Is A Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix A Thing?

When you take a look at this breed, and such a long name, you may even ask yourself whether the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix is a real dog?

Indeed! This is a rare mixed breed that collects the best traits from its parent breeds, and it makes an excellent family dog.

This designer dog happens to be one of the best watchdogs of its kind since it combines the distinctive intelligence of an Australian shepherd and the protective instinct of the great pyrenees.

If you’re a fan of large dogs, and you seem to love high-leveled daily activities, then this is the perfect dog for you! The breeders made sure that you get a quality dog with lots of good traits and great energy levels.

In the following part of this article, find out why the great pyr Aussie is one of the greatest large mixed breeds in the world!

Meet the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Photo from: @fozcination

The great pyrenees shepherd represents a combination of the Great Pyrenees and the Australian shepherd. Since the full name itself is quite long, the breeders came up with the Aussie pyrenees mix abbreviation instead.

This is originally the dog used for herding, but at the same time, it makes an excellent companion dog. However, many breeders do not recommend having this dog inside the house since its nature is quite high maintenance.

Its energy levels are high, and the dog requires long hours of training. That’s why the Aussie pyrenees mix is perfect for families living in the countryside. That way, it can develop its full potential and live a happy life.

The one thing that the Aussie pyr has in common with the German Shepherd is barking! This is a loud dog breed, and that’s another reason why this designer dog is not recommended for having indoors.

Sometimes, the Aussie pyr can come across as being a bit aggressive. This, however, is only due to incorrect nurturing and breeding. Naturally, they are true companions, and they love being around people!

Now, let’s get to know the Aussie pyrenees mix’ parents and find out what traits our dog has picked up from them!

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix Origin

The Aussie shepherd mix originally comes from the working dog breed. Both of its parents – the Australian Shepherd, and the Great Pyrenees – are working dogs used in households, just like huskies!

The main reason for this purpose is because these big dogs are strong and one of the healthiest dog breeds, which means they easily endure hardship and long hours of work.

Unlike Pitbulls, they were always used as family dogs, and not for fights! Their strength was exclusively used for good causes, and their main purpose was protection of the herds.

However, over time, these purebreds, as well as their designer-dog successor, became more popular, and people adapted their purpose and strong energy levels towards long hikes, running, and obedience training.

We can say that the Aussie pyrenees is a dog favored by people who are more into sports, or people whose hobby is long, exhausting hiking.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized dog, although many categorize this beautiful puppy as a large dog. This is due to its strong body physique and the fact that it is a guard dog. Aussie Shepherds are 18 to 25 inches tall, and weigh around 40 to 65 pounds.

Although the name itself, Australian shepherd, leads us to believe that this dog originates from Australia – this is not accurate! Australian Shepherds originally come from the Pyrenees Mountains where they were initially used for herding.

This is an extremely intelligent purebreed, and it is favorable for crossbreeding. Many breeders love extracting the obedient and intelligent Aussie trait and mixing it with other breeds.

Great Pyrenees

The great pyrenees are known for being honest friends of humans. It is categorized as a big dog, but many breeders claim this is a giant dog breed. It is 28 to 32 inches tall, and reaches up to 160 pounds in weight.

This dog also comes from the Pyrenees Mountains, and its original purpose was to protect sheep from wolves. It may come across scary when first met, but this canine is actually a giant in heart, too!

This large breed just adores children, and it can even be used for babysitting. The cost of the Great Pyrenees from reputable breeders is quite affordable and reasonable considering its wide span of positive traits.

This puppy is a high-energy dog, and prefers long walks. Carefully adapted dog food is extremely important for its diet since it requires a lot of protein to preserve its muscularity.

The great pyrenees are not recommended for indoor life since they could become extremely lazy. This is not good for their health and overall well-being.

Aussie Pyrenees Mix History

This hybrid, or mixed breed, is relatively new and doesn’t go that deep into the past.

