Dog Visits His Owner’s Daughter Every Day After She Moved Away From Her Parent’s Home


Living your childhood beside a furry companion is one of the greatest blessings. You share both happy and sad moments together and those are the memories that stay in your heart for life. 

However, there comes a time when you just have to go on a new life journey and say goodbye to your beloved friend. One woman felt that best when she moved from her parent’s house in Oregon and had to leave her childhood dog. 

She knew that she would see him occasionally in the future, but after spending every moment with him all those years, that didn’t seem enough. Luckily, her little furry fellow made sure of it not to be only occasionally, but instead, every day. 

“Uncle Stan”

black dog sitting in front of the door
Source: @lexieandunclestan

A TikTok user, @lexieandunclestan, has already posted a lot of videos that feature her beloved childhood pet – a Miniature Schnauzer named Stan. However, a video that was posted not so long ago attracted a lot of attention. 

“When you move down the street from your parents house and their dog comes to see you every day…” it is stated at the beginning of the video. 

Just like the sentence says, this video is about her parents’ dog, Stan, who visits her and her new family every day. She also states that her children love him very much and that they call him “Uncle Stan.”

“We live on a family farm and get to have lots of adventures. A little rain or snow doesn’t stop him from making these visits,” she also wrote. 

At the end of the video, she stated that “Stan gets lots of play time, treats, snuggles and car rides!”, and that they always provide him with a ride home after his visits. 

Stan is a living example of the unconditional love that our furry fellows have for us. 

@lexieandunclestan We are so lucky to have this Uncle in our lives and to be able to share him with you! ❤️ #unclestan #minischnauzer #dogsoftiktok ♬ I Wanna See You Smile – Guitalele Guys

His Second Family

Newsweek wanted to know more details about the special relationship between this woman and her childhood dog, so they did an interview with her. 

She revealed to them that Stan is a 14-year-old dog who lives with her parents on their family farm and enjoys life in nature. This woman also said that he loved to play with her and her friends when she was a teenager and that he misses kids now that they all grew up. 

Aside from that, not so long ago, he suffered from an accident that hurt his backside, disabling him to walk for months. However, as soon as he recovered, he started visiting his favorite girl and her family. 

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Source: @lexieandunclestan

“He would take the opportunity to make these visits during the times my parents let him out for potty breaks. He would immediately just dart down the road. My mom sends me texts to look out for Stan when he is on his way. Only family lives on our street, and he travels through the fields/neighbors’ yards to get here,” this woman said. 

As dogs, in general, have an amazing memory for people whom they carry in their hearts, it was not difficult for Stan to find the way to the house of his second family.

That path had long been drawn in his heart.

Amazing Reactions

This heartwarming story from Oregon attracted a lot of attention and caused numerous reactions, mostly positive. Among the multitude of comments, we highlighted only a few of them. 

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Source: @lexieandunclestan

“This might be the CUTESTS THING IVER EVER SEEEN,” one TikTok user wrote.

“omg but imagine all the times he’s came & u weren’t home 😭😫😫😫,” another added. 

And, the third quipped: “Damn that dog loves you.”

We couldn’t agree more with the last one because there is no road that a dog will not cross to express his love for his dearest people. Uncle Stan is a living example of that.