Desperate Mom Dog Cries Loudly And Begs For Help Until Someone Notices Her Injured Baby


There is no love that is stronger and more powerful than a mother’s love for her children. It’s a unique and selfless kind of love.

Throughout her life, a mother’s own happiness depends on the well-being of her kids. When they are sad or hurt, she feels profound pain in her heart. 

Our following story is about a loving mother dog who felt the same pain after her baby got injured. The terrified mama didn’t know how to help her puppy who was lying and whimpering on the ground. 

She began crying for help as loud as she could and looking around at the people on the street, trying to attract their attention.

All she wanted was a little bit of compassion for her little crying fur baby.

Helping The Frightened Mom And Her Baby

photo of scared mama dog
Source: The Dodo

Fortunately, one of the people who witnessed the heartbreaking sight called the local rescuers who rushed to the scene right away.

Once they arrived and saw the desperate mother and her baby crying for help, their hearts filled with sadness. One of the rescuers approached the puppy and petted his little head, trying to comfort him.

man petting puppy
Source: The Dodo

The mother dog realized how caring and kind the rescuer was to her baby. She started trusting him, and let him take care of her puppy

The rescuer gently took the crying baby in his arms and carried him to the car. 

The mother dog stayed behind, so that she could take care of her other fur babies. She looked at the rescuers as they drove away with her pup. She sensed that her baby would be safe with them. 

The Little Puppy Demonstrates His Bravery

puppy being examined
Source: The Dodo

The injured pup was taken to the vet. 

He was extremely brave and he didn’t cry while the vet cleaned and dressed his wounds. He believed that they would help him get better.

The rescue took the pup in, showering him with affection and care. 

Although it was painful for the puppy to stand or walk because of his injuries, he kept trying. He was a real fighter.

His caregivers named him Toggle. They enjoyed watching him recover day after day.

Toggle had a lot of love to give and he couldn’t stop cuddling with his rescuers. They adored him.

A Heartwarming Reunion With His Family

puppy reunited with a man
Source: The Dodo

After Toggle made a complete recovery, his friends knew that their favorite puppy was ready to be reunited with his loving mom.

Before he left, Toggle kissed his caregivers whom he loved with his whole heart. He wagged his little tail and said goodbye.

One of the rescuers took Toggle to the place where his mom and his siblings lived. 

The moment the mother dog saw that her baby was healthy again, her heart overflowed with happiness. Toggle ran to his mom’s arms and snuggled with his siblings. He was thrilled to be back.

mama dog with puppies
Source: The Dodo

Toggle’s mom gave her puppy a sweet kiss and looked at the rescuer with eyes filled with gratitude. She appreciated that they saved her baby and brought him back to her.

We’re thrilled that Toggle is healthy and happy again. Thank you to all the good humans who showed compassion and love to Toggle and his loving mom.