Kids Decided To Follow This Sweet Puppy To An Abandoned Trailer And Couldn’t Believe What They Found There


It’s saddening to think about all the pooches who end up on the streets, feeling rejected by their owners and deprived of their love.

Their merciless owners dump them without feeling any regret or concern for these innocent creatures who only want our affection.

Sugar was one of the scared mama dogs who was abandoned and left to fend for herself and her little babies. 

Despite being betrayed when she needed humans the most, the courageous mama didn’t lose faith. Her precious babies gave her strength, and she fought for their survival the best way she could.

In order to keep them safe, the mother dog found a shelter among abandoned trailers in the woods and hid her babies there. 

Spotting An Abandoned Dog

abandoned trailer and puppies in front of it
Source: Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services

When a woman happened to notice an abandoned doggo roaming the streets, she notified Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services, based in Hoopa, California.

The woman couldn’t tell the rescuers where the dog lived, but she knew the dog needed help. Luckily, her kids knew about the pup’s hiding place, and they led the rescuers to the trailers off the road into the woods.

Upon their arrival at the scene, the rescuers didn’t find the pup they were looking for, but they discovered adorable fur babies peeking out from underneath the trailers.  

The curious puppies jumped out of their hiding place to meet the rescuers as soon as they heard their footsteps.

After the rescue team approached the trailer, the mother dog appeared. Her eyes were filled with sorrow. She was distrustful of the rescuers.

“When we got closer, she quietly slunk out of the trailer but stayed close, like she was friendly but simply scared or unsocialized,” Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services told The Dodo.

The little puppies started barking. The rescue team approached them and stroked them, wishing to win them over. 

The fur babies were not ready to be captured, and they quickly ran back under the trailer. 

The team kept visiting the canine family and leaving food for them.

puppies around food bowl
Source: Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services

The puppies realized that the rescuers were good humans. They started trusting them and greeting them with smiling faces and wagging tails whenever they visited them.

For the rescue team, it wasn’t difficult to capture the seven puppies, but the eighth baby was more frightened than her siblings. 

The Mama Dog And Her Babies Are Safe

dog in a kennel
Source: Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services

After a couple of days, the team succeeded in rescuing the mother dog and her eighth fur baby. They were finally brought to the California rescue.

The canine family was taken to see the vet. Fortunately, the pups were in excellent condition. The mother dog, later named Sugar, took great care of her babies and kept them safe.

puppies lying in the kennel
Source: Two Rivers Pet And Wildlife Welfare Services

Both the mama dog and her babies moved to foster care.

At first, Sugar was timid and unsure of everything, but her foster family cared for her and gave her a lot of affection. 

Gradually, the mama dog began coming out of her shell and accepting her foster family’s love.

Her foster rejoiced after seeing her wag her tail. Sugar felt happier and more optimistic.

Her babies adjusted well to their life in the foster home, and they continued thriving. Some of the babies have already found forever homes.

We’re certain that a lovely dog like Sugar and all her puppies who haven’t found a home yet will get their happy endings.

Each member of the adorable canine family deserves to be spoiled with love and pampered with care.