Poor Pup With No Front Paws Struggled To Find A Home But Then She Met Someone Special


Freya is not like other puppies. From the moment she walked into Emily’s life, she has been special! However, this beautiful Pittie girl had a rough start in life, considering the circumstances under which she was brought to Emily.

This poor baby girl was found in the woods in a duffel bag. She was dumped by her previous owner who pulled this horrific act of cruelty just to get rid of Freya, leaving the helpless infant Pittie at the mercy of predators.

Luckily, the good people of Kentucky, USA, made sure she got her second chance.

And, today, she’s better than ever!

Freya Was Nothing But A Pure Joy

dog in black bag
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Even though her story is far from having a smooth start, when Freya, the baby Pitbull, was brought to the Arrow Fund rescue in Prospect, Kentucky, she was nothing but a pure joy! 

This sweet, innocent puppy was born without her front feet and she had a fractured femur. 

However, she was too small for surgery, which is why the facility staff decided to proceed with physical therapy. But, despite her condition, Freya was carrying a big smile on her face, lucky to be found!

Freya was brought to the ICU for further treatment and evaluation, and that’s where she met Emily! 

The Weedman Family Is Everything She Ever Needed

sweet puppy in socks
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Emily Weedman, who works at the ICU, has been on the hunt for a new dog after her loving puppy, Maki, died. 

However, she wasn’t sure that taking Freya was a smart choice, as she required a lot of assistance and medical care. But, as soon as she picked her up in her arms – she knew that Freya must go home with her!

“I looked at the screaming baby and wasn’t sure if taking a special-needs dog home was the best option for our family. Then my coworker leaned in and said, just hold her for a second. I opened her cage, picked her up, and the rest is history.”

kids with dog
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Emily and her family made sure to adapt their family home to Freya’s needs. As her paw nubs had sores on them, they got Freya customized socks to prevent her from further injuries. 

Almost the entire house was covered with soft surfaces so she could freely move without injuring herself. And, she just loved her new home! Comfortable, cozy, and filled with love – what else could she ask for!

Hanabi Nubbin In Her Furever Home

dog with harness
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Despite the inability to perform normal doggo activities like other dogs, Freya didn’t lose her enthusiasm even for one second! 

She’d play around with Emily’s kids, jump around the house and in the back yard, and whenever she got tired – she’d crawl into her fluffy bed and lie next to her stuffed toys.

“I can remember the sigh she let out when I held her that first time, like she knew that she was meant to be my girl. Like she was meant to snuggle our boys. Like she knew she was a Weedman. I can’t imagine life without her.”

dog sitting on the outdoor couch
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Once a five-pound puppy, Freya’s now a big, forty-pound Pittie girl! And, yes – the family decided to change her name to Hanabi Nubbin! They even made an Official Instagram page for her for the people who want to stay in touch with her everyday activities.

The story of this gorgeous doggo is one more piece of proof that love beats all the odds. Once an abandoned dog left to die with no one near her to help, she’s now everything a dog wants to be!