Lazy Labrador Sabotages The Walk By Faking A Leg Injury In A Hilarious Video


Besides eating, drinking, and snuggling with its favorite human, the highlight of a dog’s day is going out for a walk. New people, environments, colors, smells – there are plenty of reasons for our furry companions to get overly excited when they hear the collar jiggling and the front door opening. 

If walking and physical activity are anyone’s trademark, it is the Labrador. However, as with everything, there are exceptions, and the lab named Bruce is the best proof of that. 

It is not that Bruce has something against walking, but he just has his limits which he is not ashamed to show, even in the most bizarre ways. His owner’s girlfriend, Amy Nicholson, saw that with her own eyes when she took him out for a walk one day.  

It Was A Nice Try

brown dog outdoor
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Amy Nicholson didn’t protest when her boyfriend asked her to walk his family dog, Bruce, one day. She thought it would be an easy mission, just like with any other dog, because canines like to stretch their legs without an exception. 

Amy even thought of playing a game of fetch and running around because she knew Labradors love physical activity. It was all nicely planned, but already, on the first part of the route, she saw that it would not be as easy as she thought. 

Lazy Bruce started slacking unexpectedly early. Amy told Newsweek that he started “walking really slowly”  when he felt that all his limits had been exceeded. She soon realized what all this was about, but she didn’t give in and wanted him to finish his walking session. 

Bruce couldn’t agree with that and decided to take more drastic measures. He suddenly raised his left paw and made a painful expression, pointing his gaze toward Amy. Although he could trick her at first, Amy quickly realized what kind of game this cunning dog was playing.

lazy labradors faking leg injury
Source: @freelance_amy

“I checked his paw over, but after two minutes he was back to normal again anyway. He’s done it a few times now, but he’s just the sweetest boy,” Amy said.

Although he annoyed her a bit at the beginning, Amy found this behavior cute in the end. That’s why she decided to record one of the moments when Bruce raised his paw and share the video on her TikTok profile.


You don’t fool me Bruce! Does anyone elses dog do this? 😂 #dogsoftiktok #labrador #labradorsoftiktok #dogsvideo #relatable

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People Couldn’t Get Enough Of It

Bruce may not have achieved what he wanted – to stop walking when he got tired, but his hilarious attempt launched him into stardom. The video posted by Amy quickly attracted a lot of attention and TikTok users couldn’t get enough of it. 

“Social media has gone crazy, and people have fallen in love with Bruce,” Amy said. 

This video with a funny title: “You don’t fool me Bruce! Does anyone else’s dog do this? 😂” generated a lot of reactions. In the multitude of comments, we singled out a few of them. 

social media comments
Source: @freelance_amy

“that looks so painful! you better carry him home and then give him a bunch of treats (better safe than sorry),” popular @weratedogs joked.

“My dog does this. sometimes he forgets what paw hurts and switches between them. 😂,” another user wrote. 

And the third quipped: “Hollywood is calling 📞.”

Although Bruce didn’t succeed in manipulating Amy, maybe he was able to do it with someone else in the future. Unfortunately, for him, after this video, he will hardly ever be able to fool anyone.