Employee Shocked To Find The Sweetest Dog Abandoned In A Shopping Cart


One morning, a PetSmart employee in the city of Monroe, North Carolina, spotted something unusual outside in their parking lot. 

A shopping cart was abandoned (which wasn’t that unusual), but what caught her attention was that she noticed something rattling around in that stray shopping cart.  

Curiously, she approached the cart, and when she saw what was inside, her heart sank. 

Left For Dead In A Parking Lot 

portrait of a dog lying in an abandoned shopping cart
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

In a blue shopping cart, a scared-looking dog softly cried out for help. 

Someone had dumped this sweet doggo in a PetSmart shopping cart with her uterus physically hanging out, and heartlessly drove away. 

A concerned employee immediately took the poor dog inside PetSmart and posted on a Facebook group, asking for help. 

Chrissy Elder, the Forgotten, Now Family Rescue founder, heard the story and was shocked at the lack of humanity. The very next day, she was at the emergency vet, taking custody of the poor pup and doing everything in her power to save her life. 

“Monroe came into rescue and became family to us all quickly. The PetSmart team member was incredible and stayed here at CARE til I arrived. His heart was great,” Elder said.  

The dog – later named Monroe – desperately needed medical help. She was saved just in time. If she had stayed in that cart much longer, she probably wouldn’t have survived. 

a dog with a green collar around its neck is looking at the camera
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

“Monroe underwent uterus prolapse repair and then the vaginal tissue would not stay in, so she required vaginal reconstruction. This poor dog was used to heavy breed to the point her body was falling apart. Her days of being someone’s cash cow ended in that shopping cart,” the rescue wrote in their Instagram post.  

The 3-year-old Pitbull mix underwent some complex surgeries, but thanks to the rescue, the PetSmart employee, and many generous donators, Monroe survived and was recovering well.  

Astonishing Recovery 

the dog is sitting on the artificial grass and looking at the camera
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

Monroe’s days of feeling scared and sick were finally over. “She is healed physically and emotionally,” the rescue wrote. 

The vets believe that she will not need any further care in the near future, and she should be able to live a very happy and healthy life. 

When she arrived at the shelter after her surgeries, Monroe had no clue how to play, but now she runs beside her friends happily and confidently. She loves other dogs and children, and wants to cuddle with everyone. 

“She’s never met anyone she didn’t fall in love with immediately. It blows my mind, since everyone failed her,” Elder told The Dodo. 

Even after everything she’d been through, she is still a very sweet and affectionate pup full of love for everyone. 

“Monroe thank you for keeping your faith in humanity when we didn’t deserve it. Thank you for showing your smile to the world even when it was dark for you,” Forgotten, Now Family Rescue wrote in their Facebook post. 

Take a look at Monroe’s incredible journey of survival: 

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Monroe was sadly discarded like trash, but thankfully, her life took a turn for the better. She went from being forgotten to having a wonderful family. 

In October 2022, Monroe was adopted by an amazing local North Carolina resident, and she is finally able to enjoy a life of just being a happy little pup. 

the dog is laughing and looking at the camera
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue