Texas Resident Stumbles Upon A Shocking Surprise Next A Cardboard Box Marked “Free”


Two adorable puppies have captured the attention of the local community after being discovered at the Cleveland, Texas post office, nestled beside a cardboard box labeled simply as “free”.

It was pretty obvious that they were heartlessly dumped by someone who didn’t want them anymore and thought that leaving them to starve and die was the best idea. 

Thanks to a Texas resident who found them there by accident, these two abandoned puppies were saved just in time. This story once again ignites the question of compassion and care, shedding light on the significance of every life no matter how small or furry. 

Left To Fend For Themselves

two puppies sleeping in a post office
Source: Facebook

In August 2023, one person in Cleveland, Texas stopped at some P.O. boxes, but instead of collecting the mail, this local resident came across something that saddened her to the core. 

Next to the mailboxes was a random cardboard box, opened and tipped, with handwritten words on it that simply read “free puppy.” 

card box with a sign 'free puppy' written on it
Source: Facebook

Not too far away from the box were two small puppies sleeping underneath the mailboxes. Helpless, hungry, and depressed, each one found its shelter under a different metal post. 

Toni Taylor, a Texas dog enthusiast who has a mission of saving as many helpless animals as possible, wrote on her Facebook: 

These two GSD-mix puppies were abandoned at some P.O Boxes in Cleveland Texas 😢 There was a box marked “FREE” with them. They were so hungry that they ate paper and rocks to survive 😞

two photos of german shepherd mix puppies sleeping in a post office
Source: Facebook

The person who found them had no idea how long these poor puppies were there in the terrible Texas heat with no food or water, but it was evident that they needed urgent help. 

So, thankfully, they quickly picked them up and brought them to safety. 

The Babies Are Safe 

puppies in a cage in the car
Source: Facebook

The two puppies were no longer fighting for their lives at those P.O. boxes, but sadly, they couldn’t stay forever with the Good Samaritan. 

So, Toni and another dog lover from Texas, Zully Vasquez Ventura, decided to join the rescue action of these two pups. 

“These beautiful babies need help. There’s 2 of them. They’re 14 to 16 weeks old. Together we can give them a chance…,” Toni wrote in her post.  

Their pleas for help caught the attention of a Shepherd-specific dog rescue, from Saegertown, Pennsylvania, called Saving Shepherds Rescue, which focuses mainly on rescuing dogs from Texas.  

“They were eating rocks and paper… Welcome to Saving Shepherds little ones. You are safe now ❤️🙏”, the rescue wrote in their Facebook post. 

two cute puppies on the vet's table
Source: Facebook

As soon as the puppies were transferred to their new foster care, they were brought to Urgent Vet – Clear Lake, TX. 

They received a much-needed checkup, deworming, flea meds, vaccinations, etc. 

For now, they will be staying at their new foster home, far away from everything they went through at those P.O. boxes. They are safe, and hopefully will find a forever home very soon. 

If you would like to help these two beautiful puppies, visit the Saving Shepherds website or Facebook page for more information about how to donate.