Puppy Born With 6 Legs Keeps Surprising People With Her Cheerfulness


After meeting Skipper, you’ll say: Now, I’ve seen it all.

I’ve seen my fair share of unusual dogs; pups with tails on their foreheads, pups with more ears than they really need, and a bunch of unique features. 

But, six legs? That’s a surprise, even for me! 

When Skipper, the Aussie-Border Collie mix, was born, professionals assumed they would encounter a bunch of problems with this little girl.

But, they didn’t expect that Skipper would surprise them!

The most unusual pup in the world turned out to be pawfectly fine and healthy, with extra bits of herself to love, and simply lacking a loving human to care for her. 

A Pup Named Miracle

puppy lying down on his back
Source: @skippys.journey

The staff of Neel Veterinary Hospital, in Oklahoma City, will never forget the day Skipper was born. It was February 16th, 2021 when the miracle pup arrived into the world. All her eight siblings from the Aussie-Border Collie mix litter were different from her.

Skipper was special from the moment she came into the world. 

Unfortunately, her mom rejected her because that’s what animals do with pups they feel are different. 

But, that didn’t stop Skipper, or Miracle, as they also called her to show everyone that she’s beating all the odds, even though she’s only a few days old.

As the Neel Veterinary staff released in their statement on social media, Skipper was the first pup to be born ALIVE with these conditions: 

She has a type of congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus which simply means she has 1 head and chest cavity but 2 pelvic regions, 2 lower urinary tracts, 2 reproductive systems, 2 tails and 6 legs among other things. It is likely that she was going to have a litter mate but they did not separate in utero. She also has signs of spina bifida along her spine.

Further examination of the pup proved that despite her extraordinary condition, Skipper was a healthy dog. She was in no pain – no discomfort at all. 

woman holding the miracle puppy in her hands
Source: @skippys.journey

Skipper was a normal puppy no matter how strange that might sound. 

“She acts like a strong healthy puppy so we want to give her the chance,” dr. Neel said. “It makes me really happy because she’s so strong! She’s kind of like the underdog, you know. You’re rooting for her.”

The reason behind Skipper’s condition is a complicated one, but vets believe she’s a result of two embryos that didn’t separate in the uterus. She’s not a conjoined twin; she’s a pup with a couple of doubles. 

And, to everyone’s surprise, all six of her legs seem to function!

After the announcement of Skipper’s birth on social media, a lot of people gave themselves rights to comment on how Skipper shouldn’t be alive or how the hospital should put her to sleep forever because some pets aren’t meant to be saved. 

One man proved them all wrong and accepted Skipper despite all her diagnoses and her extra behind. 

Skipper’s Journey 

puppy named skipper lying down with a crown on his head
Source: @skippys.journey

Skipper, the most unusual pup Oklahoma city has ever seen, did get a family, even though her mom rejected her.

She got two incredible hooman pawrents, a couple that had experience in handling dogs with diagnoses. Skipper’s Journey was documented on social media all the time to make sure everyone knows how this little superstar is doing. 

Unfortunately, as time proved, Skipper’s condition was far more severe than everyone thought.

About a month later, after settling into her home and learning how to dog, Skipper was also diagnosed with hydrocephalus, as if she didn’t have too many diagnoses already.

This meant that Skipper, besides her regular physical therapy, would have to undergo many frequent checkups, including CT scans. The little rockstar also had trouble with drinking puppy formula since a lot of it got absorbed into her lungs. 

Skipper spent many days at Neel Animal Hospital, being treated for her various conditions. Turns out that although everyone believed she’d be fine, Skipper’s health was far too fragile. 

Her hoomans did their best to raise money for her treatments and provide her the warmest home she could ever wish for. They gave themselves completely for this tiny, but mighty pooch. 

Almost eight months after she was born, on October 1st, 2021, Skipper closed her eyes for the last time. A combination of her diagnoses was too fatal for poor Skipper. 

puppy skipper looking at the camera while being held
Source: @skippys.journey

“We are so grateful for all of you who have supported us through this and helped us to give her the best life! She will forever be in our hearts.” Skipper’s owners said in the morning she crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Skipper really showed everyone who didn’t believe in her how wrong they all were. 

Yeah, she really showed them…

Rest in peace, dear Skipper. I know you’re finally running through green pastures and accepted by all the other pups like you should’ve been accepted from the start.