Do Cavachons Shed? A Helpful Guide To A Messy Situation


Cavapom, Cavoodle, Cockalier, Cavador, Pugalier, Goldichon, Jackie-Chon, Shichon, Cockapoo, Maltichon, Cavapoochon… What else do we have? Oh, right! The Cavachon!

The world of designer dogs that is created by using little, sweet lap pooches is quite rich. There’s a Doodle and a Chon for everyone’s taste. If you’re looking for the sweetest cuddler ever, then you need a Cavachon.

This petite pooch will be there for you waiting with a big grin and looking forward to hugs and kisses.

But, are you looking forward to extensive care and grooming? No? Well, good because you don’t have to! One of the first questions people always ask is: Do Cavachons shed? And, the answer is surprisingly positive.

Cavachons are one of the easiest puppies to raise, and they’re even better as adults. Still, you will need to raise them properly, following guidelines of socialization and training.

I know many people nowadays are allergic to dog hair and dandruff; therefore, they’re looking for hypoallergenic, low-shedding dogs. That’s why I always recommend pups like the Cavachon.

How low-maintenance are they? Do Cavachons shed excessively in certain terms? How do you groom these dogs?

Keep on reading to learn a thing or two about this adorable crossbreed.

What Exactly Is A Cavachon?

a cute puppy sitting on the floor

If you’re a fan of designer dogs, then you’ll love this one for sure!

Among all the crossbreeds in the world, the Cavachon is something special and unusual. We get to see many mixed-breed dogs, such as Poodle mixes, on a daily basis. It became normal. Rarely anyone thinks it’s a hybrid dog.

But, when you mention a dog like the Cavalier-Bichon, you’re immediately certain that it’s not a purebred doggie.

The Cavachon (or the Cavalier-Bichon) is a cross puppy… a love child between two sweet, small dog breeds: the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Just like other designer dogs, this one was a creation of the 1990s; the era when dog breeders and dog lovers figured out they can play games with canines and create unique pooches.

The Cavachon originates from the United States; from the state of Iowa, to be precise.

Ever since 1996, Cavachons have been trying to become one of the favorite family pets. Lately, their popularity is rising, especially since they’re a great fit for people living in apartments or having small houses.

The Cavachon isn’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, but the American Canine Hybrid Club accepts their existence.

This crossbreed has parent breeds that were first found many centuries ago. The Bichon Frise was first mentioned in France during the Renaissance. The breed arrived in the States much later, in 1950.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has existed since the 17th century. This friendly dog will make you think: Why did the AKC wait until 1995 to recognize how awesome these purebred pups are?

What Does A Cavachon Look Like?

portrait of two shaggy dogs

The Cavachon is classified as a petite dog, and yes, they’re really that small! I like to refer to them as compact dogs, terrific for apartment living.

Think of them as pups rather than teacup versions because they’re not that fragile, and also larger pooches, as they don’t take too much space anywhere.

This dog can measure up to 13 inches at the withers. They weigh somewhere between 15 and 20 pounds. See, they’re really small! Find more information on this dog’s size in our Cavachon growth chart. Cavachon dogs are companion dogs. They will make themselves comfortable in your lap, waiting for cuddles, kisses, and warm hugs. Being so friendly and sweet makes them perfect choices for first-time owners.

But, their size and kind temperament aren’t the only things that make Cavachons suitable for new dog owners. It’s their easy-to-groom looks that make them amazing!

Cavachon’s Coat Type And Accepted Colors

They’re soft. They’re smooth. They’re silky!

They’re Cavachons!

The lovely crossbreed, the Cavachon, is a non-shedding breed. These dogs have a medium to long coat that is very easy to take care of. The coat type depends on the parents, as well as of different Cavachon generations. That’s why the coat varies from long and wavy to short and straight.

Cavachons can come in partial or solid coat color options. The dominant coat color is white. Most of these pooches come as a combination of white and black, tan, red, or apricot. Frankly, I find them all quite stunning.

