All The American Bully Types: Sizes, Bloodlines, And More

Whenever we talk about American Bully types, the first thing that comes to my mind is that Bully dog from the MGM Production – Tom & Jerry.

Remember that gray and bulky dog with a red harness. He was called ‘Spike’, and he had a son named ‘Tyke’. Tom & Jerry were constantly interrupting their quality time together.

The way Spike is presented in the franchise is what a typical American Bully looks like and behaves like.

Spike is big and strong, with a muscled body and a big head. He is very quiet and easygoing unless you step on his nerves or endanger his kid.

Then, he gets very protective and even aggressive. Otherwise, he is gentle and loving toward the object of his love.

American Bully Types

The American Bulldog is a type of dog that became really popular at one time. It was an all-purpose dog that was useful for many tasks; therefore, there was no household in the south that didn’t have one.

After World War II, this breed was practically resurrected because it was almost extinct. Since then, its popularity grew bigger, and today, all the larger kennel clubs have recognize it, including the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Standard Or Scott

As the name suggests, those are really a standard of the American Bully breed. It is a dog you think of when someone says ‘American Bulldog’. Even his nickname is a typical all-American name – ‘Scott’. But, he got that name after his creator.

The Standard American Bully is a dog with a firm body structure and the classic American Bulldog look.

He can definitely be placed among white dog breeds because it is his signature color.

His muscular body weights up to 100 pounds, and all that mass makes him strong and dangerous.

If you imagined him with widespread legs, then I will have to disappoint you. He does have strong legs, but they are placed right under his shoulders and hips.

He has a very strong undershot jaw that will give you a reverse scissor bite, and that is something none of us want to experience.

Johnson American Bully

Johnson American Bully

Photo from: @3mz999

The Johnson American Bully is probably the most prominent specimen among American Bully types.

Today, he is more of a family dog, but his past and ancestry testify about his bad boy reputation.

With his heavy bone structure, his significant body mass of up to 120 pounds, and his height that is up to 27 inches at the withers, this pooch is an impressive sight.

His body frame is what places this dog on the lists of dangerous dog breeds.

His coat and colors are different from the American Bully colors because you can’t find merle or brindle here. And, one more rarity is the smoothness of his coat. This dog’s hair is so high-quality that it feels silky.

He is not such a menace dog after all because you will find him to be very protective, empathic, and loyal.

The Johnson American Bully is really a bully dog breed you have to meet.

Margentina Or Painter

It is certainly a strange name. It sounds like someone spelled Argentina wrong or that this dog has some serious art skills.

But, a much darker story hides behind his name. Actually, those are the surnames of his breeders, but one is missing.

There were three Bully breeders involved in creating another specimen of the American Bully type. These people, Painter, Margentina, and Tappe (who was the third man involved), had only one thing in mind – to create the ultimate fighter.

They didn’t want a family pet or a guard dog, but an American Bully dog that would bring them profit.

Because of the unethical way of breeding, these American Bully puppies are born with many health problems caused by inbreeding, and these types of American Bullies are not advised to be bred.

Old Southern White

old southern white bully dog

Photo from:@wdaws1

This is the most classic of the classic American Bully. It is the base of all other American Bully types. It is something like the Old English Bulldog, generally speaking.

As it happens with Old types, this one is also at the edge of extinction. It was a must-have dog in past colonial times. And, you can still find him if you look really hard in the depths of the American south.

But, it is not an easy task, I must say.

Johnson and Scott should be given praise for this Old type because we wouldn’t have these two variations without them. He is the king of all the American Bully types.

Hybrid Type

Blue American Bully standing on grass looking away

What is a hybrid American Bully type?

You may think that a hybrid type is some mix between the Pit Bull and the American Bulldog. Someone may even have more wild talk that there is a different breed involved, such as the Cane Corso, for example. But, that would be a whole new breed in the making… an American Bully mix.

Actually, the answer is simple – it is a mix of the Standard Bulldog and another Bulldog.

And, that is actually most common when it comes to Bully dog breeds – what you will run into while walking in the park.

From The Biggest To The Smallest Bully

Before we dig deep and explain the various sizes these Bullies come in, we have to mention one more thing.

This breed has its own club called the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), whose main task is to promote and protect this breed with all the features that adorn it.

It is time to measure our American Bully types, and learn how many sizes they come in.

XL Bully

American Bully sitting on grass outside

XL means extra large, and this description is more than suitable for this dog. He really is an extra large pooch, especially when you compare him to the other American Bully types.

There is an XXL Bully, but we will get to him later. He doesn’t have his standard yet.

The XL American Bully is heavier and taller than the standard, so when checking the Bully growth chart, you can compare how big he can actually get.

And, since we are here checking the charts, it would also be wise to check the American Bully feeding chart. We have to be prepared for a dog like this. He can eat a lot, and he needs a lot of protein, which is a lot of meat to buy and serve.

Having such a large dog that outstands the standard means low success in dog shows. So, if you are in conformation, then this type is not a wise choice. But, if dog shows don’t bother you, then this might be the perfect choice for you and your family.


Body: The body is pretty much the same, like in the standard, but it is much taller, and much heavier. That means that his chest is also wider and deeper.

