Sisters Find A Lost Dog Fending For Himself In The Desert, Then Learn His Heartbreaking Secret


After a pup named Echo got lost in a desert in Arizona, his owner was extremely worried for him. He kept searching for his lovely pooch and hoping to reunite with him, but Echo was nowhere to be found.

Fearing that the coyotes had attacked him, Echo’s dad lost all hope of having his pup in his arms again. He felt saddened, and he terribly missed his pooch.

Echo missed him, too. He felt confused, not knowing which way to go. He continued roaming the desert in hopes of seeing the loving face of his dad.

Meeting Lovely Humans

lost dog
Source: Vanessa Keating via The Dodo

One day, Vanessa Keating, Theresa Burge, and Aubrey Metropulos, a group of full-time RVers and Vanlifers, were taking a walk around Bulldog Canyon, in Arizona.

They were not far from their campsite when they noticed an adorable little puppy who was all by himself.

Knowing that there were many coyotes in the desert, the sisters decided to take the pooch with them.

They hoped that they would be able to return him to his family.

In the beginning, the dog was distrustful of his rescuers. After they talked to him and petted him, the pup felt that he could trust them.

“He growled at us at first and took some convincing to come over. It only took a few minutes for him to come up to my sister, Theresa, first, but he was still nervous.” Keating told The Dodo.

Once they took a better look at the pup, the sisters noticed that he had a cholla cactus stuck to his side, and they gently removed it from his coat. 

The pooch couldn’t contain his excitement, and he started doing zoomies. He covered his rescuers in kisses, and he melted their hearts.

The sisters snuggled with him and gave him the love he missed while he was on his own. The canine was the sweetest boi and soaked up all their affection.

The dog’s new friends brought him with them. They asked around the campsite if anyone knew him.

dog sleeping on blankets
Source: Vanessa Keating via The Dodo

Although the sisters didn’t find the answers they were looking for, they didn’t get discouraged. They were determined to do everything they could to find the pup’s family. 

The following day, the dog’s friends took him to see the vet. They breathed a sigh of relief when they found out that the pooch had a microchip.

A Heartwarming Reunion

man holding a dog
Source: TikTok

The sisters were happy for their little furry friend. They called his owner and told him that they had found his dog. 

The canine’s dad was over the moon to hear the happy news, and he couldn’t wait to hug his beloved pup again.

The sisters learned that the dog’s name was Echo. 

The long-awaited reunion was emotional. The moment Echo heard his dad’s voice, his tail started wagging, and his eyes began sparkling with love. He was very happy to see his owner again, and he threw himself in his arms.

Echo’s dad couldn’t believe that he had been reunited with his lovely pooch. He was very thankful to his kind-hearted rescuers.

The sisters felt overjoyed because they helped the lost canine find his way back to his dad, who adores him.

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