What’s not stunning are their tear stains. But, with proper care, those stains won’t be visible at all. Stay tuned and I’ll teach you what to do to prevent them.

Do Cavachons Have Hair Or Fur?

adorable white puppy

Surprise, surprise! Cavachons have hair, not fur.

These pretty pups fashion a tight and wavy hairstyle. You can either let it grow long or have the groomer cut it into a puppy-style coat.

It’s only a matter of your preferences and maintenance. Long-haired Cavachons have more problems with tangles, matting, and messy situations, so make sure you’re ready to face those issues.

Do Cavachons Shed A Lot?

Brace yourself: Cavachons don’t shed a lot.

You won’t even notice their dead hair around your home. These pups are categorized as low-shedding and a pure delight to own, especially for people who are too busy to vacuum every day. I mean, who does that?

I know that everyone recommends getting a robot vacuum cleaner, along with getting a dog, but that’s not the case with this dog breed. With regular grooming sessions, you’ll be lucky to find one strand of dog hair!

Why Do Cavachons Shed Excessively, And How To Help

Cavachons holding a ball

Photo from: @cavachonsociety

Now, I know that Cavachons are low- to non-shedding dogs, but they can still shed. But, the reason is far more severe than you think. I’m talking about excessive shedding or shedding in clumps. It’s usually sudden, out of nowhere, and quite worrying.

If your Cavachon is experiencing shedding, it’s not their seasonal malt. It’s a much deeper issue, which I’ll address in the following paragraphs.

Cavachons will shed only for a couple of reasons. Anything more than a dozen hairs a day is considered a warning sign.

The number one reason for Cavachons shedding excessively is the dog’s diet. Many dog owners buy cheap dog food without knowing how much damage it can bring to their dog.

Yes, I know it’s cheap and you’re on a budget. But, you shouldn’t get a dog if you’re planning to skimp on their meals. You don’t skimp on yours, do you?

Generic dog food bought in local supermarkets won’t do. Your dog needs proper nutrition. He needs high-quality nutrients, primarily real animal proteins to keep on going. I recommend you dig deep and find small dog food businesses with transparent products, offering only premium ingredients. These brands may be a tad cheaper, but they’re worth every penny and every kibble bite.

If it’s not their food, then it’s something in the house. Dogs trigger allergies, but they can suffer from some, too!

The Cavachon pup is a hypoallergenic dog breed, but they can be sensitive to changes around the house, new fragrances, dust, that new detergent you used to wash their dog bed, etc.

Use a system of elimination to figure out what causes your dog’s allergies around the house.

Another great reason why your Cavachon is losing hair is stress, as well as hormonal imbalance.

Changes in the hormonal status happen mostly after some major life events, like giving birth or going through the first heat cycle. This is something that mostly females experience.

However, stress is omnipresent, even in the canine world.

Your dog can feel stressed out because he doesn’t like new people coming into his home, the neighbor may be renovating his apartment with loud machines, or the other dog in the house might be threatening him.

Stress occurs because of many reasons, and it’s important to keep your dog away from it no matter if he’s losing hair or not.

Lastly, excessive hair loss can also happen because of some hidden health problems. It’s usually a matter of bacterial or fungal infections, parasites like ringworm, or genetic disorders.

Look for signs like redness of the skin, itchiness, sensitivity, discoloration, etc.

Grooming 101: Taking Care After Your Cavachon

Cavachons aren’t more difficult to groom than Poodles or Bichons. They’re a pure delight to own, and are very easy, even for beginners.

It only takes some devotion and time. Every brushing session should last from 30 minutes up to 60 minutes. Think of it as time well-spent with your dog and a way of bonding.

Before starting to groom your dog, perform a relaxation ritual. Examine your dog for any change on its skin and coat that might have happened since the last grooming session.

If everything seems well, proceed with relaxing your pooch and massaging its tiny body.