Breeders wanted to design a family puppy with the best traits of both the Australian shepherd and the great pyrenees.

The important thing to know is that the great pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix has an equal representation of genes from its dog parents. This mixed puppy comes from first-generation purebred parents, of which, both are AKC recognized.

This is popularly called the F1 generation, and it is mostly represented in the Aussie Pyrenees mix.

This way, the 50-50 combination of genes makes your Great Pyrenees Aussie mix appear as both a giant, and a strong canine with an intelligent, family character.

What Does The Aussie Pyrenees Look Like?

The Aussie Pyrenees

Photo from: @bexley_saro_guthrie

This dog doesn’t appear in only one shape, at least when we talk about its coat. This double-coat doggy happens to be one of the most interesting dogs in appearance. It comes in various colors, and dog owners are more than happy about that!

As we already might’ve guessed from the Australian shepherd and pyrenees parents, this herding dog belongs to large breeds, although it sometimes may appear as a medium-sized dog. It all depends on the crossbreeding variations and the breeding preferences.

This mixed-breed dog is one of the best dogs for outdoor life, considering its nature and its looks. However, if it is well trained and socialized from an early age, this puppy can be a great companion in the house, too!

Just like retrievers, the Aussie pyrenees have long hair that sheds. If you’re keen on keeping your Aussie pyr indoors, check out the retriever haircuts and grooming styles you could apply to your canine!

Stay tuned and learn even more about the Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix’ physical features!


This designer dog belongs to large dog breeds. When compared only to its dog parents, we could easily say that this dog belongs to a medium club breed. However, in the overall perception, it’s still a large dog that has the traits of both parents.

The average size of the Aussie pyr is between 25 and 30 inches in height, and 50 to 100 pounds in weight.

You should be aware that the size of this puppy matters in the long run, and it is often related to its common health problems inherited from the great pyrenees. That’s why it is important to take care of its feeding and development, and keep the dog inside the proposed measures.

This should not be a problem since the pyrenees shepherd is an active dog and easily burns up calories. So, an extra treat won’t hurt sometimes, but even then, you need to choose the treats that fulfill the dietary needs of your canine.

Coat color

These beautiful canines have a long-haired coat. One thing that makes them unique in appearance is their exclusively dark eyes.

When it comes to coat coloring, the Great Pyrenees Aussies have a variety of colors, among which, the most popular are white, blue-merle, and cream. It is not that rare that this crossbreed comes in a combination of the three.

Its white coloring is really the trait of the Great Pyrenees dog. This color has been favorable among herdsmen since it can be easily spotted in the mountains.

On the other hand, the blue-merle and cream coloring are a trait of the Australian shepherd. The Australian shepherd, by nature, has many colors, and it is mostly known for its varying shades.

Do Great Pyrenees Aussie Mixes Shed?

I don’t want to disappoint you, but the answer is ‘yes’. The Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd mix is one of those dogs popularly called the shedders. This might be a bit of a problem since the dog demands daily grooming and high maintenance.

If you wonder whether its coat is hypoallergenic – well, it’s not! These canines are not recommended for families whose members tend to have a big allergy problem.

Both the Australian shepherd and the Great Pyr are known as non-hypoallergenic dogs, as well as dogs that shed a lot. This especially goes for the latter one since Great Pyrenees naturally shed a lot. It is simply part of its nature – its long coat helps it endure severe mountain conditions better.

Are Aussie Pyrenees Well Behaved Dogs?

Aussie Pyrenees walking outside

Photo from: @willow_of_thewoods

Despite being very intelligent dogs, the Great Pyr Aussie sometimes can be extremely stubborn.

In rare situations, these puppies refuse commands and act on their own. This is related to self-destruction, and it is usually rooted in bad breeding. So, you might want to avoid shady breeders, and choose only certified, well-known kennels.

However, reputable breeders make sure that this dog is a well-behaved pet. They use a lot of positive reinforcement in the early stage of its life, and make sure that you get a good and obedient puppy. This is accomplished through exhaustive basic obedience training and a lot of commitment.

