Havapoo vs Cavapoo – Cheerful Cuban or Cavalier Brit?

Do you enjoy cha-cha-cha or do you prefer a cup of tea?

Joke aside, the question is Havapoo vs Cavapoo, which dog breed to choose and why? One has Cuban origins through the lovely Havanese dog and the other one has British ancestry through the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed.

No matter the country they came from, no matter if it’s Havapoo vs Cavapoo, they are all a mixed breed with one common parent breed – Poodle. Because they are a Poodle mix, they belong to a group of crossbreed dogs called Doodles.

Let the game of Doodles begin.

Havapoo vs Cavapoo – Breed Information

Havapoo Cavapoo
Characteristics Characteristics
Height: 8-15 inches Height: 9-14 inches
Weight: 10-45 pounds Weight: 9-25 pounds
Cost: approximately $500-$5000 Cost: approximately $600-$3000
Longevity: 12-18 years Longevity: 10-15 years
Build: small-sized dog Build: small-sized dog
less health issues more health issues
Personality Personality
affectionate, friendly, intelligent affectionate, friendly, intelligent
good with children good with children
less open to strangers more open to strangers
attention seeking attention seeking
more drooling less drooling
more trainable less trainable
playful with children and adults playful with children and adults
likes to please the owner likes to please the owner
not a good guard dog not a good guard dog
hypoallergenic hypoallergenic

Both breeds have the same purebred Poodle parent and, as such, can inherit a lot of traits characteristic of a Poodle. Some of those traits are intelligence, low-shedding, and a hypoallergenic coat type. Another similarity is the fact they are both designer dogs or hybrid breeds, bred to be wonderful companion dogs.

No matter who wins, both of these mixed-breed dogs like to cuddle, they have a similar life span, and are wonderful family dogs.

But, let’s see some Havapoo vs Cavapoo facts.

The Havapoo Origin

This amazing pooch has other names too, like Havadoodles, Havanoodles, and Poovanese. But, let’s admit it, Havapoo is the best one out there.

The exact country of the Havapoo’s origin is unknown, but we do know that the breeders mixed two purebred dogs: a Poodle and a Havanese. The Poodle parent is usually a toy Poodle or a miniature Poodle. It is thought that the country of origin could possibly be the USA.

Just like the exact country of origin of the Havapoo is unknown, the approximate year they were introduced to the vast ocean of dog breeds and crossbreeds is unknown too. But, we do know they have been around for the past 20 to 30 years.

And, we do know that we are grateful to those who thought of mixing those two breeds and making a Havapoo pup.

The possible reason behind their origin is the need to have the best qualities of the dog parents, a Poodle and a Havanese, making a cute, affectionate, and clever doodle breed.

The Cavapoo Origin

This doodle has several names, too. Some of them are Cavoodle, Capoodle, and Cavadoodle. The Cavapoo is the most common one and it was made in Australia in the 1990s, when this dog was introduced as a new poodle mix breed.

The second dog parent breed is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The Australian breeders understood the amazing possibilities of mixing a Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

They were correct, and they got a small dog and a mixed dog breed called the Cavapoo.

The Cavapoo is a witty, affectionate, and social dog, getting all the good traits from both parent breeds.

The Havapoo Appearance

brown havapoo

You will not be able to say no to the Havapoo puppy eyes. They got their cuddly looks from their Havanese breed parent, and they use it well.

The Havapoo has a cute dark-colored button nose and dark round eyes. Their eye color can be lighter depending on the color of the coat.

They also have a small, rounded head, small snout, and floppy ears. This gives them a real Teddy Bear look that no one can resist!

The Size Of A Havapoo

As for their height, they can go from 8 to 15 inches (20-38cm). It depends on which Poodle breed has been mixed with the Havanese dog. If it’s a Standard Poodle, then they can get to the bigger side of the scale, and if it’s a Toy Poodle or Mini Poodle, then they are on the smaller side.

The same rule applies to their weight, which can be from 10 to 45 pounds (4–20kg). So, once again, if the dogs used to create this crossbreed were Havanese and the Standard Poodle, the Havapoo can be quite a big Teddy Bear dog.

On the other hand, if the cross happened between a Toy Poodle and a Havanese, they can be tiny.

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The Coat Of A Havapoo

Being a mixed dog breed, a Havapoo can inherit a coat type equally from both parent breeds or can be a mix of the two. What can the Havapoo inherit?