Brushing should occur two to three times a week. Start by brushing your dog’s head and work your way down to the rest of the body.

It’s best if you work in sections. Brush, but don’t attack the knots and tangles. Instead, use a comb or a detangler to remove those bits. If they can’t be solved, it’s time for a quick snip.

After brushing, you should cut your Cavachon’s hair into a lovely doggy hairstyle; that is, if it’s time. Hair clipping usually occurs every two to three months. This dog’s hair shouldn’t grow past one or two inches in length. When trimming, pay attention to the area around your puppy’s eyes as nothing should bother their sight.

Speaking of eyes, cleaning their tear stains and checking their eyes for changes and signs of illness is a must. Use a wet cloth and tear stain solution to wipe your dog’s eyes clean.

Their ears deserve attention, too! If you don’t want your Cavachon to suffer from ear infections, you should check it for infections and clean regularly. Use a saline solution and a dropper to clean the ears, making sure there’s no redness or bad odor.

Grooming a Cavachon is fairly simple, especially since they don’t shed a lot. However, I recommend you start grooming at a really young age so your puppy gets used to the idea of being handled.

Grooming becomes a tad bit complicated as Cavachons grow, since their hair gets tangled easily.

Here’s Which Brush Types You Should Use!

a beautiful mini dog lies on his crib in the house

The dog grooming business isn’t a joke. There is serious science behind which dog brushes to use or what kind of shampoos work the best for dogs like our Cavachon. If you’re a newbie dog owner or simply new at dog grooming, I must warn you: not every brush works the same on every dog breed. In fact, using the wrong brush may cause severe damage to the dog’s coat or skin.

That’s why it’s important to do a little research and find out which brush is suitable for your chosen dog breed.

For our Cavachon, using slickers, pin brushes, and combs will bring the best results.

Pin brushes and slicker brushes go hand in hand. These brushes are your first choice when it comes to dog grooming. Where one brush can’t go, the other will continue and finish the work.

Pin brushes are sometimes all you’ll need. They have pins, preferrably with covered tips, differently spaced on a cushion.

The pins can be the same or of a different length, too. On the other hand, slicker brushes have short, pointed pins. I recommend you pick slickers with protected tips.

Also, my recommendation goes for slickers with retractable pins. One press on the push button and the pins will retract and gather all the loose hair for easy cleaning.

Pin brushes work for all hair types. However, they can’t go that deep into the coat. You should use pin brushes as a final step, making the coat look fluffier.

I always choose pin brushes first because they can pick up dead hair easily without causing any damage to the dog’s coat and skin. Also, they don’t produce static electricity, which is always a nice bonus, especially for long-haired Cavachons.

Slicker brushes are your friends when you need to remove matted hair and tangles. They’re also great when you need to restore shine to your dog’s coat as they help distribute the natural coat oils.

Besides pin and slicker brushes, your Cavachon will need a detangling comb. This is a simple grooming tool usually made of stainless steel.

It features differently spaced teeth, which can be wide or narrow. Basically, it’s a normal comb, but it removes matts and tangles like so.

Make sure you have these grooming tools at home by the time your new Cavachon puppy arrives.

Shedding… Hurt?

a portrait of a beautiful white dog

If you tug out a dog’s hair, it will hurt. Just with we humans. But, natural hair loss doesn’t hurt unless you have issues with skin.

Dogs aren’t aware they’re shedding until you grab their brush and start making something out of that messy situation.

Are Cavachons Hypoallergenic Dogs For Real?

The Cavachon is a mixed breed dog. They don’t have a breed standard or a pattern they should match. You never know how your Cavachon puppy will turn out to be.

Since this is a cross with one hypoallergenic parent, the Bichon Frise, you can expect your Cavachon puppy to be hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, no breeder can guarantee you whether the puppy will have these traits or not.

If your puppy has many Bichon traits, then there’s a huge chance he won’t trigger allergies either.


