Teeny-Tiny Puppy Abandoned On A Busy Street Cries Loudly For His Momma


Sadly, there’s an increasing number of puppies around the world being dumped on the street by irresponsible owners without giving it a second thought. 

It is not only completely inhumane, but it also aggravates the existing challenges faced by animal shelters, such as overcrowding and limited resources.  

This tiny puppy, only two weeks old, was dumped on a high-traffic street by someone who obviously didn’t want him anymore. 

Fortunately, someone spotted the tiny pup crying and decided to call an animal rescue for help. 

Saved Just In Time 

puppy crying on the street
Source: Paws Show

When the rescuers arrived, they found the tinniest little puppy who had just opened his eyes, struggling to navigate the busy street. 

The poor baby was disoriented, confused, and very scared. He was wobbling right next to the road, and it was just a miracle that a car didn’t run him over.   

Since he was so young, he was unable to eat by himself, so he kept crying for his mother.

If the rescuers hadn’t shown up, he surely wouldn’t have survived much longer. 

So, the puppy was rescued and taken to a safe and warm place, but it was only then that they learned the situation was much worse than they initially thought. 

tiny puppy on the couch
Source: Paws Show

He was constantly having strange seizures, and it almost looked like epilepsy. It was so heartbreaking to see him suffer like that. 

The baby continued to cry non-stop – he wouldn’t eat anything and almost didn’t have any swallowing reflex. 

Everyone started to fear for his life, so they rushed him to the veterinary clinic. In addition to weighing only about 20 ounces, the baby had a high fever.

The Road To Recovery

black tiny puppy in vet's hands
Source: Paws Show

It was hard for the vets to properly examine the baby because of his small size, but they did everything in their power to help the precious pup. 

He stayed at the veterinary clinic for five whole days until his condition was finally stabilized and he could be discharged. 

Although they couldn’t diagnose him with any condition, the seizures thankfully stopped and did not happen again. 

black puppy on bed
Source: Paws Show

Once he was released from the clinic, the little baby – now named Blueberry – went to a temporary foster home. 

His foster parents gave him the best care possible and he was absolutely thriving. Blueberry even had a furry friend to play with who was very gentle around his tiny foster friend. 

big dog looking at tiny puppy
Source: Paws Show

After just a couple of days at the foster home, Blueberry’s health improved very much. He was no longer a little crying baby, but a happy and playful bundle of joy.  

He will stay in the foster home for a little bit longer, and when he is old enough, hopefully, he’ll go to his forever home. 

After everything Blueberry went through in his short life, he deserves only joy and happiness from now on.