Top 6 Best Brushes For Cocker Spaniels


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Grooming your Cocker Spaniel dog can be quite tiring and hard at times, especially when you are dealing with a lot of knots that seem impossible to brush out. However, with the right grooming tools, it doesn’t have to be.

By using high-quality brushes that are adapted to the Cocker Spaniel’s coat type, you’ll not only make your job easier, but you will also make these grooming sessions easier, safer, and more enjoyable for your dog.

You must be wondering now: “Okay, but what are the best brushes for Cocker Spaniels?” Don’t worry – you don’t have to search for them by yourself because we have done this part already.

In this article, you’ll find six best dog brushes that are tested and reviewed in detail, so you only have to choose your favorite one.

Happy reading, and good luck with picking!

Best Brushes For Cocker Spaniels: Our Top Three Picks

Premium Pick: Chris Christensen Big K Dog Slicker Brush

Budget Pick: Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

Best Value For The Price: Andis 2-Inch Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

Key Benefits:

  • Detangling tool made of stainless steel of high quality
  • The product can be used by dogs of any breed and any age
  • Eliminates tangles, mats, loose hair, dirt, and debris with ease, while adding volume to the hair
  • Offers you a lightweight and and fatigue-free grooming session
  • It helps stimulate the dog’s skin and hair follicles

Andis Pet Steel Comb

Check price on Amazon

What Are The Best Dog Brushes For A Cocker Spaniel?

1. Andis 2-Inch Steel Comb

Andis Pet Steel Comb

Key Benefits:

  • Detangling tool made of stainless steel of high quality
  • The product can be used by dogs of any breed and any age
  • Eliminates tangles, mats, loose hair, dirt, and debris with ease, while adding volume to the hair
  • Offers you a lightweight and and fatigue-free grooming session
  • It helps stimulate the dog’s skin and hair follicles

Andis Pet Steel Comb

Check price on Amazon

So, let’s start our list with one of the pawmazing products. The Andis 2-Inch Steel Comb is one of the highest-rated dog grooming tools on Amazon, as well as our best value product. Let’s learn more about this tool.

First things first, this comb is made from high-quality, stainless steel material that is also very lightweight and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about getting fatigued while brushing your Cocker pup.

The Andis Steel Comb is dual-sided, which means that it has one side with coarse teeth that is great for removing all kinds of tangles, mats, and loose hair, while the other side with fine teeth is great for making your pup’s fur silky and fluffy.

Many dog owners prefer using a comb instead of a brush because it is easier to use. With a comb, you can easily access all those hard-to-reach areas whereas with a brush, it is nearly impossible.

We have found that this comb can also be used for spreading conditioner nicely through the fur or for cleaning out your other brushes, so for the price, this is a very versatile and good grooming tool that is a necessity.

2. Mars Coat King De-Matting Undercoat Grooming Rake

Mars Coat King De-Matting Undercoat Grooming Rake

Key Benefits:

  • High-quality German production and engineering
  • Easily and safely removes dead hair from the coat
  • Perfect for matted hair regardless of the dog’s breed, size, or age
  • Recommended by professional groomers all over the world
  • Very efficient grooming tool that helps cut the grooming process in half

Mars Coat King De-Matting Undercoat Grooming Rake

Check price on Amazon

If you know anything about Germans, then you know that they produce high-quality products in various fields, and this is no different when it comes to dog brushes. The Mars Coat King De-Matting Undercoat Grooming Rake is one of those awesome examples, and our next product on the list.

What makes this product a good grooming tool for Cockers?

It offers you premium quality at a very good price. This brush works great as a deshedding tool, and it removes dead hair and loose fur from the coat, leaving your pup looking dashing.

It works great on various dog breeds and coat types, not just Cocker Spaniels, regardless of size or age. Don’t worry – it will not hurt your pup because the strippers have rounded ends for your pet’s maximum safety, so that it doesn’t accidentally cut or scrape your dog’s skin.

On the other hand, it is very durable and comfortable for you as it has a sturdy wooden handle for a very comfortable grip. With this pet grooming product, not only will your pup look amazing and adorable, but both you and him/her will enjoy grooming.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this brush is so efficient that it speeds up the Cocker Spaniel grooming routine a lot so you’re left with more quality time with your pup.

3. Chris Christensen Big K Dog Slicker Brush

Next on our list, we have our premium product — the Chris Christensen Big K Dog Slicker Brush. This Amazon Choice product is also one of the best-rated products by many dog owners. We know that it is very expensive and not everyone can afford it, but it is definitely worth mentioning.

