Owner Heartlessly Abandoned Mother Dog And Her Babies But Good Souls Came At The Right Time


Seeing an abandoned dog left to fend for itself is nothing new. The fact that heartless owners are most often to blame for this is especially saddening, but unfortunately, that’s just the way it is.

However, the light at the end of the dark tunnel is those big-hearted people who are always ready to help these poor creatures, regardless of their condition. 

Today’s story shows this best. A dog named Bella lived in a dark corner of her owner’s house and he mostly neglected her. If it weren’t for a kind neighbor who occasionally brought her food, who knows if she would have survived.

However, one day, even the little care from him disappeared when he moved away and heartlessly abandoned her. To make matters worse, Bella got pregnant in the meantime so she had to care for her babies as well. It was a desperate situation. 

Yet, just when she started to lose hope, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel in the form of good souls who came to help her and her babies.

Tough Road To Recovery

dog peeks behind the stone
Source: The Moho

These great people who came to help Bella and her babies were truly heartbroken when they saw them and heard this dog’s sad life story. They couldn’t believe that there was such a person who could do this to a canine mother and her babies. 

Although they were sad and angry at the same time, these people were also delighted when they saw how much energy and will to live this mother dog had. Despite all the hardships, she protected her puppies from all dangers and took care of them so that they lacked nothing.

newborn puppies
Source: The Moho

Yet, her eyes were still full of fear and mistrust toward people, which was to be expected after all she had been through by the one whom she trusted the most. Still, these people knew they couldn’t leave her, so they did everything to get her out of there. 

It wasn’t easy but they eventually succeded, and soon, the mother dog and her puppies were on their way to safety

a dog in a box
Source: The Moho

Despite the fact that this little canine family was now in a place where everybody was taking care of them and where they lacked nothing, the road to recovery was still tough. 

It was somewhat easier for the puppies, who progressed relatively quickly, and one of them even had a successful surgery. Unfortunately, the traumatized Bella wasn’t that lucky. The nightmare she went through with her former owner left a deep wound on her soul. 

mama dog with puppies in box
Source: The Moho

However, these great people had no intention of giving up on her and were determined to save her soul.

Finally Better Days

cute puppy
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Every day of Bella’s stay in their home, her saviors showered her with love and attention so that she would wake up as soon as possible from the nightmare she had been in for too long.

Although she still didn’t trust people and wouldn’t let them get too close to her, progress was clearly visible. Finally, a smile could be seen on her face

As time went by, things were getting better and better and it was a real pleasure for these people to watch this cute little family thrive. 

mother dog breastfeeding her baby
Source: The Moho

After everything they had been through, especially the poor mother dog whose soul suffered for so long, better days finally came

One heartless man wanted to leave Bella in the dark for the rest of her life, but good souls did everything to save her and eventually brought light to her entire family.