An Abandoned 2-Week-Old Puppy Was Crying In The Grass, Wishing To Be In His Mom’s Arms Again


One evening, while a kind-hearted woman was walking in a park with her dog, she heard someone sobbing. 

After following the sound, she came to a nearby bush and discovered a little puppy who was crying his heart out. He was only two weeks old.

Exhausted and hungry, the little baby was helplessly lying in the grass and trembling with cold. He was looking around with tearful eyes, trying to call his beloved mom.

The puppy wished to be in her embrace once again and to feel her sweet kisses.

Bringing The Crying Baby To Safety

puppy lying on pink sheet
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Since the fur baby was cold, the woman wrapped him in a shirt, trying to keep him warm. 

Her dog sniffed the little puppy with a tender expression on his face. He wanted to console him.

The good woman took the puppy home. She prepared him milk and started feeding him. While he was eating, the puppy was so tired that he could hardly keep his eyes open.

The pup’s caregiver stayed up all night and fed the baby every two hours.

puppy bottle fed
Source: Rescue Mission HT

Thanks to her selfless care, the puppy looked a lot better the next day. He was no longer tired, and he seemed more alert.

As soon as the puppy saw the woman’s dog, he crawled to him, wishing to introduce himself.

The older canine was extremely gentle toward the little baby. The two dogs made an instant connection, and they became friends.

Receiving The Love He Deserved

tiny puppy lying with a dog
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The puppy’s furry friend watched over him as he crawled around the house, exploring his surroundings.

After a couple of days, the fur baby adapted to his new life. 

He enjoyed spending time with his doggy friend. The sadness disappeared from his face, and he started smiling.

The pup continued thriving more and more. 

Wishing to make him even happier, the puppy’s kind caretaker bought him many toys.

puppy playing
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The little canine was delighted with the first gifts he received in his life. He kept looking at the woman with eyes filled with gratitude.

She often covered the furball in cuddles. He felt loved and cherished.

Since his rescuer was always there for him, the fur baby considered her to be his second mom.

Enjoying Life To The Fullest

two dogs indoors with toys
Source: Rescue Mission HT

As time passed, the puppy grew stronger and stronger. 

He enjoyed puppyhood to the fullest. He and his doggy friend played even more than before, and their faces were adorned with smiles.

The dogs’ wonderful friendship and happiness filled the woman’s house with joy. She felt lucky to have them in her life.

Three months later, the little furball transformed into a gorgeous dog. His fur was long and smooth.

puppy on a walk
Source: Rescue Mission HT

The pup and his older furry friend were inseparable. When they weren’t playing, they would lie next to each other and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The lovely puppy ended up stealing the heart of his caretaker, and he became a permanent member of her family.

The sweet canine lives his dream life. He enjoys visiting the park with his mom and his doggy sibling. 

The pup’s eyes twinkle with happiness. He got the happy ending that he deserved.