The Poodle coat is well known for its hypoallergenic nature. They have a dense, single coat of fur with curly hair. The coat can be soft or coarse, varying from dog to dog.

On the other hand, the Havanese dog breed has a double coat, with straight or wavy fur. Their fur is very soft to the touch and stays the same during adulthood.

So, to sum it up: the Havapoo pup can have a double coat, a single dense coat, soft or coarse to touch, or anything in between. It depends on how expressive or strong the genes of the Havanese or Poodle parent are.

The Colors Of A Havapoo

The Havanese dog breed can come in one of 25 colors, of which 16 are AKC registered as standard Havanese colors. The Poodle can come in one of 27 coat color variations.

So, as you can see, the Havapoo is a kaleidoscope of colors. Some of the most common colors seen in Havapoo pups are chocolate, fawn, black, and a tri-color variation.

Such a variety of colors means each and every Havapoo puppy is a unique ball of fur.

The Cavapoo Appearance

adorable cavapoo on a bench

The Teddy Bear look is strong in the Cavapoo crossbreed as well!

The Cavapoos have large, round, and dark-chocolate eyes. Their snout is short and they have characteristically prominent fur eyebrows.

The Cavapoo puppies are truly sweet pups that will inherit different physical and temperament traits from their purebred dog parents.

What will come through and shine in these adorable furballs will depend on the genes and their expression which they can inherit from a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Whatever the outcome, it will not disappoint you.

The Size Of A Cavapoo

The height of the Cavapoo puppies can go from 9 to 14 inches (22–35cm).

Their weight goes from 9 to 25 pounds (4–11kg).

The Miniature Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are approximately the same weight and height, creat more narrow possibilities for the Cavapoo puppy size.

We know what to expect when we mix these two breeds, at least related to the size.

As for the coat type and the coat color, the story can be quite different.

The Coat Of A Cavapoo

The Miniature Poodle has a curly, long coat type. As for Cavaliers, they can have wavy, silky, and medium-length coat types.

Combining these two dog breeds, we can get Cavapoo puppies with a wavy and long coat, silky, double coat, or medium straight coat type, all in one puppy litter.

So, we can never be 100% sure what type of a coat our new Cavapoo pup will have.

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The Colors Of A Cavapoo

We already know that a Poodle can have more than 25 coat color variations.

But, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed is a different story. They only come in 4 colors.

Those colors are:

• Black and tan

• Black and white

• Blenheim

• Ruby

It might seem that this means the coat color variations of the Cavapoo puppy are more predictable.

But, that’s not the case, unfortunately. The Cavapoo pup color and coat pattern are a mystery.

So, that means the Cavapoo can come in any coat color variation as its dog parents, from solid, bi-colors to tri-colors, and in all shades of red, black, silver, apricot, fawn, and many more.

The Havapoo Temperament

havapoo in a owner's lap

Havapoos have an affectionate and loving nature. They love to cuddle and they love to please their owner, making them great at potty training, and overall giving them a high score in trainability.

Both parents of this cute mixed breed are smart dogs, so their high trainability isn’t strange. Also, both Poodles and Havanese dogs are extremely family oriented, getting along well with all family members, especially children. They get on well with other dogs too, although sometimes the Poodle gene can cause some aloofness in them. But, proper early socialization solves the problem. That applies to a Havapoo too.

The Havapoos are smaller dogs, but they do have high energy levels which need to be fulfilled daily.

So, they are up for spending time with you, lounging on a sofa, but they want to be physically active as well. A daily walk and a bit of play will do.

The Havapoo is not a perfect guard dog because it does not possess that kind of gene. But, they will alert you if there’s some trouble ahead.

As for their barking, on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is almost no vocalization and a 10 is a very vocal dog, the Havapoos come somewhere in the middle.

The Havapoo can adapt to daily changes quite well. They won’t suffer from anxiety if everything is not in its place every day. They go with the flow and won’t make a fuss if you change their daily routine from time to time.

But, like all small breeds, they can have issues with separation anxiety.

The Cavapoo Temperament

cavapoo in a flower field

One thing that the Cavapoo shares with the Poodle and Cavalier are the affection and the love for its owner and its human family in general.

The Cavapoo is the dog for you if you are looking for a friendly, social, affectionate, and loyal dog.

They will be your best friends, show you how much they love you, and will enjoy fulfilling all the tasks you give them, showing their high trainability.

