Heartbroken Kid Leaves A Note Next To Their Surrendered Dog And Leaves Everyone In Tears


Seeing a dog in a shelter, you never know what stories are hidden underneath those sad puppy eyes.

But, the one of Rhoudy, the surrendered three-year-old Terrier mix, definitely left everyone shocked to the bone!

When the good people of Greenville Humane Society, South Carolina, first met this sturdy boi, they thought he was just a regular shelter dog… until they found a little note written by Rhoudy’s previous owners.

A teeny-tiny piece of paper with an innocent, kid-written message and a drawing of Rhoudy left everyone in tears, and here’s why!

“We Know How Hard It Was To Say Goodbye”

very sweet dog laying on the ground
Source: Greenville Humane Society

Even though his story was quite vague, Rhoudy’s note found alongside his belongings was definitely one of the toughest letters to read to his caregivers.

Clearly, Rhoudy was surrendered to a shelter by his family, but some of his siblings couldn’t hide their heartbreak. The note said:

“We love you Rhoudy. I will miss you, Rhoudy. But you’re going home! And I hope your people love you as much as I do,”.

kids drawing
Source: Greenville Humane Society

After this sweet dog had arrived at GHS, the team of volunteers tried to find out his story, but tracking down his family was impossible. 

The only thing left for this giant-hearted team was to reply to the note via their social media (and hope that Rhoudy’s hooman siblings would see it)!

“We know how hard it was to say goodbye. But you were so brave and so strong. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, but he knows how much you love him,” GHS wrote in a Facebook post.

The reply soon went viral, breaking the hearts of hundreds of people all over the country. GHS wanted to reassure people that Rhoudy was finally in the right place. 

“He’s doing so good. He’s gone for lots of walks and has all of the toys you brought him in his bed. He’s being given so much love. Yes, he misses you. But he will always love you. Don’t you ever forget that, OK,” the South Carolina rescue added.

Rhoudy In Search Of A New Home

dog with its toy
Source: @thatdogguy864

Despite his not-so-glamorous start in life, Rhoudy is now safe, all thanks to his new people.

He’s far away from being a surrendered shelter dog who spends his days in a kennel. On the contrary, Rhoudy gets to display all of his colors around his caregivers, but it is evident that he’s in need of a loving home.

He’s an energetic pup who loves to play with other canines. This happy-go-lucky dog loves nothing more than being the center of everyone’s attention.

cute dog with tongue out
Source: @thatdogguy864

“I’m a bit of a rough and tumble kind of guy and I love to play and rough house with other dogs… I’m looking for a family who will give me lots of love and attention, and who will keep me active and engaged,” the rescue wrote on their website.

When the time is right, Rhoudy hopes to find a family for himself – the one that’ll love him the way he is. And, one thing is for sure – he’s a pawesome, adventurous guy… and definitely a keeper!