Missing San Diego Dog Finally Reunites With Her Family And Surprisingly Has A New Skill


There is no greater pain for a dog and its owner than to get separated unexpectedly. The sad truth is that some owners purposely abandon their pets, but those whose dogs went missing for unknown reasons would do anything to see them once again. 

One family from San Diego, California, felt the pain of getting separated from their best furry friend when their dog, Mishka, went missing. These people were devastated because they couldn’t imagine life without their beloved pet. 

However, they didn’t lose hope but generated all their powers to find her. 

The Happiest Call

Missing white dog
Source: Elizabeth Houman

According to the Associated Press, the Houman family lost sight of their dog when they were in Mehrad’s auto body shop in San Diego. 

Elizabeth and Mehrad Houman immediately notified the Humane Society, shared Mishka’s chip number, and started posting “missing dog” flyers. They also wrote a dramatic Facebook post with her picture and the word “MISSING!!”

Unfortunately, despite all their efforts, there was no sign or voice of Mishka for six months. That was until they got a call from the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS), located in Harper Woods, Michigan, in March 2024.

It was the happiest call in their life because the staff contacted them to tell them that their missing dog had just been found in Harper Woods

sweet white dog
Source: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS)

According to a GPAAS video, a concerned resident contacted the Harper Woods police about a stray dog in her neighborhood. The police officers handed the dog to GPAAS, who checked her microchip and discovered that it was Mishka. 

According to FOX 2 Detroit, the day when the Houmans got the call, they were preparing to go to Minneapolis to visit the family. Because of that, immediately after they landed, excited Mehrad made the 10-hour trip from Minneapolis to Harper Woods to pick her up. 

Sweetest Reunion And A New Skill

guy with sunglasses holding white dog
Source: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS)

As soon as Mehrad came to the premises of GPAAS in Harper Woods, Michigan, Mishka was in his arms. It was one of the most beautiful moments in their lives – the moment for which it was worth enduring all these difficult months. 

Michigan veterinarian, Nancy Pillsbury, examined Mishka before the travel and determined that her health was perfect, meaning that someone took good care of her. She was free to go home.  

“After a 10-hour drive, Mishka was reunited with the rest of her family in Minneapolis,” it was stated in the GPAAS video. 

When they saw her peeking out of the car, Mehrad brought her with Elizabeth and the rest of the family could not hide their delight. Those were the moments of pure happiness that only furry beings can provide. 

woman, kid and white dog
Source: Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society (GPAAS)

However, what amazed, but also surprised the Houman family the most was the fact that Mishka learned a new skill during the time of her absence

“Someone taught her how to sit. She sits now,” Elizabeth said in her interview for FOX 2 Detroit.

Although they assumed that someone had stolen her in California and taken her to Michigan, to them all, this was still a mystery to be solved. Nevertheless, they did not want to bother with it too much but tried to enjoy every precious moment with their beloved pet. 

“It’s a 100% miracle, and we never gave up hope. And I knew that we were going to get her back,” Elizabeth happily concluded at the end.