Shocked Owner Comes Back Home Expecting To See Her Dog, But Finds A Strange Note Instead


Dogs are known troublemakers. However, unlike most humans, many of them don’t realize that what they are doing sometimes is going to cause problems.

To them, these so-called ‘troubles’ are just another amazing adventure, so they will keep making mischief as long as they don’t understand the consequences. It’s up to us to help them understand that sometimes, it’s better to not be curious.

In this story, we will talk about a dog whose idea of fun always lands him into trouble, but this case took it a bit too far.

He Was Found Where

dog in the yard
Source: Julia Zwar via The Dodo

Just as she was finished with doing her chores, a woman named Julia Zwar was on her way home and she saw something on her door.

As she approached the entrance of her house, she realized that it was a note. She already had a suspicion that her dog might have gotten into trouble somehow.

She said to The Dodo: Billy will stop at nothing. He’ll take any opportunity he can get.

The 5-year-old dog had a habit of getting into trouble, but most of the time, his adventures were harmless.

a letter
Source: Julia Zwar via The Dodo

This time, however, Zwar was shocked by what she read on the note. The note said: Hi, we found your dog on your roof and we climbed up and put him back into the house and then closed the window. Cheers from the park people.

When she went inside the house, she saw her dog was there and was wagging his tail like nothing had ever happened. 

She kept thinking how he could have found an access to the roof and ended up there.

Billy Curious Nature

woman holding a letter while dog looks at her
Source: Julia Zwar via The Dodo

It occurred to her that Billy had always been a special dog when she adopted him. He really wasn’t like the other ones, and he was always looking for something to do.

As he continued to grow up, he showed more interest in things around him. Billy wanted to see everything and do everything. 

His curiosity kicked in, and this is the reason why he wanted to go on the roof. So, it’s no surprise that he went and did something like that.

The only thing that still confused her was how he got out. Then, another revelation presented itself.

On the day it happened, something was different from usual. Her housemate had rearranged some furniture, so that the bed would be near the window, which gave him the opening to go out.

Thankfully, he was spotted pretty fast by a couple of people who were on a picnic in a park and they intervened immediately.

black dog sitting on the floor
Source: Julia Zwar via The Dodo

Now that it was clear to her what caused this event to happen, Zwar had to scold Billy a little.

She said: He was excited, but then when I said his name in the ‘you’re in trouble’ tone, he dropped his head and I’m sure flashed back to moments earlier, when he was standing on the roof. If puppy eyes came from anywhere, they came from his face that evening.

In order to prevent something like this from happening again, they now always shut the window and the door in her housemate’s room.

Time has gone by since the first incident and Billy hasn’t gotten into any new trouble. Zwar and her dog continue to have their adventures in the park where she can keep an eye on him.

Zwar has said that she will keep everyone updated in case he ever gets into trouble again.