42 Dugg – Go Again Lyrics


42 Dugg – Go Again Lyrics


I seen niggas drop fours and couldn’t believe it
Y’all was supposed to been dead, y’all overachievin’
You heard of Brick Squad? Well, nigga, it’s the blitz squad
And every time I hear, “Hike,” I yell, “Blitzin’ five”
Blick ’em down (Each), kill ’em now, yeah, we still in town
Hit up Smurk now for a Perc’ now, bitch, it’s a ten a round
I’ll kill ’em now, spill a five, this how shit get fried
Oh, you was outside lurkin’? Niggas still be lyin’
He ain’t dead, but we tried (Bitch)
All that runnin’, I’m tired (Fuck on)
Bitch, you die, I’ma laugh (Yeah)
Still on Hertz with the gas (Free the boys)
Catch you slippin’, I’m slidin’, tell me I’m good at rappin’
Y’all good at hidin’, nigga, come out and get active
My chopper shoot backwards (Bitch), my bitches gets pampered (Bitch)
You probably didn’t have her, doggie, she callin’ me daddy
Three-fifty, that’s Pattie (Yeah), five hundred, that’s Rick (Yeah)
Two-fifty, that’s Skelly, niggas so tired of my shit (Bitch)
Jeweler so tired of my bitch, bust down both of her wrists
Bust down both of my kids, I’m havin’ fun with this shit
I should just run on this bitch, no hook, cuz’
And if I pass her, I ain’t like her, that’s a no look dub
Bitch, I’m geeked off drugs, get your freaked out cousin
I’m the reason y’all buzzin’, how the fuck y’all don’t love me?
In the O, I’m with Chubby, in New York, I’m with Soo
In the A, I’m with Wham, bitch, in the Chi’, I’m with Zoo
Nigga flinch, I’ma shoot (Baow)
Chin up and raise your motherfuckin’ hand if you been up
And when it come to a trick, I don’t like to spend much
Bitch be all on my dick, ho, you should let my mans fuck
Hundred thousand Ram truck, this a T-R
And both the baddest bitches I know is from the D.R
And if they ask who the richest, nigga, we are
Remember bein’ on Roxbury with T.R., with C.C. and Antt
Three Gs and cap, four thousand with tax
Might buy it and never wear it, freak bitches, I’m sharin’
Fuck wrong with air? Niggas be out here playin’
I’ma opp your mans, Reece, these niggas crazy
Reece, these niggas is hatin’, Reece, these niggas fakin’
Reece, these niggas playin’ how I never’ll play

It’s time to go again
If I catch a nigga lackin’, I’ma score again
She just was playin’ wifey, now look at her, ho again
Quit tryna tell me that I’m big, I’m finna blow again
I’m off a four of red
It’s time to go again
Don’t call me lookin’ for no brick ’cause I might know a friend
And way before I blew a M, bitch, I was blowin’ ends
And way before I mail it to him, I been on takin’ shit
Don’t tell me that it’s up, nigga, that’ll get you thumped, nigga