This brush was actually made for professional dog groomers, so you know that it has some of the best qualities that every groomer looks for in a grooming tool.

The Chris Christensen brand actually started in 1996 by making the first color-correcting shampoo, which was a great success, and it propelled this brand into the world of the finest pet care products.

The Big K dog brush comes in three different sizes, so you can match it perfectly to your dog’s size whether you have a Cocker Spaniel puppy, an adult, or a senior dog. It features thin, long pins that easily get to the root and separate the dog’s hair, leaving it tangle- and knot-free.

Say ‘no’ to matted fur because with this tool, regular brushing will not be something that you dread, but an easy and fast task that leaves your dog’s coat looking fresh and shiny. The flexible, cushioned pad makes it gentle on your pet’s skin, and the long, ergonomic handle reduces arm pain.

The price is definitely something that we cannot ignore; however, it is a very good product, and if you don’t mind spending a little bit more on it, you should definitely get it.

4. Ryan’s Pet Supplies Paw Brothers Extra Slicker Brush

Ryan’s Pet Supplies Paw Brothers Extra Slicker Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Professional, high-quality brush at a reasonable price
  • Features extra long pins that are perfect for the long hair of Cocker Spaniel dogs
  • Leaves the dog’s coat tangle-free and shiny

Ryan’s Pet Supplies Paw Brothers Extra Slicker Brush

Check price on Amazon

Ryan’s Pet Supplies originally started as a small, family-operated business that soon grew up to be a super successful international business that offers top-quality products for both professional groomers and dog owners.

This brush is very lightweight, but also very durable since it is made from high-quality material. It features long, stainless steel pins that can penetrate deep into the dog’s coat. It works best for long-haired, double coats, such as a Cocker Spaniels’ long coat, but it can also be used on short-haired pups.

You will not feel fatigued or tired after brushing your pup because this design offers you a metal handle that has a comfortable, non-slip grip.

It leaves your dog’s coat mat-free, shiny, and looking great – just the same as with using many other, more expensive brushes, so it’s a great money-saving alternative.

Word of advice: Unfortunately, this type of brush doesn’t have safety-rounded ends on its metal pins, so we advise you to be careful when brushing since if you are too ruff, you can accidentally scratch or cause pain to your pup.

5. Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush

If you are looking for a product that will not break your bank, but will offer you high-quality service, we have something for you.

This Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Dog Brush is a 2-in-1 grooming tool that features two brushes, and offers you the possibility of performing two grooming actions with just one product. Amazing, isn’t it?

One side with metal pins will detangle and remove loose and excess hair, while the other side with the soft bristle brush will help distribute natural oils throughout the coat for a healthy and shiny look.

It is very easy and convenient to use, especially for the price. Dogs will love it because it is not too harsh, and it does the job perfectly. The only inconvenience is cleaning it.

The side with bristles is harder to clean than the other side, but for the price and performance, it is just something you have to deal with. Other than that, it really is an amazing product.

6. GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Key Benefits:

  • Two-in-one bristle and pin brush that is suitable for all coat types
  • Soft, yet firm nylon bristles easily knock off loose hair and all dirt and debris
  • Rounded pins on the other side penetrate deep into the undercoat without scratching the dog’s skin
  • Very comfortable and safe brush combination
  • A non-toxic, non-slip, silicone gel handle contours to your own hand

GoPets Professional Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

Check price on Amazon

Last on our list, we have the GoPets Professional Double-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush. This is another one of the double-sided dog brushes that offers you two amazing grooming tools with just one product. It saves both money and space at once.

This is a great pin and bristle brush for various coat types, regardless of hair length and density, so there is no doubt that it will work great on your Cocker Spaniel.

The side with rounded pins helps penetrate deep into the undercoat, easily getting rid of mats and tangles without scratching your dog’s skin, while the other side easily gets rid of loose hair and dirt, leaving the top coat clean and beautiful.

The silicone-gel handle will make brushing more comfortable for you; however, it requires cleaning since the hair can get stuck to it. The amazing aspect of purchasing GoPets products is that they give back to the animal community.

With every purchase, a portion of their profit goes to animal charities and dogs that need help, so you’re not only getting yourself a great product, but also helping a lot of poor pets that are in desperate need of help.

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Tips For Choosing The Best Brushes For A Cocker Spaniel

Red American Cocker Spaniel combing the fur on his paw

Finding the right brush for your Cocker Spaniel puppy is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration if you want to choose the best one that is going to be efficient and serve you for a long time.

