A Group Of Cyclists Shocked To Discover A Box With An Unexpected Surprise In It


A group of recreational cyclists were on their usual trail when a single cardboard box dumped by the bridge made them hit their brakes. 

While there is nothing unusual about a cardboard box abandoned by the roadside, it was the strange little noises coming from the inside that attracted their attention. 

Not knowing what it could possibly be, the cyclists hopped off their bikes and went to investigate the box. 

Once they peeked inside it, they were met with a heartbreaking scene. They simply couldn’t believe how someone could commit such an inhumane act. 

Without wasting any time, they quickly reached for their phones and contacted someone for help. 

A Heartbreaking Revelation 

photo of abandoned box
Source: PAWSsion Project

Inside this cardboard box were nine cruelly abandoned puppies fighting for their life. Six of the puppies were barely two weeks old, with their eyes still closed. All of them were terribly infested with fleas and crying from hunger. 

To simply think of these tiny puppies being abandoned, all vulnerable and alone in a world they don’t understand yet, is utterly heart-wrenching. 

They were left to suffer, longing for warmth and care they were deprived of from such a young age. Luckily, the cyclists were kind enough to stop and look for help, giving them at least a chance to survive. 

On the morning of March 11, the caretakers of PAWSsion Project were alerted by the cyclist who witnessed the horrible scene. 

puppies in a box
Source: PAWSsion Project

Anguished, the rescuers immediately went to pick up the abandoned puppies. 

PAWSsion Project is one of the animal shelters that continues to be the voice for unwanted and voiceless animals in a place where some people still think that animals are something you can just dispose of. 

Despite working with many abandoned animals, they still can’t understand how someone can be so cruel as to simply dump tiny little puppies to fend for themselves.  

According to Malou Perez, the founder of PAWSsion Project, at the time of the rescue, they were already overcrowded with over 600 animals across their two shelters. 

Although they barely had room to house nine more dogs, they simply couldn’t say ‘no’ to these pups. 

“We are always just heartbroken. But also, [we felt] gratitude that we were given that chance to save them, especially as they were already within our reach,” Perez told The Dodo. 

Better Days Are Ahead 

bottle feeding a puppy
Source: PAWSsion Project

At the rescue, they first had to quarantine the puppies as well as manually remove ticks and fleas. 

The caretakers also had to bottle feed the puppies every two hours since they didn’t have their mother dog. It was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it. 

Two weeks after their rescue, the newborn puppies started to open their eyes and eat a lot more. Also their wounds from tick and flea bites were slowly starting to heal. 

photo of puppies playing
Source: PAWSsion Project

“It’s always one of the most rewarding feelings,” Perez said.  

The rescue hopes to find them all a new home very soon, once they are old enough and ready to go to a foster or forever home. 

They are also hoping to rehome some together, but will do everything in their power to find them the best homes possible. It’s the least these poor pups deserve. 

In the end, the rescue organization wanted to remind everyone of the importance of spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litters, as well as the significance of adoption. 

It’s the only way to a brighter future, free of innocent little animals abandoned in the middle of nowhere and left to endure unnecessary suffering. 

To help these puppies or other animals, please donate to PAWSsion Project.