You Won’t See Anything Sweeter Than These 13 German Shepherd Pups


Trust me… these 13 cute German Shepherd puppies are here to make your day.

When we’re feeling blue, or just need something entertaining, German Shepherd pups are always the answer.

They’re sweet, a bit derpy, but always too cute to handle!

1. This Season, We Wear Blue

blue german shepherd puppy sitting outdoors
Photo from: @germanshepherd_universe_ig

Would you look at this fashionable pup? Oh, he just knows he looks good. Blue German Shepherds are quite rare. Consider yourself lucky if you own one. 

2. Fluffy Hair, Don’t Care

cute german shepherd puppy sitting in the grass
Photo from: @german.shepherds_puppies

I didn’t know German Shepherds come as fluffy pups. Oh, he’s not fluffy? Well, then his owner must need some good grooming brushes to tame that fluffiness. 

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3. Love Is In The Air

two cute german shepherd puppies sitting together
Photo from: @german.shepherds_puppies

These two love birds support the claim that German Shepherds can show love in many ways. They’re tough on the outside, but mellow on the inside.

4. Look At Those Paws

adorable german shepherd puppy sitting beside the gate
Photo from: @german.shepherds_puppies

Look at those floppy ears! Look at those tiny eyes! Look how pawfect this puppy is.

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5. German Shepherds Are Natural Charmers

puppy and adult german shepherd dog with red roses
Photo from: @thegermanshepherdworld

We teach them while they’re still young. But, some things can’t be taught. This pup is destined to become a charmer, just like his dad!

6. Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

sweet german shepherd puppy sitting in the snow
Photo from: @adoptednaomi_

Oh, what a fun way to spend time with your German Shepherd! This little buddy is building a snowman. I wonder if that’s the only thing he’ll do today? Maybe he’s just relaxing from his daily duties.

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7. That Derpy Look

fluffy german shepherd puppy sitting on the floor
Photo from: @caly.gsd

Why do dogs stick their tongue out? Is it to make them look derpy? And, what’s up with that tongue length? Do they grow into it like they grow into their ears?

8. The Look That Means Love

german shepherd puppy looking adorable
Photo from: @caly.gsd

Your German Shepherd puppy stares at you because he adores you. I mean, this pup here surely adores his owner to the bone. The look says everything.

9. The Paw That Rocks The Cradle

german shepherd puppy lying on fluffy mat in his bed
Photo from: @thepuppyplacejacksonville

Did you know that you can predict a puppy’s future size by looking at his paws? According to them, this sweet GSD puppy is gonna be a big boy.

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10. Driving Miss Daisy

german shepherd puppy in the car on the back seat
Photo from: @rogue_the_az_gsd

I was absolutely mind-blown when I heard about this new study. Apparently, dogs feel the most comfortable in cars. This furry buddy completely agrees with the research.

11. Posing For A Photo

gsd puppy leaning on window sill
Photo from: @iammoosethegsd

No matter the angle you pick, a German Shepherd will always look dashing in photos… just like this pawdorable pup.

12. Look Who’s Got A Treat

german shepherd puppy eating bread in his bed
Photo from: @luna_germanshepherd_uk

This GSD puppy must’ve been a good boi or girl. The treat he’s guarding with both paws is proof. But, I don’t know which is sweeter: the treat or the pup?

13. Is That… For Me?

german shepherd puppy looking at plate with pancakes in front of him
Photo from: @alonsothegsd

The plate of pancakes means he has been the best boy ever. This has to be the best day in this pup’s life!