Head: The skull is also large and very heavy, with strong jaws that are held by strong cheek muscles.

Eyes: The eyes should be oval or almond shaped, and the pigment in the eyes should be rich.

Mug: The mug should allow normal breathing.

Extremities: As in any American Bully dog, extremities are strong and bulky, including the neck.

Temperament: This may surprise many people, but these dogs can be really friendly, especially toward kids. Of course, you should always be careful because we are talking about very strong dogs here.

A Bit More Info

Male Size: 20 to 23 inches

Male Weight: 80 to 140 pounds

Female Size: 19 to 22 inches

Female Weight: 65 to 85 pounds

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Price: 2500 dollars to 5000 dollars

Extreme Bully

Extreme Bully

Photo from: @muscletone_bullys_uk

Even though it is called the extreme Bully, we have already found out that it is not the most extreme version, at least when it comes to size.

It is called that because it has exaggerated features. There are a few breeds in this mix, and we will find the French Bulldog, the English one, and the old version of the English Bulldog… an Olde English Bulldogge.

You may be more familiar with his other name – the Exotic Bully.

These dogs differ from standard ones by their non-fully closed lips and loose skin around their neck. Their hindquarters are turned out, and they have a higher rear.

His gabarits are also exotic, and there is no definite idea of how big this dog should be… at least for a standard.

But, there are some guidelines that we could follow, so let’s see where this dog got exaggerated.


Body: The body is strong, muscular, and looks more compact, and this variation has a chest that is wider than the breed standard.

Head: He has a large and blocky head, but it should be in proportion with the rest of his body. Jaws are strong on the large head.

Eyes: They are placed up high, and they are almond shaped like in other American Bully types. They can take any dog eye color.

Mug: The mug is short… at least shorter than standard, but it is actually somewhere between short and medium. It should be lined with a nose.

Extremities: All the extremities are muscular and bulky, and the overall impression is strength.

Temperament: With the proper process of socialization, this dog will show his friendly and affectionate side both to humans and to other animals.

A Bit More Info

Male Size: up to 16 inches

Male Weight: up to 81 pounds

Female Size: up to 13 inches

Female Weight: up to 50 pounds

Lifespan: up to 10 years

Price: 5000 dollars and up

Standard Bully

Blue American Bully standing on grass

This is the version by which we compare other American Bully types. It is the 90s kid, derived from the American Pit Bull Terrier. His original purpose was to show off. By this, I mean that he will thrive in dog shows. But, people also wanted him to be a companion dog.

If you have decided to get yourself one of these dogs, be sure to choose the right American Bully breeder.


Body: What you expect of an American Bully is to have a muscular body, and be strong and bulky, with a wide chest. And, that is what you have here. The standard Bully is a prototype of your average Bulldog.

Head: It is a big and bulky head on a big and bulky body, and don’t expect anything less than ferocious jaws.

Eyes: Eyes are always almond shaped in American Bulldogs, but here, they are set low, and they are not supposed to be blue or without pigment or red.

Mug: The mug should be short, and the upper line should be aligned with the nose.

Extremities: All the extremities are bulky and arched, including the neck.

Temperament: Since he is a companion dog, it is not a surprise that this dog is actually very good with children. Fierce dogs like this are also known to be utterly loyal and protective. He will tolerate everyone in most cases, but you must not provoke him.

A Bit More Info

Male Size: 17 to 20 inches

Male Weight: 40 to 130 pounds

Female Size: 16 to 19 inches

Female Weight: 65 to 85 pounds

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Price: 2000 dollars to 5000 dollars

Classic Bully

The Classic Bulldog is a real classic among the Bully breed. When we compare him to the standard, it is a bit of a smaller version and more compact, and that makes him look a bit more classy than other variants.

He has that trad vibe that makes him more Terrier in appearance. So, we are getting some American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier vibes here.

When we compare these variations, what distinguishes the Classic American Bulldog is his body gabarits, while the standard is the same.

All of these dogs differ in their initial price, but overall, the Bully cost with all the additional expenses does not vary a lot.


Body: It is a muscular dog manifesting equal strength. Compared to the standard one, his weight is lighter, but he still has the aura of a strong and menacing dog. His wide chest adds to that vibe.

Head: His head is as large as his body. There are strong jaws full of sharp teeth in it.

Eyes: His eyes are either almond shaped or oval shaped. This is one of the blue eyed breeds. There are some eye traits that are not accepted in Bully dogs, and those are bulging eyes and albino.

Mug: The upper part of the mug must be at the same level as the nose, which allows the dog to breathe normally.

Extremities: All of the extremities are bulky and strong. The legs are set wide as well as the shoulders. A thick, strong neck comes out of the shoulders, and it is a little arched.

Temperament: If you are a great owner, then this will be a great dog. He will show you outstanding loyalty, and do everything to make a tight bond with you. The American Bully is known to be an amazing companion dog that is patient, confident, stable, and extroverted.

