Puppy Looked So Depressed But Then Everything Changed When She Met Someone Special


When people see a stray or an abandoned animal on the street, a lot of them don’t think that they can feel pain and sadness like we do.

In fact, they’ll go on about their day as usual, even when they know they could have done something to help them, as it really doesn’t take much.

For this story, however, a wonderful person reached out after seeing an abandoned dog and showed that all it takes is a little kindness to change everything for them.

A Small Act Of Kindness

sad abandoned pittie
Source: The Dodo

When Charlenne first stumbled upon a sad dog living in a small neighborhood, she immediately noticed just how sad and depressed she was.

She had a look in her eyes that could break anyone’s heart, and Charlenne was not about to sit back and do nothing.

After noticing her, she took some food and tried to get close to her and see if she would eat. She was pretty scared, but she wasn’t aggressive.

dog drinking water with woman next to him
Source: The Dodo

Now that she managed to enjoy a simple meal and a little kindness from her rescuer, Charlenne thought it would be best to take her to the car and into a shelter.

The first order of business was to take her to a veterinarian, which they did. After a checkup, she realized that there were a lot of problems.

Charlenne told The Dodo: “We got her back to our shelter and found out that her pelvis had been shattered. She couldn’t walk. We were concerned that maybe she was gonna be paralyzed.”

The dog was in so much pain, but she had her wonderful rescuer by her side at all times to make sure she would make an amazing recovery.

Willow’s Recovery Journey

photo of woman helping the dog
Source: The Dodo

After a while, it seemed like things were going better for this dog, now named Willow. She managed to walk a little after a few weeks and was making huge progress.

Even though she was very timid and shy, Willow became a lot more outgoing and playful as she got better.

As things were looking up, Charlenne had to find a foster family for her. And, while it was difficult at first, she did manage to find someone special.

She said: “People were a little hesitant because of her injuries and didn’t know what to expect. But this amazing couple stepped up to the plate and they fostered her.”

man and dog cuddling
Source: The Dodo

Her new fosters, Erica and Nate, absolutely adored Willow and helped with her healing a lot. She even managed the courage to go for her first swim, which helped in recovery as well.

As the clock was ticking, Nate realized that they just couldn’t give up on Willow. She was perfect for them and they wanted her to stay with them.

And, that was the final decision. Everyone at the shelter was happy to hear that they wanted to adopt her, and Willow was just grateful to have such a wonderful family in her life.