Of course, the first thing on your mind has to be the quality of the product. If you want to use the brush for many years to come, you need to choose one that is made from high-quality material, such as stainless steel.

Ones that are made from plastic or other cheap materials are going to break soon, and will not be efficient when it comes to stubborn mats. When it comes to efficiency, there is one feature that we always recommend, and that is self-cleaning properties.

There are many self-cleaning slicker brushes that come with a push-button retraction system, which allows you to easily collect the hair, so you don’t have to worry about it flying everywhere around the house.

Make sure that you always choose the appropriate type of brush for your dog breed since brushing a Cocker Spaniel, a Poodle, and a German Shepherd is not the same. Each breed has a different coat type that requires different care.

And, finally… think about yourself. Brushing can be quite tiring, especially if you don’t have the appropriate tool. Brushes with an ergonomic, non-slip handle will be more comfortable for you to hold, and those with a wide face will allow you to cover more area, and therefore, speed up the process.

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How Often Should You Brush A Cocker Spaniel?

cute cocker spaniel sitting on the floor with brush next to him

Cocker Spaniels should be brushed at least twice a week or every three days; however, if your Cocker spends a lot of his time outside playing and jumping everywhere, you should increase the brushing time to every other day.

With our busy schedules, we often forget about regular brushing; however, this is something we should not avoid. Regular brushing is not only important for keeping your pup looking good, but also for its health and overall well-being.

If you are a first-time dog owner, and you are unsure of how often you should brush your new pup, there is a little trick that can help you.

Start with brushing your pup every three days as we have suggested, but if you notice that there is a lot of hair collected on the brush, you can increase it to every other day. If there is no hair, you can stick to every three days or twice a week.

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What Are The Benefits Of Brushing A Cocker Spaniel?

There are a lot of benefits of regular brushing. First and foremost, it keeps your dog looking fresh and healthy. Brushing gets rid of tangles, mats, and loose hair, which can easily occur if dogs are not brushed regularly.

Cocker Spaniels are double coated, with long, silky hair at the top, and a bit of a shorter and softer undercoat. American Cocker Spaniels have an even longer and more luscious coat than English Cocker Spaniels.

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Due to their coat being quite long, it can easily get matted and form large knots that are quite difficult to brush out.

Other than that, brushing helps distribute natural oils through the hair, which is very important for the coat’s health and hair growth. It also gets rid of dead hair and dead skin, and therefore, helps with Cocker Spaniel shedding and keeps your dog’s coat clean, healthy, and luscious.

How Should You Groom A Cocker Spaniel?

Combing the long ears of the American Cocker Spaniel in home

We have mentioned everything from the best brushes for Cocker Spaniels to what things you need to look for, and how often you should brush your pup, but no grooming tool can be good enough without the proper grooming technique.

So, let’s see how to properly groom your long and silky-haired dog.

Silky hair can be quite delicate, so you should be gentle when grooming your dog. Cocker Spaniels have shorter hair on their head, face, and back, and longer hair on their ears, tail, belly, and front and back legs.

It is best if you get your puppy used to being groomed from an early age, which will make the grooming process easier and more enjoyable for both your pup and you.

With the brush of your choice, start brushing from the top of the head, slowly working your way throughout the rest of the coat. Work in small areas at a time, and be very gentle with the more sensitive parts, such as the dog’s ears, belly, etc.

A metal comb is especially good for brushing out large knots and stubborn mats, and also for some finishing touches. Try to be gentle while brushing, and do it in a calm environment where the dog will feel safe.

Cutting your dog’s hair requires a bit more knowledge than just brushing, so we recommend visiting a professional groomer who knows what he is doing, and is experienced with using scissors and clippers.

Nails should be trimmed every four to six weeks, and ears must be kept clean due to the possibility of ear infections.

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Wrapping It Up

As we have learned, brushing is not only important for keeping your pup looking pretty, but also for the overall health of your dog. Regular brushing is a necessity for Cocker Spaniels, and this is something we would like you to remember.

If you don’t brush your dog’s coat regularly, it will soon become all tangled and cause discomfort and even pain to your puppy, and I am sure that no one wants that.
With the right brush, this task doesn’t have to be just another annoying thing you have to do, but a chance for you and your pup to spend some quality time together.

We sincerely hope that our guide through the best brushes for Cocker Spaniels has been, first of all, an opportunity to learn something new, but also interesting and helpful.

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