Adorable Stray Pup Who Was Found Eating Trash To Survive Had His Fur Covered In 100 Stickers


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To be quite honest with you, I can hardly imagine what it must feel like to be a stray dog.

A stray dog’s life is all about roaming around the harsh and dangerous streets, looking for shelter, and sorting through trash, hoping to find something to eat.

And it’s heartbreaking!

Luckily, there are some incredible hoomans, such as Suzette Hall, founder of a Californian rescue organization named Logan’s Legacy, who do everything in their power to rescue these animals and provide them with the life they truly deserve.

That’s exactly what today’s story is all about.

Rescue Mission

stray puppy
Source: Suzette Hall

When Hall received numerous phone calls from concerned hoomans about a puppy who mysteriously appeared in their neighborhood, the Californian rescuer got in her car and immediately made her way down to the location.

Since Mary Nakiso, one of her rescue colleagues, was closer to the location, Hall called her and asked if she could go to the neighborhood and ensure the pup didn’t run away.

Luckily, when Nakiso arrived, the pup was exactly where the neighbors said he was.

One of the hoomans who contacted them in the first place offered the rescuers a helping hand and allowed them to use their yard in order to catch the poor guy.

This was super helpful for Hall and Nakiso as they managed to catch the pup within minutes.

Slipping a lead around his head, the pup was carefully taken into their car and drove to the Camino Pet Hospital.

While they were on their way, Hall noticed how bad the condition of the pup was.

His overgrown and dirty fur was completely covered in stickers. Hall could only imagine how painful it was for him to walk around or even lay down with them matted into his fur.

injured stray puppy
Source: Suzette Hall

At The Vet

As soon as they arrived at the vet, the pup, now named Buss, was given a nice, bubbly bath as well as a much-needed haircut.

woman and stray dog with long fur
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall was so delighted that she was surrounded by incredible hoomans who were able to help this poor baby feel so much better.

“I am beyond thankful to my vet and amazing staff who work so hard each day to perform miracles. They never stop helping and they work so hard. I appreciate them so very much,” Hall wrote in a Facebook post.

After he was done with his little spa day, Buss looked like a brand-new pup!

very sweet stray dog
Source: Suzette Hall

A big thank you to Hall, Nakiso, and everybody else who was involved in this incredible rescue. Not only did you guys help an animal in need, but you also gave him a second chance at life.

I am sure that when the time is right, Buss will be noticed by an incredible family who will provide him with all the love, attention, and happiness he needs to blossom into the best doggo ever.

Thank you!