Aussie pyrenees are, by nature, family dogs, which means they won’t do any harm to you or your family. In fact, they act as watchdogs, and they can be very protective towards their owner. The pyr has this trait emphasized, too!

On the other hand, the Aussie pyr’s behavior can be so perfected that they even take part in various dog contests and shows.

Aussie Pyrenees Training

Aussie pyrs are subjected to training from their early age of life. If you want this designer dog to be well-trained and socialized, then you need to be involved from the very beginning.

Considering the heritage left from the parent breeds, your puppy’s training process shouldn’t be a problem. The key is to use a lot of positive reinforcement and to be patient. Even the most stubborn Aussie pyrenees canines perfect their behavior through the proper approach.

The Great Pyrenees Australian shepherd mix training can be divided into two types – cradle training, and outdoor training. The first one encompasses teaching the puppy basic commands, most importantly – potty training.

The latter involves more time and action. Since this is an extremely active dog, it demands 2 to 3 hours of walking per day. If you’re an energetic person yourself, you will love having the Great Pyrenees Shepherd around!

This dog is perfect for long hikes outside the city, and it loves challenges! The Aussie pyr mix, altogether, is an outgoing dog that craves activities and action.

However, if you live in the city and do not have sufficient resources to take hikes, make sure the dog at least trains in the back yard. Lack of activity can make the Australian pyr lazy, which is not good for its health.

Also, when their energy is directed wrongly, they become self-destructive, and become big trouble to you and your household. This refers to extreme barking and making a mess inside the house.

The Importance Of Early Socialization

If anything has an impact on your dog, no matter what breed it is – it’s the socialization process.

Early socialization implies teaching your dog family values and adapting it to a long family life. There are many opinions on the subject of socialization, especially when it comes to the Australian shepherd, the number one parent.

The breeders usually emphasize the importance of early socialization of Aussies because they appear as the more stubborn dog breed than the Great Pyrenees. They also get easily frustrated, and a lack of challenges can lead to aggression. This is especially important when it comes to having Australian shepherds around kids.

As well as their parent breed, the Aussie pyr needs a lot of training in its young age in order to be well-behaved. However, proper training techniques are usually enough, and you should not be discouraged.

Aussie Pyrenees – Friendly, or Aggressive?

There are many divided opinions on the Aussie pyrenees’s friendliness. Many claim that due to a dog’s raw origin, they appear hostile and dangerous.

This especially refers to the Great Pyrenees, which is considered as a giant mountain dog that takes on wolves! That’s why many dog owners think that it is necessary to remove the dew claws of the Great Pyrenees in order to provide a safe home for the family. This, however, is inaccurate, and removing dew claws can cause severe dystrophy!

However, you should know that the Aussie pyr, as well as its parent breeds, are extremely friendly once they are taught socialization. Even the scariest among them, the Great Pyrenees, is not scary at all.

Great Pyrenees Aussie – A Family Dog

Being a family dog is, according to dog standards and breeders, really a trait that goes along more frequently with small dog breeds, like beagles, cavapoos, or mini poodles. German shepherds, as well as retrievers, are one of the rare large dogs that prove this statement wrong.

Although the Great Pyrenees Aussie doesn’t qualify among the 24 best family dog breeds in the world, they can still be excellent family dogs!

Positive reinforcement is everything! You need to train them daily and be involved at all times. Aussie pyrs are intelligent, and they will easily adapt to your family.

All you need to do is be patient and give them a chance!

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Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Health Issues

sick Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd

Photo from: @mbp1994

Just like any other large breed, the Great Pyrenees Australian shepherd mix can face various health conditions. Their life expectancy is around 10 to 15 years, but it all really depends on how well you treat them.

There are various quality dog foods to buy on Amazon or other social platforms. Make sure you adapt the feeding chart in a way that the macronutrient representation is proportional. Especially bear in mind the protein sources your Aussie pyrenees has to have in its food.

