1-Day-Old Abandoned By His Owner Gets A Second Chance And Becomes The Happiest Dog


I’ll never understand how someone can abandon a dog, especially a newborn puppy that can barely survive without its mother. 

That is exactly what happened to Magni. 

He was found abandoned at only one day old with his umbilical cord still attached, and the shelter was sure he wouldn’t survive. 

As soon as Vanessa heard about this poor puppy, she knew she had to take him in and try to save his life. 

1-Day-Old And Abandoned 

tiny puppy sleeping
Source: GeoBeats Animals

When Magni arrived at the shelter, his odds of making it were incredibly slim. 

The shelter team didn’t hold much hope because of his tender age and since he was still in desperate need of his mother’s care.

That is when an incredible young woman named Vanessa decided to adopt Magni. 

“The shelter was looking for someone to take him in. Black dogs for some reason find home less often than white dogs. I wasn’t even considering having a dog at that time, but I saw this Facebook post and was just, okay, I need to go and take this puppy with me,” Vanessa told GeoBeats Animals. 

When the shelter handed over the puppy to Vanessa, they advised her not to get her hopes up. Magni was very weak, but Vanessa was not about to give up. 

The first week with Magni was so overwhelming.

“He wouldn’t take the bottle for half an hour. It was so emotionally hard. I didn’t sleep at all, and I was just doing my best to keep it all together,” Vanessa recalled. 

She was scared but still determined to ensure he kept eating, realizing that if he stopped, it would be the end. 

woman holding black puppy
Source: @magnithedog

“I think they feel these things, even though he was so small, but I think they feel safe, or they feel fear. I would meditate just to ground myself and then, [would be] okay, let’s do this,” Vanessa said. 

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Just a few days later, Magni began to eat properly, and he hasn’t slowed down since. He rapidly started putting on weight and growing up.

He wasn’t a tiny puppy anymore; instead, he had grown into a pretty big dog for his age. 

The Life With Magni 

puppy sitting outdoors
Source: @magnithedog

Magni’s start to his life might have been pretty rough, but now he’s living the best life possible with the kindest people who adore him. 

“He knows warmth, he knows love, he knows gentleness, he knows all the good things … His life is pretty amazing,” Vanessa said. 

woman and dog lying on floor
Source: @magnithedog

Magni might be a big dog, but that doesn’t stop him from being a lapdog. He uses every chance he gets to either squeeze into his mom’s lap or simply rest a paw on her.

“It’s easy to know love when he’s with me. I’m just so incredibly grateful that we have found each other in this lifetime,” Vanessa said with tears in her eyes. 

You can follow Magni on TikTok and Instagram to stay up to date with his life. Here is his life story for GeoBeats: