Dog Keeps Barking Every Night, Until His Owners Finally Discover The Real Reason


Dogs communicate with us by barking. 

I know, I know… they would tell us what’s wrong if only they could. But, until science progresses and we become able to understand doggish, we have to listen to those late-night barks. 

And, it ain’t always so pleasant.

Christina Bingman’s dog was driving her crazy that night. Alexa was going on and on all night long. When a dog wakes you up at 2 in the morning, you’re scared, worried, and a bit restless.

Because… there’s something that made him turn up the volume and bark that loud. 

Were there some intruders? 

Did Alexa, Christina’s dog, see someone at the door?

Or, was that fox back again, trying to break into the chicken coop?

It Was A Long, Sleepless Night

close-up photo of a hand on dog's mouth
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The first bark was kinda ignored.

Then came another one… and another one…

By this point, Christina’s eyes were wide open.

What is that? Why is Alexa barking in the middle of the night? 

As she listened carefully to her dog’s tone, Christina realized it was the bark of warning. 

Alexa only barks like that when she sees someone she doesn’t know. 

Christina ran outside to check on her chickens in case someone came to steal them. However, the entire yard, including the chicken coop, was peaceful.

No one was there. There weren’t even signs that someone visited the family late at night and left.

So, Christina did the only thing that seemed logical to her: she went back inside, locked the door, and went to sleep.

But, she couldn’t sleep at all that night.

Alexa kept going on as if someone was still there. She made her mom get up so many times that night that she lost count. 

The next morning was a pain. After not sleeping well the night before, Christina got up and started wondering what all that barking was about. Alexa seemed exhausted from her late-night serenades. Yeah, you and me both, sister! 

Just when they thought they would never figure out what made the usually sweet dog so restless, the youngest kid in the family found the reason behind all that drama.

It was a bag of cat food, and not just any kind. 

cat sitting outside looking through the window
Source: @ctinab2

A bag with a huge cat pictured on it was left outside the window, so it appeared as if the said cat was watching Alexa the entire night!

“I discovered that she was actually barking at the bag of cat food once the family had woken up for the day,” Bingman said. “My youngest told me to look at the window and laughed at how real the cat on the bag looked, and how giant it was.

Then it clicked for me what Alexa had been trying to tell me. There was a giant cat staring in the window at her all night.”

The sweet Newfoundland girl just wanted to protect her family from the big, ugly, stranger kitty-cat!


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The family said it was hilarious, but Alexa has something she wants to share with all of us:

Sure… Now you’re laughing! If it wasn’t for me, you’d be attacked by that evil kitty cat. You were all asleep. I don’t wanna imagine what would happen to y’all if she got it. 

Don’t be deceived. That cat was alive last night, I’m telling ya!

I gotta rest today because she’s striking back tonight. 

This time, I’m prepared for the battle.

Well, Alexa, that was mighty brave of you, but you should know that mommy moved the bag of kitty food away from the window, so you won’t be bothered by it anymore. 

Still, keep an eye out for other intruders. You’re such a good guardian!