Abandoned Pittie With Zero Chance To Survive Now Helps Her Autistic Hooman Brother Find His Voice


Nobody could have predicted that a neglected and emaciated puppy who was barely clinging to life was destined to achieve miracles.

Xena, a Pitbull puppy, was found dumped in someone’s yard in Georgia.

She was admitted to Dekalb County Animal Services and rushed to the clinic. Doctors were shocked by the horrible condition she was in, and they gave her a 1% chance of surviving.

Later, Canine Caravan Rescue Inc. pulled her out of the shelter and placed her in a foster home. Chrissy and Aaron, her foster parents, showered the little puppy with love that she had never known before.

Xena took in all their selfless affection and learned that life could be beautiful. She miraculously survived and made a full recovery, but that was not the only miracle she achieved.

Xena Meets Jonny

puppy in grass
Source: Xena the Warrior Puppy

When Linda Hickey heard Xena’s story and the abuse she endured in her life, she felt compelled to take her home.

Hickey wanted to change Xena’s world and give her all the love and a home.

She didn’t expect Xena to have any interaction with Jonny, her eight-year-old autistic son who had difficulties speaking.

They had two other dogs and Jonny never hung out with them.

Hickey can never forget the day Xena came into their life. 

Although she never met a Pit Bull, she admits that she was influenced by other people’s negative opinions about them.

When she brought Xena home in February of 2013, the adorable puppy stole her heart with her sweet personality and immense capacity for love.

The moment Hickey introduced Xena to her son, the beautiful puppy jumped into Jonny’s lap and started licking his face. 

The adorable fur baby immediately felt drawn to her little human.

dog driving in car with boy
Source: The Dodo

Jonny, who didn’t like anybody to get into his space, kissed Xena back and started talking to her. The boy instantly connected to her, and he talked to the sweet puppy all day long.

Hickey was baffled.

She and her husband took Jonny to many therapists in order to help him speak more and socialize, but they saw little improvement.

The Pittie Changes Jonny’s World

autistic boy with his dog
Source: The Dodo

Because of her difficult past, the sweet Pittie craved love and a gentle human touch.

Whatever Jonny was doing, Xena was right there next to him. 

“I think because of what she went through in her previous life before our family that she just needs kind human contact. And so Jonny, who doesn’t want that, she insists upon it… They complement one another. The two of them coming together, really, I think has set an example for acceptance, you know? And understanding,” Hickey told The Dodo.

The two friends formed a special bond. They loved cuddling and hugging each other.

Xena encouraged Jonny to step into the world and become part of it. The boy, who struggled to speak before he met Xena, began singing to her.

Jonny started running with his dad. He was in a jogging stroller, and Xena went with them.

a boy with autism in a wheelchair
Source: The Dodo

Whenever he met people walking toward them, Jonny gave them high fives.

“And it really is quite great because Jonny actually gets out there into the world, which… That was a tough thing before [Xena], Hickey added.

True Soulmates

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Source: The Dodo

Hickey considers Xena their little miracle.

“There isn’t a therapy out there that could have done what she has done for him. She’s actually our miracle all wrapped up in fur,“ Hickey stated.

Jonny and Xena are soulmates. 

Owing to their mutual love and support, Jonny found the strength to transform his life and find his voice. Jonny’s friendship and her family’s love helped Xena find the happiness that she deserved.

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Source: @xenaandjonny

Xena and Jonny often post updates about their life on their Instagram account. 

The gorgeous Georgia girl enjoys her life with her family and her best friend. All the beautiful memories that Xena continues making with her humans have erased the suffering she endured as a puppy.