Rescuers Heartbroken To Find Mom Dog And Her Baby Struggling To Survive Near Building


Out of all the things that I will never understand, one thing in particular is how people can just abandon their pets in the middle of nowhere and leave them to starve.

If they don’t want their dog, why not call into a shelter and surrender them there so they can have a chance to find somebody who will actually love them? It’s that simple.

However, the world is complicated, and things people do won’t always make sense. For this poor dog and his puppy, things were looking horrible.

They were abandoned in front of an apartment building during the night and left on their own. Luckily, for them, somebody noticed their misfortune and decided to help.

They Were Shivering

dogs in a card box
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When a group of rescuers received a text about the small dog family, it was thanks to two kind girls who felt bad and decided to do something about it.

They looked after them until the rescuers finally came to take them somewhere safe. After they arrived, they realized that the mama dog was shivering.

Without hesitation, they were taken into a car and driven immediately to the shelter, where they received the necessary help.

mama dog and her puppy
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The vets who examined the puppy determined that she was three months old and severely malnourished.

Because her test results were not great, she had to be separated from her mom for a while for her treatment. 

Their rescuers had decided to use the time to name them. The mama dog was called Grunya and the puppy was Nyusha.

A Tough Battle

adorable tiny puppy
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This sweet family was starved for so long that they could not eat their food properly, and the mom also had gynecological diseases due to not bathing.

One big problem with feeding Nyusha was that she would often vomit the food she ate, despite the fact that it was very soft and designed not to make her sick.

So, they attached a tube to her to prevent dehydration and are now more careful with her around meal time.

One big problem that still persisted was that Nyusha was very weak and could not move at all. Several more days of intense treatment and this was changing slowly.

Her metabolic problems were still there, and it caused a huge lack of appetite. Despite so many difficulties in treating this puppy, the vets continued with incredible determination.

Things Are Looking Up

puppy receveing injection
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It was amazing to see just how much they were trying to help them both. A week later, things were starting to look up.

Nyusha was starting to wag her tail and her health had improved quite a bit. Her strength was returning, and she was now even more determined to push on.

She was now able to stand and move around a little bit. It was a huge step forward and her veterinarians couldn’t be more proud.

All of her health problems were slowly disappearing, and her mental state had improved a lot. Her mom, Grunya, has also recovered and the two are now reunited.

fat cat and puppy on the couch
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It was so beautiful to see the mom with her baby again. As good news just kept coming, one big one was that both the mom and the puppy would be adopted together.

The two were inseparable so it only made sense that they would stay together in their new home.

Despite all the hardships they went through together, they were able to make it through, thanks to the help of some truly remarkable people.