5 Trustworthy English Bulldog Breeders In Ontario

If you’re looking for reputable English Bulldog breeders in Ontario, search no more, as we created a list of breeding places that produce these sweet pups.

English Bulldogs are very popular as family dogs, which isn’t a surprise, considering that they’re gentle and full of affection toward their human families.

These puppies will never let you down and will be faithful furry companions for people who are ready to give them love and attention.

Throughout this article, you will learn more about English Bulldog breeders in Ontario, their breeding practices, and ways to adopt a pup from them.

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Ontario

1. Muir Kennels

English Bulldog sitting on the grass

This is one of the English Bulldog breeders in Ontario that is devoted to the production and raising of purebred puppies of great health and solid temperament.

The main proof of their reputability lies in the fact that they are registered as a  Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Bulldog breeder that raises both English and French breeds.

Puppy Quality

The owner of the breeding outfit is mainly focused on the breeding of purebred English Bulldogs with high-quality pedigrees and multi-champion ancestors that have entered the World Championships several times, not only in Canada but the USA as well.

The heritage of the puppies from each litter is important, as it proves the quality of the bloodline and decreases the chances of your pup developing any kind of genetic anomaly or health condition that could have a negative effect on its life.

The owner and their pups are part of several major dog organizations, including the CKC, as well as:

• Bulldog Club of Canada (BCC)

• Bulldog Club Of America (BKC)

• Bulldog Club Of Ontario (BCA)

It’s important to mention that none of the pups are raised in kennels, as this is a home breeder of English and French Bulldogs.

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Another way to ensure that you’re getting a 100 percent purebred English Bulldog without any defects or health issues is the health records that the breeder provides every future owner with.

These documents state that every English Bulldog puppy is vaccinated, vet-checked, microchipped, and dewormed.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

If you wish to own one of the high-quality Bulldogs from this breeder, you can do so by contacting the breeder to get more information about the whole adoption process.

Essentially, you can find a contract on the breeder’s website, which consists of a sales agreement, a health warranty, and the client’s responsibility.

This way, both sides will be equally protected in case something goes wrong.

The price of both French and English Bulldog puppies is 3500 CAD. In order to reserve a pup, you will need to pay 200 CAD in advance.

However, no advanced payments should be made before the initial interview with the breeder.

Breeder Details:

Email address: [email protected]

Location: Teeswater, Ontario

Official website: Muir Kennels

Contact number: 289 264 4851

2. Pelee Bulldogs

Cute english bulldog sleeping on the couch

For more than two decades, this breeder has been producing only top-quality English Bulldogs, some of which have been part of conformation events and show rings, not only in the Canadian but also the American Kennel Club (AKC).

They are fully committed to the production of healthy canines that will be the best family pets in their new loving homes.

Puppy Quality

The breeder is deeply committed to making sure that each puppy has a low risk of getting any illness or a genetic condition.

That is why all stud dogs and female adult dogs go through thorough health testing in order to make sure that they don’t carry any genetic defect which might show in puppies.

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All of the health tests comply with the OFA health standards. You can check out all of their health records on the breeder’s official website.

Although you may already assume, it’s important to stress that all their English Bulldogs are vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

Getting a pup from Pelee Bulldogs is quite simple, once they have a litter available for sale, of course.

All you need to do is contact this place, sign a contract along with the spay/neuter agreement, and make sure that you welcome your new pet into a healthy and loving environment.

The price of the pups isn’t stated on the website, but this is just one of the details that you can discuss with the breeder later.

Breeder Details:

Email address: [email protected]

Location: Leamington, Ontario

Official website: Pelee Bulldogs

Contact number: 226 350 2855

3. Jacib Kennels

english bulldog puppy

Family-led breeding operations produce some of the best family dogs, as their level of socialization is much higher than that of  pups raised in kennels.

That is why most reputable English Bulldog breeders decide to raise all the puppies in their own homes or in a place that feels warm and comfortable.

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The same applies to this breeder. There might be one owner of the business, but the whole family is dedicated to raising high-quality English Bulldog pups.

