The Only Puppy They Managed To Save Was Still Shaking And Didn’t Look People In The Eyes


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The world of dogs is full of sad fates that break our hearts again and again. Many of these furry beings are forced to spend their lives in overcrowded shelters, and some, unfortunately, even end it there.

Luckily, there are always people with big hearts who are ready to do everything to help these poor beings, but it is often not easy for them either. Due to very limited capacities, they are often faced with the difficult choice of which dog to save and which to leave behind. 

It is a choice that truly breaks their hearts in half, but sometimes it is simply unavoidable. The rescuers who found fifteen dogs who were left without a roof over their heads faced exactly such a choice because they only had room for one. 

However, they were happy that at least one little life would have a bright future. 

One Saved Soul

scared shaking dog
Source: Paws Show

Out of fifteen dogs, these rescuers found only one puppy whom they named Oscar. He was lucky enough to be caught and brought to the car that was heading toward safety. 

The people who rescued him were informed only about adult dogs that needed to be spayed and neutered. They didn’t know about the six-month-old puppies who were also semi-feral and very frightened. 

Rescuers suddenly found themselves in a very unpleasant situation because they knew they could only take one dog with them, and they wanted to save them all. They managed to catch Oscar, and the others were later picked up by Animal Control. 

These people knew that the other dogs would be taken to overcrowded shelters where life is not at all easy and they were very sad because of that. However, the fact that Oscar was safe and would have a bright future brought a smile back to their faces. 

On the way to their premises, Oscar was still very frightened and didn’t want to look them in the eyes. After all the misery in his short period of life, it wasn’t a surprise, though. 

dogs playing at home
Source: Paws Show

It was like that when he first came and met his furry friends, but things soon started to change, and he finally started to enjoy playing and socializing. At first, Oscar just watched the pups, Josie and Cal, play, and later, he joined them himself. 

After everything he went through, it was not at all easy for him to heal all those wounds on his soul, but the brave Oscar did not give up, and neither did the people who saved him. 

Happy Life

Every day, his condition got better and better, and in the third week of his recovery, Oscar completely came out of his shell. In addition to playing with his friends at home, he also started going out for long walks and socializing.

dogs in walk
Source: Paws Show

He no longer ran away from dogs or people; he socialized with both male and female pups and did not cause any incidents. One day, he was on a very long walk with his canine friend, and after a long time, he did truly amazing.

This was the best confirmation for Oscar’s saviors that his soul was finally healed. Oscar was finally learning how to be a carefree puppy, embracing the joys of play and exploration. 

This amazing pup deserves a happy life filled with endless love and care, where his every day will be marked by affection and security. For his saviors, watching him grow into his joyful, spirited self is a reminder of the happiness and companionship that every puppy deserves.

two scared dogs
Source: Paws Show

In addition, it is a reminder to them that their decision to save at least one little life was more than correct and that they have no reason to feel guilty.

Saving one life is like saving the whole world.