Man Keeps Wondering Why His Car Won’t Start, Then Learns The Most Shocking Reason


When a man in Long Island went out one morning and got in his car that was sitting unused for a couple of months, he was shocked to find out that it wouldn’t start.

He thought that something had broken down as he had driven it for a long time, so he decided to take it to one of his friends, who was a mechanic, to get it fixed.

When the mechanic took a look under the hood of the car, he found something that was not supposed to be there at all!

Shocking Discovery

baby animals inside car engine
Source: @wildeliferehab_kl

Underneath the hood of the car, the mechanic found an enormous pile of leaves and sticks that resembled a nest.

Having a closer look, he noticed six fuzzy babies cuddled within the nest.

The man and the mechanic determined that, while the car sat parked for all those months, an adorable family of squirrels decided to make it their home.

The Long Island mechanic took the baby squirrels, one by one, out of the car, but somebody was missing – where was their mother?

man holding a baby squirrel
Source: @wildeliferehab_kl

The car owner decided that it would be for the best if they contact the local wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator, Karenlynn Stracher, and ask her what they should do.

Stracher instructed them to place the babies into a box for their safety. She then told the owner of the car to take the box and place it where the car was initially parked.

The man did exactly what Stracher told him, and he gently placed the adorable babies in a shoe box and took them back to his house. All that was left to do was wait.

It didn’t take too much time for the man to see the mother squirrel swiftly come down from a tree and anxiously grab her babies.

“She ran down instantly. It was the fastest reunification I have ever seen!” Stracher told The Dodo. 

mom squirrel rushing to babies in a box
Source: @wildeliferehab_kl

The sweet and worried mother grabbed her babies one by one and took them to another nest in a nearby tree. The mother squirrel refused to rest until all of her babies were safe in their new home.

Stracher captured this sweet moment and posted it on her TikTok.

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The Perfect Outcome

Stracher’s heart was full of joy when she saw the reunion of this little family.

She hopes that this sweet story will inspire others to keep an eye out for animals in need. The reaction of this determined mother is proof that animals have feelings, too.

So, if you ever see baby animals in need, think of their worried mother and try your best to reunite them.

“I wish people understood how badly these moms want their babies back. When babies are healthy, every attempt should be made to return them to their mother, because no matter how good us rehabbers are at raising baby squirrels, their mother is always best,” Stracher concluded.