Puppy Quality

The main reason why their puppies are well-socialized is the bond that the breeder’s family members make with each pup by taking constant care of them.

Every puppy from this breeding kennel has received the first round of shots, a microchip, and at least one vet check, along with deworming.

Although all pups are regularly sent to checkups, including the parents (adult dogs), not all of them have been fully health-tested.

Therefore, if you want a Bulldog puppy that comes from a fully-tested parent, you should emphasize that before you begin the purchasing procedure.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

Those who would like to own an English Bulldog puppy can get a  dog from Jacib Kennels by filling out the application form, which is available on the breeder’s website.

Once you submit the application, the breeder will do an interview with you to make sure that you are ready to own a pup and are fully aware of the responsibilities that come with it.

The price of the puppies is between $4000 and $4500, while the deposit fee amounts to $500.

This price includes all necessary procedures and CKC registration that are done before the puppy is ready for pickup.

Breeder Details:

Email address: [email protected]

Location: Lindsey, Ontario

Official website: JACIB Kennels

Contact number: 416 732 4798

4. MBM Bulldogs

Three english bulldog puppies sitting on the grass

If you looked for reputable English Bulldog breeders in Ontario, you probably came across this breeding outfit.

MBM Bulldogs is a small-scale breeder of English Bulldogs that have been breeding and raising puppies for years.

The breeding program is led by the whole family, which devotes all its time to socializing  and raising English Bulldogs with solid temperaments and great health conditions.

They are members in good standing with one of the most important Canadian organizations, the CKC.

Puppy Quality

MBM Bulldog puppies are all a part of the CKC registry. Still, most importantly, they all go through necessary vaccination, deworming, and microchipping before they’re ready to go to their new homes.

In order to prove the quality of their English Bulldog puppies, the breeder offers a health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.

In case you ever have any questions or worries regarding the health or the overall state of your pup, you’re more than welcome to call the breeder and ask for their help.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

The adoption procedure and the price of the puppies aren’t stated on the breeder’s website, but you can get all the information via email.

However, there is plenty of information regarding the care of  English Bulldogs under the “arriving home” section on the website.

There is also a contact form you can fill out if you prefer this type of communication.

Breeder Details:

Email address: [email protected]

Location: Clifford, Ontario (North West of Toronto)

Official website: MBM Bulldogs

5. Bredan’ Bullies

Funny english bulldog puppy playing in the park

Danny and Brenda Jackson have been operating this breeding program for more than two decades.

However, although they accumulated  immense knowledge and experience during this period, they decided to remain in a small breeding place with only a few litters available throughout the year.

They are a part of several dog organizations, including the French Bulldog Club of Central Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club, and the Bulldog Club of Ontario.

Puppy Quality

Puppies from Bredan’s Bullies are of great quality. They come with CKC registration and health records that include vaccination and deworming confirmations, along with other necessary documents.

That is one of the reasons why this breeding place is considered one of the best English Bulldog breeders in Ontario.

The breeder also offers a one-year health guarantee on all their puppies, along with a will for cooperation in case you need any help and additional information about the English or French Bulldogs that you adopted from them.

Purchasing Process And Pricing

The price and other details regarding the adoption procedure will be revealed once you complete the application form that you can download from the breeder’s website.

The breeder is open for communication, so if you want to speak with them before you send the application, you can send an email to the address stated below.

Breeder Details:

Email address: [email protected]

Location: Clifford, Ontario (North West of Toronto)

Official website: MBM Bulldogs

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of trustworthy English Bulldog breeders in Ontario who produce only high-quality puppies that have the potential to become great family pets.

English Bulldogs are known as dogs that are loyal to their owners. They have great personality traits, including friendliness, especially when it comes to kids.

Therefore, these pups are suitable for families with small children and will be just as good with kids as Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Labs, and any other popular family dog breed.

There is no reason to have second thoughts if you’d like to own this type of dog, especially if you’re willing to offer them a warm home filled with love and affection.


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