Rescue Pittie With Unique Eyebrows Finds A Forever Home After He Meets Someone Special


When people see Simon, they immediately stop in their tracks! 

Some would say that’s due to his sturdy, intimidating Pittie body that screams “excessive energy” all over, but the reason is far more obvious!

This fashionable Pittie steals hearts wherever he goes just because he looks a little different than a regular dog. Simon, ladies and gentlemen, has a unique marking on his head – his majestic eyebrows that leave everyone absolutely stunned!

Meet Simon, The Star Of The Show

dog with eyebrows
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When Stephanie Williams first saw Simon, never in her wildest dreams could she imagine that he would become irreplaceable to her. With his hauntingly cute eyebrows, Simon is the absolute star of the show!

“His personality matches his eyebrows perfectly. He has a huge personality, a huge heart,” his mom told Cuddle Buddies.

He arrived at his home in Minnesota in 2012 as a foster after he was returned to the shelter by his family. But, before he even had the chance to have a home of his own, Simon had a long way to go.

Together with his littermates, Simon was saved by a Minnesota rescue after he was only minutes away from being euthanized by animal control. Then, Stephanie stepped up.

dog with eyebrows sitting
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During the first couple of weeks, Simon didn’t even know how to dog. He was completely misbehaved and looked like he needed someone to show him basic manners.

That’s when Lily, Stephanie’s other dog, took things over!

two dogs with eyebrows
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She switched to her “big sister” mode and paved the way for Simon. In no time, he picked up basic house manners and followed his sister in everything.

“The relationship that Lily and Simon had was more of a big sister little brother. She was gonna watch out for him, protect him,” says Stephanie.

Even though Simon was a natural Mr. Mischievous with so much energy at his disposal, Lily helped him a lot to adjust to the new home. And, the two became the best friends in the world!

Soon after, Stephanie decided that Simon would become a foster fail. And, their story took a more pawsitive turn!

“I was sitting on the couch and he jumped up next to me. He let out his heavy sigh and rested his head on my lap, and I knew, like, that was it. I’m not gonna give up on you,” Stephanie told The Dodo.

The Pawfect Activity

dog jumping in the water
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Stephanie knew that SImon was no ordinary Pittie, and his high energy needed to be addressed properly. That’s when she came up with something amazing!

One day, she took Simon to a local dock diving just to check how he would respond to this new activity – and he found his ultimate hobby in the world!

Simon was just obsessed with the pool and all that went with it. During the first couple of training sessions, he could barely be held steadily on the dock. But, after a while, Simon picked up all the tips and started competing.

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In a 40-foot-long pool, Simon’s personal record is 19 feet, 6 inches

He didn’t run, but he literally flew every time Stephanie would throw him a ball to the pool. Simon, the doggo of unique appearance and just the sweetest smile, looked so magnificent doing what he truly loves.

And, as a bonus, he’ll always come home happy and laid down, ready to shower his momma and his sister with endless cuddles.

From Healing The Wounds To A New Friendship

two white dogs
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In 2020, Stephanie got the worst news possible. Her long-time companion and Simon’s best friend in the world, Lily, was diagnosed with cancer

Despite the treatment and just the best care, she didn’t make it. Lily crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021, only nine months after the first diagnosis, leaving the whole family in tears.

Simon was heartbroken. He coped with the loss of his sister for so long until, one day, his momma decided to take the first step toward healing.

two dogs sitting on a bench
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She was scrolling through social media when the picture of Mabel popped up. As soon as she saw it – she decided to give this new girl a chance, and boi was she right!

It was like a sign from Lily, saying, “Hey, little brother, now’s the time for the next challenge in your life!”

And, Simon took it like a champ!

He welcomed his new sister with paws wide open, showing her the way like Lily showed him once.

“She definitely helped to cheer Simon up. She brought out the youth in him again. And, now Simon shows the patience to Mabel that Lily showed to Simon. And they are such a pair,” says Stephanie.

two dogs laying together
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Even though Simon is in his golden years now, his new sister helped him preserve his life sparkle. Around her, he feels like a pup again, chasing new adventures and having the time of his life!

Mabel and Simon still have lots of memories to create together down the road.

And, if one thing can be stated with certainty, it’s that Simon’s fashionable eyebrows, despite his age, will never go out of style!