Pregnant Dog Reunites With Her Beloved Sister And They Raise The Babies Together


Dogs are known for their strong bonding, especially with their favorite humans. However, canines can also form strong relationships with each other, especially if they are part of the same family. 

The best proof of that is two Pit Bull-mix sisters who lived together most of their lives until one day when they were forcefully separated. The pregnant sister was able to find a foster home, but despite all the love they gave her, she was depressed because her sister wasn’t around. 

Fortunately, thanks to big-hearted people, they were reunited, and the future mother dog met her happiest moment with her biggest supporter in life. 

Couldn’t Live Without Each Other

two dog sisters
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

A dog named Erica was surrendered at one shelter in New York in September 2023. Her owner was homeless, so he couldn’t care for her anymore when she got heavily pregnant.

The New York-based shelter soon contacted the rescue organization, Twenty Paws Rescue, located in Brooklyn, New York, to help them find this Pit Bull mix a foster home. 

“They contacted us and were like, ‘We have this super friendly girl who’s super-duper pregnant, and she needs out of the shelter ASAP,’” Rachel, the founder of Twenty Paws Rescue, told PEOPLE. 

Since they had many contacts, they easily found the perfect place for Erica. Michael and Lora, from Coney Pet Grooming, also located in Brooklyn, New York, decided to foster her until she raised her babies. 

Although they all thought the problem was completely solved, Michael quickly realized that something was wrong with Erica. She was stressed and depressed, and they didn’t know why.

However, everything became clear to them when Rachel, from Twenty Paws Rescue, got an email from the same shelter that surrendered Erica to them. 

“You know, she was surrendered with her sister, and her sister won’t eat, she won’t drink, she won’t walk. We have to carry her inside and outside. Would you consider taking her also? She’s so depressed in the shelter,” the staff wrote in the email about Erica’s sister Diamond. 

It was then clear to them that both Erica and Diamond were suffering because they couldn’t live without each other. Luckily, Michael and Lora were people with great hearts, so they agreed to take Diamond in as well. 

two happy dogs

Thanks to these good humans, the two sisters were together again, and it is hard to say which one was happier. 

Raising The Puppies Together

two dogs laying down
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

Only two days after this beautiful reunion, on September 29, heavily pregnant Erica went into labor. All that time, her loving sister, Diamond, was by her side, so she was able to give birth to 13 puppies. Unfortunately, two were stillborn, but the rest were perfectly healthy. 

At first, Erica was very protective of her babies and didn’t even allow Dimanond to come close. However, she soon became exhausted from raising them alone, so her sister didn’t hesitate to step in. 

“When we noticed Erica was just getting so exhausted and wanted a break and Diamond was lactating, we kind of switched them out, and Diamond just took over as Mama Bear and loved them, groomed them, fed them, was just so patient with them. And after that, they started feeding and grooming them together,” Rachel said. 

Michael also added that “Diamond was super gentle, and she really loved that process.”  Because both of them were doing this “job” with a lot of love, they were able to raise healthy and happy pups. 

four dogs

As soon as the pups grew old enough and were ready for adoption, all 11 of them found their happy forever homes. Only Erica and Diamond remained, but special requirements applied for their adoption. 

Their unlimited mutual love conditioned the way they were going to be adopted. 

Never Separated Again 

two dogs sleeping together
Source: Twenty Paws Rescue

The two sisters had a hard time living separated for just a few days, so it was hard to imagine that they could endure without one another for the rest of their lives. Because of that, the people who were taking care of them decided that they could go to a forever home only together

“It’s the only option,” Rachel said. “Everything they do together. They go to doggy daycare together and lie down and snuggle on a bed together. They’ll get up and play for a little bit, but then they’re just back at it together. They’re always side by side.”

Rachel expressed her hope that soon, there will be a big-hearted family who will recognize all the beauty that these two girls carry with them and give them the happiest ending. 

Michael also agreed, stating: “They are very loving, affectionate, and playful dogs. Also, they are just overall very simple to take care of; they really do not ask for much but food and love.”

Wherever they end up, it is certain that Erica and Diamond will bring blessings and unlimited love to their new home, and that they will never be separated again. 

sister dogs sleeping

Erica and Diamond are two bodies and one soul.