Heartbroken Giant Dog Struggles To Cope With The Devastating Loss Of His Little Sister


Dogs form strong bonds with their companions and family members, and when one of them is no longer there, they can be heartbroken and experience a profound sense of loss. 

Just like for humans, losing a furry friend can be a very traumatic experience for a dog. Just imagine spending every single day with someone only for them to disappear one day. 

Although I’m sure that dogs are able to sense those things, it still doesn’t make them any easier to cope with. 

You might notice some changes in your dog’s behavior like lethargy, depression, or decreased appetite.  

When Browser, a giant English Mastiff from Las Vegas and a huge food enthusiast, lost his little sister, Sasha, he, too, was heartbroken and refused to eat. 

A Bond Like No Other

two dogs on couch
Source: @bowserthemastiff

Browser’s family shared on March 5th, 2024 that their beloved dog, Sasha, had passed away due to cancer. 

“It’s been a very emotional day and we are all so sad. Thank you to everyone for all your love and support,” said in the Instagram post.

One family member, though, was deeply affected by her passing away. Browser and Sasha were best friends who spent every single moment together – playing, running, eating delicious treats, and simply enjoying their presence. 

When Sasha tragically passed away, the house didn’t feel the same without his big “little” sister. 

Browser might be a giant, but he’s a gentle one for sure. Losing his sister crushed his “giant” heart and he was sad for days. 

sad dog lying on couch
Source: @bowserthemastiff

“Been a little sad lately without my big sis, Sasha. She was the brave tough one and I was the muscle. Without her, I’m a little lost,” the caption read. 

Ever since Sasha passed, Browser’s family noticed that he had been refusing to eat out of his bowl. 

This is very out of character for Browser because he’s usually a giant foodie who loves to eat no matter what, but losing his sister has been difficult for him. 

The family resorted to creative measures to coax Browser into eating anything at all. They discovered that the only way he would touch his food was if his dad fed him with a spoon.

A video posted on Browser’s social media platforms shows him sitting at the table like a human while his dad feeds him a homemade meal made with ground beef, black beans, and brown rice. 

According to his family, feeding Browser like this was the only way to get him to eat his food.


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This video perfectly shows that even dogs can struggle with navigating grief and losing their loved ones.  

Navigating Grief 

In situations like these, it is important to give our furry friends some extra love and attention. 

They are just as confused, lost, and sad as you are. 

sad dog
Source: @bowserthemastiff

Dogs love their routines so if you are able to, try maintaining a consistent routine while navigating the grief. Spending some quality time with your pooch, such as playtime or walks, can help take their mind off their best friend. 

Please remember that love and time heal every broken heart. 

While nothing can replace Sasha, Browser’s family said on Instagram that they will probably get him a new furry friend in the near future.

After posting about their devastating loss, many people commented to express their condolences and support for Browser during his grieving process.

giant dog sitting on couch
Source: @bowserthemastiff

“Aww my big buddy. It’s so hard. It takes a little while. Your pawrents love you very much, and you’ll be okay without your dear big sis eventually. Lots of love to you all, big guy,” one person said. 

Another one also said: “Ahhh, bowser, I’m so sorry you and your family lost Sasha. It’s so hard…hang in there. I’m sure your getting lots of luvs.”

Browser is very loved by his family and the entire giant community, so I’m sure he’ll be okay soon. You can follow him on Instagram and TikTok if you’d like to see how he’s doing.