Extremely Malnourished Dog Lived On The Streets For 8 Years Before She Met Her Rescuers 


This poor female dog spent all her life on the streets – with pain and suffering to stay alive being her daily routine. 

She was on the verge of giving up when two kind-hearted humans came to her aid. This couple has rescued many dogs in their life, but there was something about the look in this dog’s eyes that completely broke their hearts. 

She never knew what it meant to be loved, to be cared for, or even petted… but a brighter future was ahead of her.   

Mija’s Rescue Story 

skinny dog walking
Source: Youtube

Brady Oliveira and Alex Blumberg heard about this dog on the street in a really bad condition from a friend who had seen her roaming around. 

When they came to rescue her, just one look at her condition made their hearts sink. She was extremely malnourished, emaciated, hairless, and basically on the verge of losing her life. 

“All you could see was skin and bones. She looked like Gollum/dinosaur-elephant baby,” Alex and Brady told The Dodo.  

She was very scared of everything and everyone, but after a couple of minutes, she thankfully allowed Brady to pick her up. 

She had the look of complete resignation in her eyes.

“She definitely lived like that for years and years of her life, but it looked like she only had a couple more days left,” Brady said. 

poor skinny dog
Source: @brady.oliveira

The vet had no good news. She was extremely malnourished and dehydrated, her blood work was terrible, she had a terrible case of sarcoptic mange, and her teeth were completely rotten. 

This dog needed so much vet attention, medication, and care, but thankfully they were able to pick her up later that night and try their best to keep her alive. 

“The vet kept calling her ‘Mija’, which means ‘my girl’. Brady always says to me, ‘oh, my girl’. So, I was like, ‘that’s her name, Mija’,” Alex said. 

The Best Rescue Transformation

dog on the beach
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The second Brady and Alex brought Mija home, they were so in love with her. Their plan was to foster her until she was healthy enough to be adopted. 

However, since Mija was in such terrible condition, there was a long road ahead of them. 

The first couple of days, Mija was so tired and sleepy, but she finally felt safe. “She had no idea how to cuddle, or do anything that a dog should do,” Alex said. 

They would take her on a walk to the beach, but she was still so weak and tired that she would stop after just a couple of steps because she had no energy. 

10 days later, she finally did a little spurt and ran. 

man hugging a dog
Source: TikTok

“People thought we were insane on the beach. I’d be bawling my eyes the second she took her first little run,” Alex said. 

Seeing her run for the first time after everything she had been through was very emotional for her rescuers. 

After fostering Mija for two months and putting all their energy, effort, and care into her, she was finally healthy enough to get adopted. 

Her fur had grown back, and she looked like a completely different dog. Just look at how amazing she looks now: 

rescued dog wearing clothes
Source: TikTok

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of our life watching her turn into a dog. Probably one of the hardest goodbyes with a dog that we’ve rescued. We promised her a good life and we fulfilled that promise. Mija was ADOPTED and is very loved by her new Mama!” Brady wrote in her video. 

I truly hope that Mija’s days are filled only with love and happiness from now on because she deserves it.