Arthur, The Lab, Is So Much More Than Just A Dog And You’re About To See What


When I got my first dog, I just got a dog and a bag of fleas. Yep, my first dog was a rescued stray desperate for help. No fun bonuses, no nothing. 

But when Sharn got her gorgeous black Labrador, Arthur, she got so much more than just a dog. 

You see, over time, Sharn discovered that Arthur is also a…

The Multitalented Arthur The Lab

black Labrador
Source: TikTok

Sure, dogs are our best four-legged friends. For Sharn, Arthur is more than just a friend. He’s also a family member, an alarm clock, a fitness guru…

Hold it right there! 

An alarm clock?! How can a dog be an alarm clock? 

Well, it’s simple: Arthur is a multitalented dog, and his owner discovered that after a while of living with him. 

The first morning, at 6 AM, when Arthur came into the bedroom and barked at Sharn to get up, she thought it was just a coincidence. And then, coincidences became real, making Arthur Sharn’s alarm clock. 

Every morning, precisely at 6 AM, there’s Arthur the alarm.

 “Most people know that dogs are amazing at knowing what time breakfast and dinner are. Arthur is our free alarm clock; he lets us know that it’s 6 a.m. and breakfast is due,” said Sharn for Newsweek.

On Arthur’s TikTok account, Sharn posts videos that prove that he’s also more than an alarm clock. Arthur’s also a kitchen staple, posing as a waste disposal unit, a free mop, and a vacuum.

His owner doesn’t have to worry if something gets spilled in the house. Arthur’s there to mop it off the floor and nibble on the remaining Sharn was about to throw away. 

Got leftover chimken? Arthur helpz!

labrador sniffing bags
Source: TikTok

Arthur also helps with the groceries, but he doesn’t help put them away or bring them inside the house. Arthur is a grocery quality assurance, making sure there are enough treats for him in the bags.

You may think that Arthur only does things he cares about, like getting food or stealing treats off the floor. No, Arthur’s also there to provide a much deeper meaning to his services. 

labrador lying in bed
Source: TikTok

Anytime his owner needs someone to talk to, there’s Arthur the therapist. He’s also a heated, weighted blanked when anxiety strikes and the best source of entertainment on rainy days. He helps Sharn’s mood always stay cheerful. 

This good boy ensures his owner’s mental and physical health come first. Did you know that Arthur is also a private trainer, making Sharn go outside and exercise?

Yep, he’s one versatile English Labrador! 

The list of Arthur’s free services gets longer with each new day. If you followed him on TikTok, you might know what else Arthur has for his owner. 

“I have loved sharing Arthur’s videos and just hearing from other dog owners who relate and love their pets as much as I love Arthur. We are so lucky to have dogs in our lives, and Arthur is more than just a pet to us—he really is part of the family,” finishes Arthur’s mom.


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