Every dog owner knows how adorable and heart-melting it is to have your doggy trying to give you as many dog kisses as possible when you return home.

And, they match perfectly with children, as well as senior family members. Simply said, the Cavapoo temperament is perfect for a family, no matter where you live.

Of course, they do need daily walks and exercise – because they do have working dog blood in their veins. Their energy might not be as high as that of some dog breeds, but they still need proper physical stimulation on a daily basis to keep them happy and healthy.

The Cavapoos are very open to strangers and they love to make friends with everyone.

Once again, if you are looking for a watchdog, the Cavapoo puppies are not the best choice. They can alert, instinctively, about an intruder, but their friendliness stops them from being anything more serious than that.

It has to be mentioned that they too can have separation anxiety problems, just like the Havapoos and other small dog breeds.

The Havapoo Health

havapoo on a couch

This Poodle mix is generally very healthy. There are not many health concerns present in either the Havanese parent or the Poodle parent, so the mixed puppy won’t have a lot of health issues either.

Some health problems and health conditions might occur, and the most common ones are:

• Deafness

• Hip dysplasia

• Patellar luxation

But, still, most Havapoos live long and happy lives. Of course, this is the case where the dog has proper care, good dog food, vet checks, and lots of love and affection given to it every day!

That’s something every dog deserves!

The Life Expectancy Of A Havapoo

These mixed doggos can have a long and happy life. Their usual life expectancy is between 12 to 18 years. That is a good amount of years in a dog’s life.

Let me be clear, that is not enough. Nothing is ever enough when you have a pooch you love, but considering all relevant facts, it is as good as it gets.

This life expectancy is only applicable if a dog has a quality life, filled with love, and with regular vet checks and vaccinations.

The Cavapoo Health


The Poodle part of the Cavapoos pool gene gives them strong health attributes. As for the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the breed is not an unhealthy one, but it is prone to some health issues, which can be transferred to the Cavapoo offspring.

The most common health issues of a Cavapoo are:

• Eye problems (cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy)

• Hip dysplasia

• Heart disease

• Middle ear infections

It has to be noted that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed is forbidden in Norway because of the higher possibility of a heart disease called MVD (Mitral Valve Disease). There is a chance that a Cavapoo puppy can develop this genetic disease.

MVD symptoms are coughing, which is worse at night and after lying down, breathlessness, and low energy, and a vet can diagnose a heart murmur as well.

The Life Expectancy of A Cavapoo

The Cavapoos can live a long life, too. Their life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years.

Once again, life expectancy is only considered valid information if the dog has all its health needs fulfilled. That includes more than simply giving food and shelter, which is a must and a bare minimum.

The dog needs affection, grooming, preventive health measures, walks, and much more.

The Havapoo Price

havapoo puppy on grass

The price of the Havapoo puppy depends on the pup’s parents and if the puppy has been bred by a registered breeder or not.

If the breeder is registered, then the price can go from $1600 to $5000. They can be quite pricey indeed. But, if you find a Havapoo puppy at a local breeder that is not registered, the price goes from $500 to $1000.

You can expect a higher price if the breeder has purebred parents with a popular lineage and with all the AKC registration norms fulfilled for their Poodle and Havanese dogs.

And, you can always check local shelters or rescue centers to try and find your Havapoo.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and save a life.

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The Cavapoo Price

cavapoo puppy

These Doodles are not as expensive as the Havapoo Doodles. One of the reasons can be their Cavalier health unpredictability.

But, still, they are not cheap at all. The usual price is between $1000 and $3000. This price can be higher with some more reputable breeders, but such prices are very rare.

As for a price lower than $1000, this is possible if the breeder is not professional or registered, but does the breeding out of love for this crossbreed and as a hobby.

In such cases, the price is around $600.

Separation Anxiety in Cavapoos and Havapoos

This kind of behavior is common in small dog breeds, and with both Cavapoo and Havapoo being a Mini Poodle mix, they belong to the small dog group. Because of this, let’s put aside our Havapoo vs Cavapoo Doodle game, and consider the meaning of separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety happens when you leave a dog for a long period of time. This kind of behavior is especially prominent when the longer periods of separation begin suddenly. The dog, simply put, doesn’t have time to adjust to situations in which you are not around as much as you were before.