How Healthy Are Cavachons?

Designer breeds are usually very healthy since they come from two different dog breeds. This means that they’re more capable of fighting numerous health issues with a combination of genes.

This is also the case with Cavachons. This dog breed is a generally healthy one. They’re not suffering from any severe conditions by default, but there are some issues we’ll address soon.

If you take good care of your Cavachon, he might live up to 18 years. This incredible lifespan is beyond average for many dog breeds.

Cavachons are usually prone to ear, eye, and dental diseases. Conditions such as ear infections, cherry eye, eye ulcers, keratoconjunctivitis, etc. are treatable if detected in time. So, make sure your vet is up to date with all your dog’s changes.

Coming from the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Cavachon is prone to getting the same diseases as its parents: degenerative mitral valve disease, and medial patella luxation. Both problems limit a dog’s ability to lead a normal life, but treatments make them tolerable.

As with all small dog breeds, you should worry about your dog not getting obese as obesity may hurt their joints and cause arthritis. This is a common issue with tiny puppies, so please don’t be that dog owner. Hide. That. Treat. Bag.

How Sweet Are Cavachons?


Seriously, Cavachons are one of the sweetest dog breeds in the canine world. Their character completely matches their appearance, which is simply… adorable!

When getting a Cavachon, make sure you know you’re getting a cuddle buddy; not a guard dog. Cavachons are lap dogs designed to show you affection even in the darkest moments of your life. They’re beyond sweet, beyond loyal, and beyond friendly!

Yes, that friendly trait pops up even with strangers. Some Cavachons might bark at unknown people, but they’re usually super kind and won’t attack just because they can.

Still, you will need to socialize with them in time. The earlier you start, the better your pup will be.

But, don’t worry… Cavachons are smart cookies. Besides socialization lessons, potty training won’t cause them issues either. You’ll be surprised at how fast these pups learn.

The only downside I have about their character is their clinginess. Despite being low-maintenance, Cavachons still require lots of care and attention.

They give you affection and they ask the same in return. I wouldn’t get a Cavachon if they would spend all day locked inside the house. They’re easily prone to separation anxiety and I would hate seeing that with such a cute canine.

a white dog runs along the beach

Why should you Get A Cavachon?

I always ask a counter question: Why not?

Besides being a bit clingy and having some health issues, Cavachons are the stars of the designer dog world.

First and foremost, this is a hypoallergenic dog breed, meaning they don’t shed like crazy. In fact, they don’t shed at all. Maybe a hair or two, but that’s it. This makes Cavachons perfect pups and family additions to people prone to allergies.

They’re kind, friendly, and simply amazing. Add low-maintenance traits to the equation and you’ll see why Cavachons are becoming more popular with each day.

Why Not Get A Cavachon?

Besides having some health problems, Cavachons wouldn’t be my first pick because of their availability.

Cavachons aren’t that common, even though they come from two not-so-rare dog breeds. Finding a reputable breeder of this breed might be a hard task.

I recommend you arm yourself with courage and true information about the breed, so you don’t get scammed. Our list of reputable Cavachon breeders might be handy!

Also, if you’re living alone or you have a family that’s always running some errands, the Cavachon isn’t your family dog.

They’re sensitive souls that easily get separation anxiety. A continued effect of such stressful situations may lead to excessive hair growth, and that’s exactly what we don’t want.


So, to answer the burning question: Do Cavachons shed?

No, they don’t. Cavachons are low- to non-shedding dogs, which makes them perfect for people prone to dog allergies, or those who don’t have much time to vacuum loose dog hair.

With the Cavachon, you won’t have to stress out about stranded hairs on your brand new black jeans. Your house will be hair-proof, too! That gives you plenty of time to enjoy your dog and spend quality time together because every minute spent with this lovely pup is a minute well-spent.

Don’t dread grooming your Cavachon. Think of it as a way of bonding that will do good for both of you. A happy dog equals a happy dog owner!