Blind And Deaf Dog Can’t Hide Happiness After Reuniting With His Favorite Hooman


On the Internet, you can find numerous articles that question a dog’s emotions towards humans. 

Some say that dogs are driven only by their instincts, while others believe that these animals have deep emotions. The rest of the experts claim that it is a mix of both.

However, there are those moments in the relationship between man and dog that immediately show us the real truth, so that often, all these scientific articles fall flat.

This time, it was a deaf and blind pup who demonstrated what true canine love for his favorite hooman means… so much so that even the biggest skeptics remain speechless after such scenes.

He Couldn’t Control His Emotions

woman playing with white dog in the house
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A dog named Bumper was born both deaf and blind, but when one family first met him, they instantly fell in love with him despite his disabilities. 

Amy, Bumper’s mom, told The Dodo that over time, the relationship between him and her daughter, Faeron, became truly special. The two were inseparable. 

Sadly, when Faeron grew up, her life’s journey took her far from home as well as from Bumper, himself. However, this dog still kept her deep in his heart, hoping that they would meet again. 

white blind dog
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Soon, he met the moment of his greatest happiness. 

“She came home for a visit. It had been a while,” Amy said. 

These are the scenes that are difficult, almost impossible to describe in words. Luckily, for us, Amy decided to film this reunion by capturing the moment when Bumper smelled his favorite person

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We think that from this video, it is not difficult to conclude whether dogs are attached to people only for food or if something much bigger is at stake.

Happy Love-Filled Life

close view of blind and deaf dog
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According to Bumper’s official website, Amy’s family met him when he was eight weeks old, and from that day on, their lives changed forever. The most amazing thing about this doggo was that they had no idea what he was capable of. 

They quickly realized his greatest gift was that he was completely unaware of his differences.  

“I’m sure as far as he’s concerned, this is normal dog existence,” Amy said with a big smile on her face. 

This can best be seen in his relationship with Faeron, in which his blindness and deafness are absolutely no obstacle for him to fully indulge in his happy moments with his favorite person.

blind dog on a leash
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“He loves hiking, swimming, going for runs, and riding in the kayak and canoe,” Amy said. “Basically, he does pretty much anything that a dog with sight and hearing [could do].”

That’s why we can freely say that Bumper breaks down all prejudices that dogs with special needs cannot live and enjoy life like all other pups. 

We truly wish Bumper to continue living life to the fullest as well as to smell many more scents that will bring him immense happiness, just like the one from today’s story. 

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