This Pup Keeps Surprising His Mom With The Sweetest Gift Whenever She Comes Home


Does anybody else have an urge to throw a little ‘Welcome Back’ party whenever a family member returns from a trip?

Well, this is exactly what an adorable, friendly giant by the name of Duke does whenever his hooman comes back home. However, for him, it doesn’t matter if she leaves for days, hours, or even a couple of minutes.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s his hooman as Duke does this for any hooman who comes to his loving home!

Never Stops Giving

dog wearing blue bandana
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Whenever Duke’s hooman, Judy, steps out of the house, he doesn’t mind staying back and looking after their property. But, when Judy comes back, Duke makes sure that she gets the sweetest return ever.

“Anybody that comes in the house, he grabs whatever is beside him. From shoes. To socks. To toys. He has to present something. He’s like, ‘Here. Welcome to my home’,” Judy told The Dodo.

For this particular reason, Duke ensures that there are toys all over the property and there is always a gift lying around, ready to be given to a visitor.

dog carrying a toy in its mouth
Source: TikTok

It is obvious that Duke loves putting a smile on people’s faces. Whenever a delivery man ends up on his lawn, he makes sure to run over and greet him, emitting his positive energy and making them smile. But, this doesn’t only happen with delivery drivers.


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“When I used to take him to my daughter’s soccer games, people weren’t watching the game. People were all around him,” she said.

Best Friends

Naturally, Duke isn’t just a pup – he is a very important member of Judy’s family. But, there is one hooman who has a very special bond with him.  

“My mother has the best connection. She considers Duke her own pet. I try to bring him over as much as I can. It’s just the highlight of her day,” Judy stated.

woman petting the dog
Source: The Dodo

Whenever Duke arrives at Nana’s house, he runs inside and showers her with the sweetest kisses ever. And, Nana loves it!

And, of course, he makes sure to bring her a little gift every time he comes over.


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♬ original sound – Dukey 🐾

Very Special Boy

This is just another one of those stories that remind you how incredible and loving pups are. They do their best to make sure that you have the best and happiest life ever, full of fun adventures and loving memories.

Having such a special boy in your life sure is a gift, and Judy is fully aware of it.

“He has a pretty darn good life, and I’m glad that he is with us because sometimes you only get once in a lifetime to have a dog like this. And he means the world to us. I just, I love him to pieces,” she concluded.

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Source: TikTok