Woman Stumbles Upon A Tiny, Hairless Puppy Waiting By The Road For Someone To Help Him


We often live in a world where we take the things we have for granted. We go about our daily lives never wondering if there is something more we could have done to make it a better place.

If more people were only made aware of how much change they could make if they just tried helping out with something like saving animals, that would change their perspective completely.

In this story, we will talk about one such example where a kind woman saw a puppy in need and decided to make it her mission to help him lead a better life.

The Puppy Was So Sad

hairless puppy
Source: We Love Animals

When a kind woman was just walking down a street in Delaware, she noticed a very unusual puppy just standing there near a road.

She was shocked to see the state he was in. His hair had almost fallen off, and he was constantly scratching himself. He was also likely malnourished and needed food.

The woman approached him slowly and the puppy wasn’t afraid of her at all. He welcomed any help he could get.

So, she placed him in a small backpack, and he just looked at her with eyes of gratitude. It’s like he knew that everything was going to be okay from that point on.

hungry puppy
Source: We Love Animals

She also noticed that he had a collar on him, so she did a little digging to see who he belonged to. Shockingly, he didn’t have an owner or at least nobody who cared.

After the woman took him to a safe place, she gave him some food and water. She couldn’t believe just how thirsty he was. 

She took that opportunity to get a closer look at him and realized that he had worms and needed treatment.

A Bright Future For The Puppy

very happy puppy
Source: We Love Animals

With proper medication, this adorable little puppy was starting to make an amazing recovery in the care of his wonderful rescuer.

She was glad to see it; however, he had to be moved to a sanctuary in Delaware, where someone could monitor him constantly, and this gave the puppy an opportunity to socialize a bit.

Even though he is a small dog, he is always showing off to his new friends at the shelter, and he just loves playing.

His favorite activity is literally just running around anywhere he can. The staff at the sanctuary were taken aback by his cheerfulness.

cute puppy with tongue out
Source: We Love Animals

Now that he was there, he was making a remarkable recovery, and he looks completely different from how he looked when he met his rescuer.

She had come across him at just the right time and managed to give him a new chance at life. Soon enough, he will be placed on an adoption list.

This will allow him to find a new home with a loving family who will always care for him. 

While it’s too early to tell if he was adopted or not, I am sure that the workers at the sanctuary are doing everything in their power to help this adorable puppy.