On the other side, do not exhaust your puppy! Even though this is a high-energy dog, it has its limits, and once they are crossed, they face severe health issues.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia represents a common issue among large dogs. This is the condition you might face with your Aussie pyr.

Even though hip dysplasia is a genetic condition that comes with birth, there are several factors that might worsen it, like obesity, overexercising, the type of food your puppy consumes, etc.

An Australian shepherd pyrenees that is overweight deals with hip dysplasia more difficultly than one whose weight is within the regular growth chart. So, do not ignore the proper meal plan, and always make sure your dog eats exactly as it should!

On the other hand, try not to over-exercise your Aussie pyr! Hip dysplasia is easily recognized by the eye, and you can tell if your dog cannot perform daily activities as it used to. Also, make sure that your puppy with hip dysplasia doesn’t jump from high objects – it will make this condition so much worse!

One extra tip: hip dysplasia is spotted right after a puppy is born, so make sure you do not come across breeders who are unreliable. Always choose reputable breeders!


Bloat is a common health issue for large dogs, too! Bloat, medically known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, can sometimes be a deadly issue, so take it seriously!

Bloat refers to a dog’s stomach being filled with gas (or food). This can be a result of unhealthy feeding habits of your canine, or bad posture while eating.

Make sure you research this issue well, and try to adjust your Aussie pyr’s lifestyle!

Aussie Pyr Lifespan

The Aussie pyr lifespan totally depends on your overall care. This dog is, by default, healthy, athletic, and sporty, but its feeding chart has to be followed. Its overall lifespan is around 10 to 15 years. However, its quality of life depends on the owner’s lifestyle setup.

Its food must contain protein, which is a heritage picked up from the Australian shepherd. As a herd dog, the Australian Shepherd feeding chart needed big doses of protein in order to preserve its strength and high-activity levels.

This also goes for the Aussie pyr feeding chart. However, appropriate levels of carbs, veggies, and healthy fats have to be taken into account, too!


Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees posing for photo

Photo from: @cc_and_sunny

What Is The Difference Between An Australian Shepherd And A Great Pyrenees?

Both Australian shepherds and Great Pyrenees share some common values, like a love for children and excessive barking.

However, they differ in several things, such as coat maintenance, size, coat coloring, and behavior when first bought by a dog owner.

When we compare the Australian Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees, we must know that we are comparing apples and oranges.

The first one is pretty much okay to own by inexperienced owners, but the latter one needs certain experience. The Aussie’s coat is somewhat more complicated since it’s longer and curlier. On the other hand, pyrenees do not face these kinds of trouble; however, both of them share the shedding coat nature.

They also differ in physique since the Australian shepherd is much smaller, but still belongs to the large-breed group. On the other hand, the pyr represents one of the biggest dog breeds in the entire world. Both of these dogs, however, require activities and long physical training in order to preserve their good health.

What Are The Benefits Of An Australian Shepherd Great Pyrenees Mix?

There are a plethora of benefits when it comes to this puppy. Among them, their affection, being a good watchdog, being a high-energy dog, and being a working dog are the most popular ones.

This is an interesting mix, considering the crossing between one of the tallest dog breeds – the Great Pyrenees, and the Aussie, which is an intelligent, high-energy herd dog.

When put together, you get a solid, loyal dog that will never leave you, and will always be by your side.


If there’s one thing we can conclude, it is that this dog is not favorable to everyone, nor is it recommended for any personality type. This is a high-maintenance dog that requires a lot of work and dedication.

However, once you pass all the obstacles along the way, you will have a loyal family dog by your side.

One of the greatest traits of the Aussie pyr is affection. Combined with proper socialization and channeled energy levels, you will have a lifetime of happiness with this beautiful canine!

For more breeds that combine their affection and protection into a beautiful character, check out this Aussie Heeler Breed!

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