Puppy And Tortoise Siblings Do Everything Together And You Gotta See Them In Action


Tilly G, the Tortoise in question, went from a spoiled single child who loves redecorating their Los Angeles yard to an older brother in the blink of an eye. 

Could a self-centered tortoise accept a new addition to the family, especially from another kind?

Or will he keep being the stubborn tortoise with an eccentric sense of taste in outdoor design? 

An Unusual Bond Was Made

female, puppy and tortoise in the yard
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Tortoises can be quite territorial. After all, they’re wild animals and you know what it’s like with them and their territories. 

When Karen welcomed Tilly G into her home, she knew what she was getting herself into: special treats for tortoises, different care than with other pets, getting to know Tilly’s habits, etc.

On top of everything, an ill tortoise from the Humane Society with a cracked shell needed extra attention, too. Karen was there, ready to heal Tilly’s wounds and help him grow up from a tiny shelly baby into a big and proud tortoise.

But Karen didn’t know that Tilly had a rather unusual habit—more of an obsession that developed over time—of redecorating his mom’s backyard!

Karen showed Tilly G her yard, all proud of her wonderful little garden, but Tilly had other things in her mind. Soon enough, the tortoise started rearranging and moving things around everywhere he wanted.

You come to visit Karen and you see a patio chair moving on its own? No probs, it’s just Tilly G.

“He’s a redecorating genius. He wants things a certain way,” says Karen for The Dodo. 

Tilly G had it all figured out, her perfect little world. And then, something had to happen to disturb his inner, and outside, peace: a puppy!

When Karen adopted Skippy the puppy, she really prayed for Tilly to get along with him. 

Thinking it would be a disaster introducing them, Karen took things slowly and carefully. But, after the initial contact, it was sure that Tilly won’t hiss or attack the newcomer. Baby brother Skippy was easily welcomed into Tilly’s world, aka the garden.

A little sniff here, a little kiss there, and Tilly and Skippy were officially BFFs!

Almost immediately, Tilly and Skippy started sharing their favorite things. Tilly did not mind sharing yummy snacks with Skippy. A piece of watermelon had to be split into two, and toys had to be shown to each other.

photo of puppy and tortoise in the yard
Source: Instagram

Skippy started bringing toys to Tilly from the beginning. He didn’t mind sharing his most prized possessions with his new best friend. 

From the moment he opens eyes, Skippy rushes outside to greet Tilly. And, if Skippy’s late, Tilly’s there, slow but steady, waiting for him at the back door.

“They grew up together and their bond has strengthened more and more,” finishes Karen.

Tilly and Skippy simply love each other, and it’s love at first sight, the purest kind of love. 

The sweet, unusual buddies live together in a house with five precious kitties and three more dogs. They’re all one big, happy Los Angeles family, which you can follow on Instagram. 

Tilly is slow, indeed, but how fast he fell in love with Skippy and the rest of the fluffy gang is incredible!

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