When this happens, and the dog can’t cope on its own, separation anxiety symptoms start to show. The most common symptoms include:

• Destructive behavior (chewing and digging)

• Urinating and defecating (when alone in forbidden places)

• Loud vocalizing (howling, whining, barking)

• Pacing

It is not a pleasant sight when you get back home and you realize there is a big puddle of pee in your bedroom, or that your favorite armchair has been destroyed.

So, when these things happen, the best solutions to separation anxiety are:

• Exercise

• Crate training

• Establishing a new routine

• Calming the dog

One of the best ways to deal with separation anxiety in dogs is to take them for a walk for at least 30min before leaving them home alone. If you cannot go on a walk, you can play fun and tiring games with your dog, like tug-o-war.

This will make your dog feel loved, and it will make your dog sleepy and less prone to destructive behavior since it doesn’t have as much energy as prior to the game or walk.

Grooming Havapoo vs Cavapoo

cavapoo with a haircut

Depending on the genes, both Cavapoo and Havapoo can inherit the Poodle coat type.

If that is the case, both pups have to be regularly groomed in order to avoid fur mats. If you do not brush your Doodle fur all the way to the skin, the hair will mat at the hair roots and you will have to shave off the tangled parts completely in order to fix it.

Because of this, most Poodle dog owners choose to clip the fur short and keep it that way. If your Havapoo or Cavapoo has this kind of coat, regular grooming is a must.

The same grooming requirements go if the Havapoo inherits more of the Havanese genes or if a Cavapoo inherits more of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes. So, once again, that means it doesn’t matter who wins in our Havapoo vs Cavapoo game, they all need regular grooming. Why?

All three dog breeds have silky a coat type, and it needs to be brushed daily in order to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Because the Havapoos and Cavapoos can get a medium-sized coat, besides grooming, the fur should be checked for any bumps or foreign objects, like plant seeds, tree branches, etc.

Also, grooming includes checking your dog’s ears, eyes, and other body parts for signs of infection, possible injuries, or small cuts.

The Nutrition of The Havapoos and Cavapoos

dog food in a bowl

It is Havapoo vs Cavapoo, but whether you choose the Havapoo or Cavapoo, both dogs need proper nutrition which includes high-quality dog food.

You can choose dog food from the store or pet food shops, or you can prepare homemade food. If you do prepare homemade food, you should be in consultation with your veterinarian regarding what food to give and in what amount.

Both the Havapoos and the Cavapoos are prone to becoming overweight. So, if you decide to give your Doodle regular daily treats, you have to take this fact into consideration. An overweight dog has a lower life expectancy due to the possible health issues that follow obesity in dogs.

The diet of a dog should be adjusted according to your Doodle’s age. The amount of food and the type of food is different for puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

In the case of both the Cavapoo or the Havapoo, you should consult your vet or learn from other trusted sources which human food is good for your dog and which should be avoided at all costs! For example, avoid cooked bones or any foods high in fat.

Because both breeds are smaller dogs, if you feed them kibble, they won’t need more than 2 cups a day.

And, always make sure they have clean, fresh water available at all times.

Havapoo vs Cavapoo – Which One Is For You?

So, which is the best dog in the battle of Cavapoo vs Havapoo? And, the results are…

It’s a tie!

Both dog breeds have some amazing traits, both regarding temperament and physical characteristics. The question here is what do you want?

If you are just interested in Doodles, there are many more to choose from, like the Cockapoo, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Maltipoo, and many more!

When we put the Havapoo vs Cavapoo game into perspective, we can see that they are very similar because they share the same purebred dog parent – a Poodle.

That makes them loyal, friendly, intelligent, and affectionate.

So, if you look closely at the beauty and loveliness of Havapoos and Cavapoos, then you’ll realize it is a tough choice and, in the Doodles game of Havapoo vs Cavapoo, it’s all in the nuances.

The Conclusion

In my opinion, the “battle” of Havapoo vs Cavapoo is the one where it is impossible to choose the winner.

You can see that both dogs have the same characteristics, like:

• Friendly

• Family dogs

• Affectionate

• Loyal

• Intelligent

• Trainable

The only more distinctive characteristic is the fact that the Cavapoos can be prone to some more serious genetic health issues because of their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genes.

Other than that, when it comes to Havapoo vs Cavapoo, you won’t make a mistake whether you choose a Cavapoo or a Havapoo. Both dogs are full of love to give to you and your family and you will have a best friend for a long time.

Just remember, all dogs are unique and they all need proper care and lots of attention and love!

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