Man Opens A Bag Tied To A Door Handle And Discovers A Shocking Surprise


It’s not unusual to see stray or abandoned dogs on the street. In fact, that happens almost too often these days. 

Sure, sometimes it’s understandable when people can’t afford a dog, so they take him to a shelter in hopes of finding a better family for him.

In most cases, however, people are not that kind to dogs, and they will put them through a lot before just dumping them on the street.

What’s In The Bag

Closed door with dog in bag
Source: Facebook

It was an ordinary day for Scott Lockard, who was just going to work at Oklahoma Humane Society, when he saw a black bag tied to the door handle of the center

The man checked the bag and saw a small brown dog inside. This was not new for Scott, however, as he said to The Dodo: 

This wasn’t the first time I have arrived at the adoption center to find animals waiting there, so I can’t say I was super surprised. I was happy to get her in and fed and watered, so I was mostly just thinking about getting the little dog comfortable.

After taking the dog in, he got to know her a little bit. She was a bit shy and reserved, but otherwise, she was a very healthy dog.

Scott checked the bag to see if the person who abandoned her had left something, and there was a note inside.

The note said: Her name is Maris, find her a good home.

It’s honestly sad seeing this note because it feels like the person who left him was well intentioned and just wanted someone to help the dog because they couldn’t.

A Growing Problem

Happy dog looking in the camera
Source: Oklahoma Humane Society

Either way, the humane society had decided to do something about the dogs in the center, so they posted a message, along with the picture of Maris.

Oklahoma Humane Society marketing manager, Roshelle Anderson, told The Dodo: We didn’t post the photo to specifically call out the people who left the pet, but rather, to bring attention to a greater problem facing our community.

Currently, in the center, there is a big problem with adoptions, as more and more dogs are abandoned, but not enough of them are adopted. This means that the shelter can barely afford to house them all.

The center calls out to anyone who can help and maybe adopt a dog and bring him to his new home.

Happy dog watching with beautiful eyes
Source: Oklahoma Humane Society

As for Maris, at the time of writing this article, she is still waiting for someone to come for her, but given how sweet and likable she is, there’s no doubt in my mind that someone will take her in.