Rescuers Find Scared Furry Baby Trapped In Home’s Ductwork After 3-Story Fall Through Vent


Archie Bean’s harrowing ordeal left everyone absolutely shocked.

At only 12 weeks of age, this 5-pound Pekingese boi accidentally slipped through an uncovered vent in his family home in Douglas County, Colorado. As a result, he got trapped inside for three long hours.

Monique, his owner, desperately tried to rescue her dog, but it was almost impossible to even tell his exact location. That’s when she called South Metro Fire Rescue…

3-Hour Agony

woman looking at hole
Source: South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado

After Monique’s plea for help, the first responders arrived. The amazing teams of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and Plumbline Services immediately initiated the rescue, but things were trickier than they thought.

It turns out Archie fell through the 3-story hole directly into the ductwork.

“I took the other dogs to go out, and so he jumped off my son’s bed and right into this hole, and my son said he could see him going like this and he tried to get him, but there’s a lot of nails and stuff,” Monique said in the rescue video posted by SMFR.

a man opesn the vent
Source: South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado

All the owners and the team of rescuers could hear was Archie’s helpless whimpering echoing inside the walls

“Every time I hear him cry, wherever I am, whichever vent I am next to, it sounds like that’s where he is. So that’s why we can’t tell where he is,” Archie’s owner said.

a man trying to open ductwork
Source: South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado

The rescuers needed to navigate through the ductwork with a small camera to locate the poor puppy. Consequently, they cut several holes in the walls to try and access the pup easier.

After hours of searching, the giant-hearted team almost lost hope. But then, they finally spotted two fearful eyes peeking at the camera. There he was – right in the basement’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).

Finally Safe And Reunited With His Family

dog peeking
Source: South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado

The team immediately ran to the basement to get Archie out from the duct. One of the rescuers took him gently into his arms, and then handed him over to his crying momma.

Archie was evidently confused and shaken, but thankfully, he did not have any cuts or scratches.

“That is a prayer answered… He went from the third floor down to the basement and he doesn’t have a cut on him,” Monique told SMFR.

woman kissing dog
Source: South Metro Fire Rescue Centennial, Colorado

After their heartwarming reunion, Archie’s owner thanked the kind team of rescuers for all the hard work and dedication to save her dog in need. 

Even though his rescue was complicated and looked like mission impossible at times, it was their compassion that led them to a positive outcome!

“As Archie happily reunites with his grateful owners, the community celebrates a tale of compassion and resilience in the face of adversity,” SMFR wrote in a Facebook statement.

three dogs on bed

Archie is finally safe with his family, curled up next to his other doggo siblings. Despite his ordeal, he’ll continue to have a wonderful life with his loved ones in their Colorado home.

And, hopefully, this time, this sweet Pekingese boi will try to stay out of trouble!