A Bit More Info

Male Size: 17 to 20 inches

Male Weight: 65 to 85 pounds

Female Size: 16 to 19 inches

Female Weight: 65 to 85 pounds

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Price: 2000 dollars

Pocket Bully

Pocket Bully

The first and most important step is to find a good Pocket Bully breeder, and every Pocket Bully breeder knows that our Pocket American Bully was developed from the relationship of the American Bully and the Patterdale Terrier.

This designer dog is a bit more suitable for people who like a little more of a mild version of an American Bully, and a little bit of a smaller one, too.

But, he is not so small that he could actually fit into a pocket, and he still differs from the Mini Bulldog.

Let us learn the true size of the Pocket Bully.

Body: Smaller, but still strong, with a wide chest. Everything is proportional.

Head: Big and bulky, with strong cheeks and jaws.

Eyes: The eyes, as always, should be almond-shaped, with strong pigment.

Mug: The mug should enable a dog to breathe, so the upper line should be aligned with the nose.

Extremities: Extremities are, as always, bulky and arched.

Temperament: These dogs are the perfect American Bully choice for people who have never had a dog before. They will willingly play with you and kids, and they will be super excited to show you loyalty and affection.

A Bit More Info

Male Size: 14 to 17 inches

Male Weight: 11 to 24 pounds

Female Size: 13 to 16 inches

Female Weight: 11 to 24 pounds

Lifespan: 10 to 12 years

Price: 1000 dollars to 1200 dollars

Micro And XXL

XXL american bully

These two are not the recognized sizes, and as their names suggest, they are like two opposite poles, one is extremely small, while the other is extremely big.

I guess you get which one is small and which one is big.

The same as with an Extreme or an Exotic American Bully – if you are into conformation shows, I will have to disappoint you. These dogs often get disqualified because their size is out of the standard.

And one more thing that is worth knowing – these dogs might often have a lot of health issues, so you must be prepared for vet visits before you decide to get yourself one.

Linked By The Blood

Blood is thicker than water – this is also true when it comes to dog breeding. Having the right bloodline sometimes means that one step to success in the dog world.

Let’s meet the most famous blood lineages in the American Bulldog world.

Kingpin Line

This is a true king of good interactions when it comes to the Bully breed.

These dogs are masters of good behavior around children and other people. They actually enjoy interacting.

Calm and hard to provoke, these pooches are true treasures. You can only read their mood from their tail position.

Kurupt Bloodline

The Kurupt Bloodline has become popular recently.

It is a large Bully, and when I say large, I mean it.

Even though they look very scary, they are very fine pups, but there is a catch.

Some of the experts won’t take them into account as part of the American Bully breed.

Remyline Bloodline

The creator of this bloodline is Fabian Chichester, and this bloodline dates from 2004.

If you want high-quality genes, then this is the way to go.

Their first dog was Remy, and the whole bloodline was named in his honor.

Dogs that have these genes are easily recognizable for their special appearance.

Gottline Pitbull Bloodline

No, it is not Batman’s dog, although its name sounds like he is from Gotham. He actually got his name after Juan Gotti – the notorious Juan Gotti… a Mexican rapper from the ghetto.

But, it was not Juan who created this bloodline. It was Richard Barajas… his fan, obviously.

It is a big dog (maybe he would better suit the name of the other “notorious” rapper – Notorious B.I.G., just kidding).

This dog is very strong, and he can pull heavy things. He is very sporty, also.

Bully Camp Line

American Bully sitting on grass looking away

Have you ever heard of Mr. Miagi?

He is the reason why this bloodline is among the most popular ones.

Why is that so?

Because these dogs are super athletic, have a great body structure, and great features.

The Razor Edge Bloodline

Dave Wilson is all about XL American Bullies, and this bloodline is one of the most prominent ones.

They go for a strong body and will, so these breeders try to expose Bulldog genes more than Terriers.

Colby Pitbull Bloodline

If you are looking for the oldest Bulldog bloodline, then here it is. It has been around for more than a century.

If you are looking for a sporty and strong dog, then here it is. It is also very competitive.

And, if you are looking for a dog that has a strong temperament, then here it is. It is not much of a household dog, though.

You might need a few tips on how to socialize an aggressive dog.

Nakamoto Bullies

It seems like Japanese people are very good at developing superb American Bully bloodlines.

And, they are very studious about it. It is all under veterinary monitoring and with approved methods.

From 2010 until today, one can find quality dos here.

Golden Line Bloodline

Bullies from the Golden Line Bloodline are truly golden good boys, with all their manners and stuff.

Besides good manners, they are also a sight to see. These pooches are strong, thick, and wide.

They are like supermodels of the Bully breeds.

Edge Of Gottline

They are really edgy when it comes to Bully breeding because they are the people who will present you with Micro Bullies.

They are still bulky and wide, but just small in size.

If you want a Bully, but don’t have enough space for one, then this is the version for you.


Merle XL Bully standing outside

Now that we have met all the American Bully types, what do you think?

There are so many classifications that it seems like this pooch is truly popular and in demand. And, it is no wonder since he has all the lovable traits of the perfect guard dog, while being very loyal and attached to his human.

If you show him love, he will show you loyalty, he will protect you, and he will even show you his gentle side. An American Bulldog can be your true soulmate and best friend.

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