Truck Driver Notices Something Strange Hiding In The Woods, Then Takes A Closer Look


A tow truck driver named Andrew was driving through a wooded area in Fort Wayne, Indiana, when he saw something that made him stop in his tracks.

While driving, he caught a glimpse of a little face hiding in the sticks and mud. Stopping his truck, Andrew went to investigate.

Hide And Seek

photo of a dog hiding in the woods
Source: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

Approaching the area in which he believed he had seen something, Andrews’s suspicions were right.

Hiding in the woods, scared and alone, was a small, brown dog.

Before the dog could run away, Andrew decided to take a picture of it and post it on his Facebook, hoping that maybe somebody would recognize him.

He also sent the photo to Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne (LDFW), a platform that allows the people of Indiana to post lost and found dogs.

This way, he had hoped that if somebody was missing this little guy, they would know where to find him.

Rescue Mission 

When the owner of LDFW saw the photo of this adorable little dog, together with another dog lover, they set out to look for him.

The pair was joined by four more kind souls who needed to see this little guy safe and out of the dirt and mud.

man holding rescued dog
Source: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

The search party didn’t spend too long looking for the pup as they soon spotted him across a creek.

They carefully caught him and brought him over to Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control (FWACC), Indiana.  

At The Shelter

rescued dog sitting and looking into the camera
Source: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

After the dog was given the medical attention he needed, the shelter staff decided to name him Joey.

“When we heard of how many people … were willing to drop everything they were doing to come rescue Joey, it gave us hope. His rescue is a testimony to how powerful a group of animal lovers can be,” said Delaney Atkinson, FWACC community outreach educator.

When arriving at the shelter, Joey felt a bit lethargic. However, this did not mean that he was going to turn down the offer of a good play date.

The staff members gave him a couple of toys, and watched him having the time of his life!

dog playing with a green dog toy
Source: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

As time went on, Joey’s health and confidence improved drastically. He looked like a brand-new dog.

Joey was a true inspiration to the FWACC staff, reminding them that past experiences do not shape a human… or a pup!

Despite all that he has been through, Joey was a constant light of happiness.

Forever Home

Being amazed by Joey’s story, the staff continued to post him on their Facebook, hoping he would inspire others as he did them.

dog named joey standing on grass
Source: Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control

Not long after, a woman noticed this brave little pup and decided to pay him a visit.

As soon as she and Joey laid eyes on each other, they knew they were the perfect pair.

Now, Joey, being a part of a loving family that includes another dog and two cats, lives the life he has always dreamed of; full of love and great company.