The Tearful And Mistreated Dog Who Was Dumped At A Shelter Now Has A Dad Who Adores Her


Plum’s heart craved human love, but what she got in return was mistreatment and abandonment.

Her heartless owners robbed her of the chance to have a loving home. They kept her in a puppy mill where Plum gave birth to many litters of puppies.

When they no longer found her useful, her breeders dumped her at an overcrowded shelter in Riverside, California.

Tear-eyed Plum felt terrified and withdrawn.

She needed someone to believe in her and give her a second chance in life.

Jumping To Plum’s Rescue

mistreated black dog
Source: Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs

Sadly, after spending three weeks at a noisy shelter, Plum was placed on a euthanasia list.

The pup gave up on herself. Her beautiful eyes had no spark of hope in them. It seemed as if she had come to terms with her sad fate.

The giant-hearted people behind Saving Riverside Shelter Dogs, a networking page that helps red-listed dogs in Riverside, California, get rescued, heard about Plum and came to visit her.

They recorded a heartbreaking video of the pup and posted it on social media.

The people who saw the tearful and crusty-eyed Plum were left brokenhearted. Everyone rooted for the doggo to get rescued.

Luckily, Amber Arpin and Imagine Peace for Pups Rescue came to Plum’s aid. The good humans pulled her out of the shelter and found her a local foster named Lea Candelo.

Candelo welcomed Plum to her home and gave her love. Plum breathed a sigh of relief. She felt relieved and safe in the arms of her foster mom.

After spending a week at her temporary foster home, Plum arrived in Portland, Oregon.

Meeting Her Rescuers

happy black dog on back seat
Source: Amber Arpin

Arpin and the rescuers at Imagine Peace for Pups were overjoyed to welcome her to her new life.

Zeb Walter, Plum’s foster-to-adopt dad, came to pick her up and take her home.

Despite being in a bad state, Plum was sweet and trusting. The doggo sensed that her life was about to change.  

As soon as she came out of the bus, Plum greeted her dad and her rescuers with kisses.

couple and beautiful dog
Source: Amber Arpin

“Today she came out of the bus with her sweet face and we almost lost it- she was so small, so thin, her eye so boogie, scarred and stiff back legs. But she walked over with open body language and gave kisses and wags and was just totally trusting,” Imagine Peace for Pups wrote in a Facebook post.

Plum’s rescuers cuddled her and treated her to her first puppaccino. The doggo’s eyes twinkled with happiness.

A New Life Filled With Love

guy petting black dog
Source: Amber Arpin

She said goodbye to her heroes and moved into her new home.

Both her dad and her furry sister, Miley, showered her with love.

Plum felt loved like never before, and she began to settle in. 

A week later, Plum went to the vet. She had a small mass removed from her eyelid as well as a large mass from her hind leg. The masses were later confirmed to be cancerous.

Thankfully, Plum succeeded in beating cancer.

“Miley and Plum did great at their vet appointment today. Both are in great health, and weight. Also Plum is cancer free,” Walter wrote on Facebook.

very happy black dog
Source: @plumtherocketeer

Plum sometimes posts updates about her everyday activities on her Instagram account. She loves hiking and going to the park with her dad and Miley.

The delightful doggo lives her best life. Plum soaks up all the love her dad gives her.

She found the happiness she always deserved.