Man Goes To Change A Lock On An Apartment’s Door, Only To Find A Shocking Surprise Inside


Abandonment of dogs is probably one of the worst things that can happen to them. It can break their heart into many pieces, and some have a hard time bouncing back.

Most won’t even believe that they were surrendered or left by their owner, so they will think that somebody will come back for them.

However, that is not the case, and it always ends in heartbreak. In this story, we will talk about an abandoned Pit Bull who was so sad, but then, one day, everything changed for her.

Daenerys Was So Broken

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Source: The Dodo

When Daenerys was first found, she was abandoned and left on her own by the previous owner. A man had stumbled upon her, and he was sad to see the condition she was in.

She was severely malnourished and scared of anyone she saw, but she was still not too reluctant toward other people.

Daenerys had hoped that some of them would have a kind heart and would help her get away from the horrible situation she was in.

So, he decided to seek help from close friends, and Tara was the first volunteer who wanted to give Daenerys a new chance in life.

When she took this sweet Pit Bull to her home in Arizona, she was surprised. Tara told The Dodo: “And the craziest thing was, that this dog still came up to me, wagging her tail. 

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Source: The Dodo

They were all surprised to see how immediately comfortable she was around people, which made sense as she previously had an owner.

She still had faith in other humans, and Tara was not going to give up on her. Daenerys was in a really rough state, and it would take some time before she recovered.

Tara would regularly feed her and take care of her. They would spend a lot of time together, and Daenerys loved every second of it.

After a few days, she managed to get enough strength in her legs to walk for a bit, and it was the first major progress in her healing journey.

She Is Such A Cheerful Dog

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Source: @rescuedpittie

Now that she could move around more, she was becoming a lot more playful, and she would spend a lot of time having fun with her foster mom.

Tara realized that Daenerys had a soft spot for stuffed animals, so she gave her as many as she could, and she could never get enough of it.

With each passing day, this sweet dog was making more and more progress. She was gaining a lot of weight and was a lot more energetic.

She didn’t know how often Daenerys would go to fun places in her previous life, but Tara decided it would be nice if she took her to the lake.

And, what happened was not what she expected. Daenerys went immediately into the lake, and she enjoyed every second of it. It was a really amazing experience for her.

White dog with toy
Source: @rescuedpittie

Even though Tara loved having this sweet Pit Bull in her home, she knew there would come a day when they would have to part ways.

She looked for a new home for her but didn’t rush it. Tara said: She’s been ready for a home, in our opinion, for several months now. She’s only just missing her perfect family now.

And, eventually, Tara managed to find someone special for her in Colorado, so she went to meet her.

After they met, it was clear right away that her new owner only wanted what was best for her and the decision to adopt her was made right at that very moment.

Daenerys deserves to be with someone so amazing. I am so glad to see how everything turned out so well for her in the end.