Abandoned Dog Thrown Out Of The Car Didn’t Trust People Until He Met His New Favorite Human


Imagine this: an owner who doesn’t want to or can’t take care of his dog decides it would be the most humane thing to surrender him to a shelter where he would get a second chance.

But unfortunately, that’s not what happened to this dog. He was cruelly thrown out of the car and then his owner just left.

The poor pup was devastated, but his luck would change for the better because somebody noticed his misfortune and called for help.

Ed’s New Family

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Source: GeoBeats Animals

When Ed was first introduced to his family in a shelter in Texas, he was completely reluctant to meet them. After the betrayal, he didn’t trust people anymore.

The staff there had notified them about Ed because he had stayed there for quite a while and it was time to find a foster home.

His mom, Kelsey, told GeoBeats Animals: “When I went to meet him, he had no interest in me. He was growling at me from behind his kennel.

Regardless, she wanted to give him a chance, so she took him home with her. Because she lived in a house where she could foster dogs, she thought it would be a good fit for him.

After he settled into the house, his behavior changed and he was not so frightened anymore. Kelsey noticed that his tail had been cut off, and she just felt so bad for him.

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Source: GeoBeats Animals

Who knows how his previous owners had treated him? It must have been horrible for him to live like that.

Ed was starting to become very curious about everything and he started to really enjoy running in the backyard.

Kelsey said: “He likes being out there. And then he dug himself out in five minutes, and I had to go find him in my neighborhood.

After some time had passed, their relationship had changed and Ed now trusts his new foster mom completely.

It was at that point when Kelsey decided that it was going to be a foster fail. She loved this adorable pup too much to give him up to some other family in Texas.

Ed’s New Best Friends

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Source: GeoBeats Animals

When she decided to do a test and see what breed he was, she was quite surprised by the results. 

Apparently, he was a Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Staffordshire Terrier, and even Toy Poodle, which was really hilarious to Kelsey.

Because of his appearance, people were curious if Ed’s mom was walking a ‘hog,’ and it just made her laugh.

Some time later, she would adopt a blind cat named Bruno. Ed and Bruno got along very well and they spent a lot of time together.

Even though he likes running around and playing a lot, Ed changed a lot with age. He decided that he liked resting a lot more now.

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Source: GeoBeats Animals

One thing Kelsey noticed about him was how alert he was all the time but attributed it to his breed. He always likes when people do things his way and gets upset when they don’t.

He is not naturally trusting of other people, but will always give everyone a chance and try to make new friends. Ed is just really sweet.

Kelsey said: “He has been there with me through some of the darkest and hardest times of my life.

Even though Ed is getting older by the day, his family loves him so much and will make sure that he enjoys his life to the fullest.