Stevie was no longer the only coyote in LouAnne’s yard. To enjoy playing with stuffed toys together, she was joined by a male coyote whom LouAnne named Jack.

two coyotes on the patio
Source: @thedailyjames via The Dodo

Soon, these two became inseparable and spent most of their time with each other. However, even then, Stevie did not forget about her beloved toys that brought her the most beautiful moments.

Since then, both she and Jack have had their comfort toy, and in a way, it has become a symbol of their love. 

For LouAnne, these stuffed toys also had a symbolic meaning – they were proof that contrary to conventional wisdom, these wild creatures also have souls and hearts filled with love

They, just like any other being, like to play, love, and be happy, and these toys just helped them show that to the whole world.